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Cocker Spaniels and Separation Anxiety

More than many other breeds, Cocker Spaniels tend to attach themselves to someone in the home and become very anxious when they leave. Many breeders recommend that Cocker Spaniels aren't a good choice for those households that are empty for the majority of the day, but even in those cases where a member of the family works from home, a Cocker could become abnormally upset during an absence - after all, even those working from home must leave the house from time to time! It is important to note that not every Cocker Spaniel will have this problem, but if your Cocker becomes unnaturally upset when left alone and exhibits destructive behavior, he might be suffering from Separation Anxiety. [...]

The Pros and Cons of Getting a Weimaraner

Before you get a Weimaraner, it is important that you take into consideration certain characteristics of the dog, so that you will know if it is the right dog for you. There are certain traits of a Weimaraner that may work well with some owners, but they can be undesirable to others. It actually depends on your personality and what you expect of your canine friend. [...]

The Home-Loving Weimaraner

The Weimaraner is primarily known as a sporting dog. Due to its strong working heritage, some people have mistakenly thought that a Weimaraner should be housed in a kennel. This is a big misconception. A Weimaraner loves to stay at home with its owner, because it is a very sensitive and affectionate dog. It is a home-lover and it is very family oriented. Your Weimaraner will want to be a part of your life and it will not want to leave your side. Keeping your Weimaraner in the kennel for long periods of time will make it feel lonely and depressed, and this may lead to destructive behavior. [...]

The Tireless Weimaraner

A Weimaraner is an ideal companion for an active individual. It is a hunting dog with great energy and very sharp instincts. A Weimaraner also makes a good pet because of its devotion and loyalty. It is a dog that requires a lot of exercise and attention, and many owners find it rather difficult to cope with its boundless energy. A Weimaraner is highly athletic and trainable. It is known for its agility, alertness and courage. To add to the list of its positive characteristics, it is also highly intelligent. The Weimaraner was originally bred for sports and hunting. It possesses great speed as well as excellent scenting and trailing abilities. [...]

Keeping your Kooikerhondje Busy to Avoid Destructive Behaviour

Kooikerhondjes have their wonderfully playful side, but sometimes Rover doesn't realize that certain objects in your home are off limits. Keeping your Kooikerhondje busy to avoid destructive behavior may take some creativity but will safeguard your belongings. This can be done by interacting with him when you're there, finding activities and appropriate playthings for him when you're not, and learning to cope with the in-between period when he hasn't quite learned how to behave without you yet. Al these will help you feel the joy of having a dog in your home instead of fearing a bull in a China shop. [...]

How do Kooikerhondje Mix with Other Dogs, Pets and Children?

Before you get a dog, you need to ask yourself how this new addition will get along with the other members of your family. The main concerns usually center on other dogs, pets, and children. The Kooikerhondje breed is first known as a hunting dog but how will it interact with all the members of your family? This article will take a look at some of the factors involved and how well a Kooikerhondje might fit into your home. [...]

The Life and Behavioral Stages of the Akbash

The Akbash dog breed is an independent breed and often can be aggressive with strange people or threatening animals. As this is the way the breed was developed so it could effectively protect livestock, these behaviors should not come as a surprise to the owner. However, what might come as a shock is that the Akbash can easily accept and bond with other animals or the owner's other pets, especially when the dog is introduced as a puppy. [...]

Cautionary Tales of the Akbash

There are a few things that an owner should be aware of before he or she purchases a purebred Akbash puppy. For starters, the owner should know the breed's tendencies for aggression and how to curb these problems. The owner should be aware of and look out for any food-related issues the dog may have; food aggression is quite common in Akbash dogs, and the behavior should be dealt with accordingly. Dominance aggression is also a big issue for Akbash dogs, and the owner should watch for signs of this and immediately correct any related behaviors to prevent the furthering of the behavior and eventual canine dominance. [...]

The Akbash and its Environment

The Akbash dog breed is one of the most beautiful and intelligent breeds available. But before you adopt one of the adorable Akbash puppies you found at your local breeder, it is important that you are aware of what the Akbash dog needs in terms of its environment. If your home is not the proper place for an Akbash, you should consider a different type of dog. [...]

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Owning A Female vs a Male English Cocker Spaniel

There are some advantages to having a female English Cocker Spaniel rather than a male, which include the fact that a female does not feel the need to leave a scent everywhere and a female is easier to housebreak than a male. If you do not have the male neutered right away, they will forget at times they are housebroken, whereas a female will always remember. If you do not use the female or male for breeding, you should have them altered for many reasons. The problem with scenting alone makes a female more favorable. The male that is neutered does lose the urge to "mark his spot" everywhere. [...]

Bonding With The English Cocker Spaniel

Bonding with an English Cocker Spaniel requires teaching commands and basic training as a puppy. As you train with your puppy, you will develop a relationship with each other that bonds you. The way you show love and affection to your puppy will strengthen the bond. Puppies are impressionable and even the slightest amount of anger towards the puppy can affect how they respond to you. With a puppy, you need to be firm, but with a loving tone. Making the puppy afraid of you will not accomplish anything. Bonding with the puppy at an early age is easier than with an older dog. [...]

Basset Hounds and Territory Issues

Some dogs have issues with being territorial, but what about basset hounds? Where do they fall in the continuum? This article will talk about how territorial they are, how breeding affects this, and if the basset hound customarily makes a good watchdog. Let's take a walk through basset hound territory. [...]

Introducing a New Pet to Your Dalmatian

Dalmatians are very friendly dogs and they generally get along quite well with other animals. They aren't overly territorial with other pets and are not compelled to chase smaller animals such as cats. If you are considering adding another furry member to your family following a few guidelines should make the process a painless one. [h]Location is Everything[/h] When your pets meet for the first time choose the location carefully. It is best to pick a place in the house that your Dalmatian doesn't spend a great deal of his time. [...]

The Canaan dog : Pros & Cons of Owning One : Is the Canaan the Right Dog for You

The Canaan dog is a beautiful, if somewhat rare, breed of dog that resembles the pariah dog. It has its beginnings in Israel. In addition to its beauty, many people are attracted to it because of its uniqueness and rarity. There are pros and cons with the Canaan, as with all dogs. However, before you get this dog as a family pet, do as much research as you can check out some of these facts on the breed and determine if the Canaan is the right dog for you or your family. [...]

When The Clumber Spaniel Isn't The Right Dog For You

The Clumber Spaniel is a very good looking dog. At first glance, they are affectionate and they are very loyal pets. They work well in most family situations and often with other dogs and pets that they do not see as their prey. They are not the right dog for everyone though. In fact, the Clumber Spaniel may not be for you if you are looking for a couch dog or lap dog. These dogs may look cumbersome and boring, but they are anything but. With their sharp mind and their key sense of adventure, you may be in for a surprise if you leave them unattended! [...]

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