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Introducing The Clumber Spaniel To Your Family

The Clumber Spaniel is an ideal dog for many families. Their general nature is to be genial, easy to get along with, and even friendly. While these dogs were once used by hunters, it was more for their companionship rather than their skill of hunting. The characteristics of that companionship are still found in today's breed. If you are considering adding the Clumber Spaniel to your family, know what you will get from them. You may be impressed with just how easy it is to add them to your life. [...]

The Clumber Spaniel Is A Lover, But A Worker, Too

The Clumber Spaniel is an amazing pet in that it provides a range of entertainment to your life. You will find that these dogs are great companions. They are willing to cuddle and play with you. They are definitely likely to get into things, but still have that low energy that makes them so easy to appreciate in most family lives. Believe it or not, these dogs used to be hard working dogs, and that is still seen today in some of them. [...]

Dealing With Stubborn Behavior

All terrier breeds have a stubborn streak; it is part of their personality as a hunting dog that has to defend itself against rats and other vermin. The terrier's tenacity and independence is famous and while the Cesky is not as stubborn and headstrong as other terrier breeds, they will have their moments. [...]

Chihuahua Temperament, Family Adaptability

Chihuahuas are loyal dogs that usually prefer one to two masters. They are noted for their fierce personalities. They are said to be high strung and not a good breed to introduce to children. But with proper training and socialization, a Chihuahua can learn to adapt to just about any environment. [h]Chihuahuas and Children[/h] Chihuahuas tend to be nervous by nature and may bite at the slightest provocation. Chihuahuas are not recommended for households with children under the age of 12. [...]

Keeping Jack Russell Terriers Happy

Jack Russell Terriers may be small - but like the much larger Malamutes and Boerboels, they are working dogs, and so need their daily quota of exercise. Keeping these little dogs happy is key to ensuring a harmonious household. Many people mistakenly choose them as pets because of their small size, innate intelligence, and friendly, playful nature. They imagine the dog will be a facsimile of Eddie, in Frasier. But the agile antics of a Jack Russell that is not schooled or exercised properly will in reality resemble more those of Milo in The Mask; soiling carpets, chewing soft furnishings, digging up plants, biting and nipping. This is not a two-walks a day dog. As the adage goes, when it is good it is very good, but when it is bad, it is horrid. [...]

Tips For Keeping A Jack Russell Terrier Under Control

Loaded with energy and ready to go at a moment's notice, the Jack Russell Terrier is a dog many people adore. Learning how to keep these little guys under control isn't always easy, however. Proper schooling for both dog and owner is often required. An important thing to remember when training your Jack Russell Terrier is that these dogs are hunting dogs by nature. They have been bred that way. Also like any other dog, their genes play an important role in such things as temperament and other characteristics. [...]

Jack Russell Terriers Can Be A Part Of The Family

Jack Russell Terriers can become a beloved part of a family, but buyers beware, these little critters are not for everyone. Jack Russells are quite active and they do not always do well around small children. Despite some catches, Jack Russell Terriers are loyal, loving watch dogs. They are fierce and will stop at nothing to protect their family. If not properly trained, their barking can be loud or rather shrill and may annoy the neighbors, which is one of the reasons they are not usually considered good apartment dogs. [...]

Jack Russell Terriers: Pitfalls With Breeding And Ownership

Though a lovable and loyal companion, the dog that can and will capture your heart, the Jack Russell Terrier is also the dog that will test your limits. He can be willful and stubborn and truly wear your patience thin. You must establish the pecking order immediately. You are the boss and he must learn to respect that. These dogs are working dogs, bred to be hunters and diggers. They require a lot of exercise. The number one reason that owners give up their Jack Russell Terriers is that they were not prepared for the amount of activity required to make these dogs happy and healthy. [...]

Jack Russell Terriers And The Elderly

When selecting a family pet, one must choose prudently. Not every animal is suited for every home. Unfortunately, many people do take into consideration the various factors concerned in the selection. As a result, animals are left abandoned or sent to shelters by the thousands each year. The Jack Russell Terrier is a canine that needs the right owner just as much as the owner needs the right dog. They can be stubborn and hard to train. They have strong personalities and will dominate any inexperienced owner. The Jack Russell Terrier has been ranked as one of the 10 breeds of dogs that are most often rejected or abandoned by their owners simply because they are misunderstood. [...]

Bonding With The Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Bonding with your Pembroke Welsh Corgi will be easier than with some other breeds. The reason is that the Corgis love to be around people and adapt to being next to you wherever you go. They are followers when it comes to their owners. They will want to be with you in whatever room of the house you are in or wherever you are in the yard. They are faithful, loyal and affectionate to their families. You could not ask for a better dog! They love to please and do make for a good watchdog. They are protective of their owners and property. [...]

Things To Do With A Pembroke Welsh Corgi

There are many things you can do with a Pembroke Welsh Corgi including taking walks, jogging, running, playing fetch and swimming. They are happy with anything they do with you as long as they are with you. You can even use them in the field to ride along on a tractor. They are great protectors and can be useful to alert someone if danger is around. They also can summon help if you become injured. There are so many things to do with the Corgi including having them bring in the cattle or other farm animals. [...]

Ways to Spoil Your Pug Dog

Pug owners love to spoil their dogs for all of the joy, humor and love that these little guys bring into a household. These simple dogs do not ask for much at all, but are spoiled by lots of attention, living indoors with air conditioning, and by being treated as a puppy for a long time. This article will take a look at the necessity of spoiling your pug dog. [h]Look At Me[/h] Pugs are natural clowns so paying attention to these little performers is an easy task. With their cute pushed in faces, lively personalities, and affectionate natures, it's hard not to. [...]

Pug Dogs: Good For City Life?

People like to have companionship in the form of pets no matter where they live, but are all pets suited to all settings? Specifically, are pug dogs suited to life in the city? To answer that we have to look at the fact that they are indoor dogs, their ability to tolerate heat, and amount of attention they need. This article will take a look at all three. [...]

Are Toy Poodles Good City Dogs?

We all love having pets, but not all pets are appropriate for all environments. For example, not every dog is meant to live in the city. In this article, we will look at how toy poodles will likely fare as city dogs. Some factors will be their exercise, staying indoors, and how trainable they are. [h]Exercise Time[/h] Living in the city often means life in an apartment with limited space and possibly limited access to larger settings for dogs that require plenty of exercise. Luckily, toy poodles do not require excess amounts of exercise. They are right at home and adequately exercised usually in an apartment setting. [...]

The Beauceron as a Leader

The Beauceron is a dog with a natural affinity for leadership. Indeed, when he walks into a room, he commands attention with his take charge attitude. [...]

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Found [343] Articles :: Page 6 of 23
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