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The English foxhound as a Family Pet

The English foxhound makes a wonderful pet for couples with or without children. They seem to get along with everyone and everything. Originally being a pack hound, they get along with other dogs and love being around humans. It also gets along with other outdoor animals such as horses, cows, and so on. It is a very social animal. Although they get along great with dogs and other large animals, they do possess a drive to find prey, which may make them want to chase smaller animals. This could present a problem if you also have cats or other small animals as pets. It's very important that your English foxhound be socialized around your other small animals at a young age. [...]

Exercise for the English Foxhound

Dog ownership is a wonderful and rewarding experience, but one that should not be taken lightly. It requires more than just petting the dog and feeding the dog. Dogs need exercise to live a happy normal life and the English foxhound is no exception. The English foxhound is a dog that has a very high energy level and needs to be exercised on a daily basis. As I've said, the dog can survive in apartment living, but this is not the recommended living arrangements. [...]

Understanding The Personality Of The Dogue de Bordeaux

The Dogue de Bordeaux has different personalities. Because every Dogue is different, you might find your dog is placid or energetic, sweet and responsive or stubborn. They may also be all work and no play or love to play around. They may also be shy towards strangers and animals or outgoing towards people and animals. The Dogue could have an aggressive personality and an overbearing temperament. No one can say for sure what a dog will be like when they are puppies, but with proper training, you can help the puppy develop a more personal personality and a delight to be around. [...]

Disadvantages And Advantages Of Owning A Male Dogue de Bordeaux

[h]Advantages Of Owning A Male[/h] There are many advantages to owning a male Dogue de Bordeaux such as the face that they are more lovable than females and have a good disposition. The male Dogue loves to show affection and has an outgoing personality. They are also stable as far as their moods are concerned, they do not have mood swings like a female does. Although they are large dogs, the Dogue de Bordeaux male is more of a funny dog and shows this by being slightly clumsy at times. The joys of having a Dogue are seen everyday as they grow and develop personalities. The males are as loyal as any dog can be as are the females. [...]

Disadvantages And Advantages Of Owning A Female Dogue de Bordeaux

Owning a female can be enjoyable as well as rewarding. The female is sometimes moodier than the males, but with proper care and training, even the female can be the best dog in the world. There are a few disadvantages and advantages to owning a female, but the personal choice is going to be up to the potential owner. [h]Advantages Of Owning A Female[/h] The female Dogue de Bordeaux is easier to train, she is more attentive when training and will try to please her owner and obey commands. The female also does need to mark her territory or chase after other dogs. [...]

The Dogue de Bordeaux And Other Pets And Children

The Dogue de Bordeaux can and will get along with other animals and children if they are trained properly and socialized at a young age. If not, they might have some issues with meeting new people or other animals. [h]The Dogue de Bordeaux And Other Animals[/h] If you have a Dogue and they are the only animal in the house and never allowed around other animals at a young age, you might see some aggressive behavior if they are introduced to new animals when they are older. Often, owners do not worry about having other animals around. [...]

Taking Control Of The Dogue de Bordeaux Aggression Issues

Puppies as well as adult Dogue de Bordeauxs can show aggression towards other animals, children or people. This can happen as young as six weeks old. For the most part a puppy is not aware of what they are doing, but they might not like somebody or something. This can become more advanced as they become older. If the problem is not dealt with early, behavior that is more aggressive can result. Aggression does not always mean biting or attacking, but can be growling, snapping at the air or crouching as if they will pounce. Dealing with an aggressive puppy is easier than dealing with an adult Dogue. [...]

The Temperament of the Chesapeake Bay Retriever

The Chesapeake Bay retriever is known for its sunny and cheerful disposition - much like their cousin, the Labrador retriever. When they are swimming with the family or out retrieving game, their face almost has the appearance of a smile. They have what is referred to as a "quiet sense" about them, meaning they may be very quiet as far as making noise and barking, but they are always paying attention to what is going on and watching over the family. They are used by many hunters not only as a hunting dog but also a wonderful life-long companion. They make a wonderful companion for children with their quiet and loyal personality. [...]

Raising a Chesapeake Bay Retriever

The Chesapeake Bay retriever will prove to be a delightful dog for you or your family to raise. They are beautiful, intelligent, full of energy and eager to please, if sometimes stubborn. If you get your Chesapeake as a puppy, you can add playful and loving to the list of their attributes. [...]

Chow Chows for Rescue and Retirement

[h]The Chow Chow Pet for Rescue[/h] Chow Chow owners may have been spending an exhausting amount of time training their pets to become friendly, welcoming strangers and other dogs and cats. Your great efforts may or may not pay off, depending on the nature and mood of your dog. Instinctively, the Chow dog is an excellent guard. He will always defend his turf and is always on the look out for his master's safety. [...]

Pros And Cons Of Doberman Pinschers With Small Children

If you're thinking of bringing home a Doberman, you might be concerned about integrating a large dog with a fierce reputation into your family with small children. The truth is, there is no clear cut answer; there are those that claim that they are perfectly safe around small children, while others are steadfastly against it. In this article, we'll take a look at the pros and cons of having a Doberman Pinscher around your small children. [...]

Dog Language: The Chow Chow

[h]"What is dog language?"[/h] Have you ever noticed how your Chow Chow reacts to a certain sound? When you yell at your pet, he tends to either growl to fight back, bark in disapproval, moan in fright, or scurry away to protect himself from harm. But when you talk to him in an affectionate way, he may simply gaze at you, quietly listen, dreamily close his eyes, gently lick your skin or deliberately invite himself to sit on your lap or lay his head on your leg. [...]

How The Doberman Pinscher Temperament Has Changed

When many people think of the Doberman Pinscher, the image brought to mind is of a vicious, aggressive dog that is dangerous around children and strangers and difficult to handle. On the whole, this has never been true to the breed, although there was certainly some cause for concern in the past. But has the Doberman truly earned this bad reputation, and is it still true of the breed today? In this article, we'll take a closer look at the temperament of the Doberman Pinscher and how it has changed in the last few decades. [...]

Making Your Collie the Perfect Family Pet

So, you've purchased a collie puppy for your family. You've made an excellent breed choice, as collies are gentle and sweet dogs that are very loving and loyal to their families. But, as with any breed, your collie requires training in order to be the best family pet possible. Here are some things you need to know about owning a collie in order to make them the best family pet possible. [h]Collies need to be with people[/h] This is not a dog that can live happily in the backyard while your family is indoors. Collies can suffer from separation anxiety, and they'll be quite unhappy if they are isolated from the rest of the family. When isolated, they are prone to being destructive. [...]

Pros and Cons of Cocker Spaniels with Small Children

Cocker spaniels are wonderful family pets that are devoted to their families and make fantastic playmates. However, these energetic dogs may not be the best choice for families with small children or that plan to start a family in the future. While some experts claim that Cockers are sensitive to the needs of smaller children and are perfectly suitable, others say that children under the age of six may play too rough or even the dog may play too rough with them. In this article, we'll take a look at the pros and cons of Cocker spaniels and small children. [...]

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Found [343] Articles :: Page 4 of 23
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