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The Ideal Environment For A Tibetan Spaniel

The ideal environment for a Tibetan Spaniel used to be high up in the Himalayan mountains where it would perch on Buddhist monastery walls and act as the primary watchdog for approaching strangers. Its bark would warn the real guard dogs to beware the strangers that were coming near. While it still likes cooler temperatures and doesn't do well in very hot, humid weather, it can be very comfortable in an urban environment too. The household that keeps a Tibetan Spaniel should be one with adults and only older children. Younger children that might tease the dog or play to roughly with it can cause it to exhibit poor socialization around strangers. It will either hide or bite the tiny offender. The dog prefers to be around people who respect it and don't roughhouse it too much. [...]

Cute And Annoying Habits Of The Sussex Spaniel

The Sussex Spaniel is a hunting dog that is just being rediscovered as a potential family pet. In the United States, the hunters prefer larger dogs and don't need a smaller one like the Sussex Spaniel for underbrush game. So, despite their excellence at small game hunting, the dog isn't as much in demand by hunters in the United States. However, it is a beautiful dog with a genuinely friendly disposition. It can make a good family pet, if you understand that this dog is a hunting dog and has some of these traits bred into it. One of the most obvious traits that you may find cute or annoying (depending on where you live) is that the dog will bay and howl. This is what the breed used when hunting game in England and it sometimes displays the behavior when it is upset or excited. The dog is used to running in packs and being with people, so it doesn't really fare well alone. It will suffer separation anxiety, which can come out as howling and baying or barking when you are gone from the house. This can annoy the neighbors, even if you think it's very cute. [...]

The Good And Bad Of Barking Behavior

The Kuvasz has a booming bark befitting this large dog. It is an excellent watchdog and will be on watch all night long. This can be great if you live out in the country, but hardly ideal if you live in the city. The Kuvasz is not a dog that does well in urban environments for this reason. Instead of using its great watchdog instincts for protecting your property, in the city you will probably end up with the animal control people being called every time your dog becomes a noise nuisance. [...]

Do Miniature Australian Shepherd Have the Same Barking Problems as Other Small D

Along with whimpering and a few other sounds, barking is a dog's only means of verbal communication. Even dogs that supposedly do not bark create sounds. But some dogs bark more than others. And it's commonly accepted that smaller dogs bark more and sometimes more vigorously than larger dogs. But the Miniature Australian Shepherd does not fit into that same mold. [...]

Barking and Whining Problems

Most puppies will go through a period of development where they test out their owner's response to barking and whining. With the litter puppies use these sounds to communicate with their brothers and sisters and, more importantly to very young puppies, to their mother. Barking and whining is used as a way to signal to the mother dog that they are in distress, are hungry, are frightened or are lost. While most dog owners want their dog to bark once or twice to let them know someone or something is approaching their property, constant barking and whining can quickly become a problem. [...]

Whining And Barking in Adult Dogs

Whining and barking is a nuisance no matter how big or small the dog may be. Many owners seem oblivious to the noise that their dog is making, which really causes problems for responsible dog owners that do try to control these behaviors. While barking and whining are natural ways for a dog to communicate, there are times when neither of these behaviors is warranted or required, but also times when they are. Most people would like their dog to give a quiet whine at the door if they need to go outside, and also don't mind the dog whining when their water or food dish is empty. In the same manner most owners appreciate the dog giving a few barks when a stranger or new person approaches the house or yard, but they don't want the dog barking and barking over a squirrel in the yard next door or just for something to do for fun. [...]

Barking Problems and The Toy Fox Terrier

The Toy Fox Terrier is not typically a problem barker and unlike many of the toy breeds they are not generally "yappy" dogs. They will bark to notify their owners when someone it at the door and they do tend to bark at other animals, especially cats, when they are outside spending time in the yard. In some situations the Toy Fox Terrier may start to become more of a problem barker and this is generally related to being left alone for long periods of time or not getting sufficient exercise. [...]

Dog Breeds That Don't Bark

Most people don't think of dogs as being a non-barking animal, however there are actually several different breeds of dogs that don't produce a regular dog bark. This is not to say that these dog breeds don't make a noise, some are very loud and vocal, but they really don't bark, at least not the ordinary sense. Non-barking breeds can be found from around the world. Not all are common dogs and many are not recognized by all Kennel Clubs, although they may be recognized by other groups and organizations. [...]

Canine Communication and Signals

Your dog gives off lots of different signals to you each and every time that you interact. Some signals we, as humans, seem to understand right away and respond to, while others are a bit more confusing and obscure. Being able to read the signals and communications that your dog is sending can help you in responding to your dog and modifying training to better match the dog's natural tendencies and behaviors. [...]

The Importance of Mental and Physical Exercise

As people we know that when we become bored or disinterested in being around the house we have lots of options to find something else to do. We can always read, play on the computer, get caught up with work or even go out for a lunch and a movie to break up our day. Unfortunately for your dog, they don't have the options that humans do, but they do get bored just as we do. [...]

Apartment Living For Dogs

There are many breeds of dogs that have become very popular as apartment companion pets. These dogs, as can be imagined, tend to be the toy to smaller sized dogs, although some medium sized breeds are also on the most common city breeds lists. It is important to realize that with appropriate exercise time most breeds, but definitely not all, could adjust to be excellent apartment dogs. The key is finding the time and place to provide the exercise space and activities for higher energy breeds or those that simply stay calm and inactive while indoors. [...]

Daytime Activities For Pampered Pooches

For many people that live in suburban or rural areas, having a house also means having a fenced yard, it just goes along with the package. This also means that having a dog or dogs and keeping them occupied and not making a mess in the house during the day is easy. Working families can simply put good old Rover outside to enjoy the nice weather or to stay in the kennel while the family is at work and school. When they get home not only has the dog explored the yard and ran around some of the day, but the house is still clean and the dog is happy and content to come inside and just relax with the family. [...]

Owner Etiquette In The City

Since dogs and people in the city are going to be in close proximity and contact it is really important for everyone to respect each other to ensure that problems between dog owners and others don't occur. Often dog owners don't even consider what their dog is doing to be a problem, so it is really critical to pay attention to how others are responding to your dog and to act on any possible problems before they occur. Not only will this make your life easier but it will also prevent possible fines or even more significant consequences for you and your dog. [...]

Rottweilers as City Dogs

Despite the Rottweilers rather large size and their mistaken perception of being naturally vicious dogs, the breed as a whole makes very good city dogs provided they have the right training, socialization and an owner that understands how to be an effective leader. In some cities and urban areas breeds such as the Rottweiler may be banned, or their may be specific restrictions on owning these large dogs. Following any requirements or restrictions on owning these wonderful dogs is important both for yourself as well as for your dog. You can be a model for others to learn about the breed and how calm and well-behaved these dogs can be. [...]

American Foxhound - Is This The Right Breed For You?

The American Foxhound is a much admired dog that is beautiful to look at, smart, affectionate and very loyal as well as being highly athletic and a great hunter. As with any breed, the American Foxhound is not a good match for each and every family and owner and for all types of living situations. Knowing some characteristics of this breed will help you decided if an American Foxhound is a good choice for a dog or if another breed may be a better option. Temperament wise it is really difficult to imagine a better dog for almost anyone. They are very loving, sweet and friendly, but they also will make outstanding watchdogs. This is due in part to their very distinctive baying bark that is both loud and penetrating, very quickly alerting the family to the presence of animals or people that aren't part of the family. [...]

Found [33] Articles :: Page 2 of 3
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