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Black Russian Terriers

Aliases: Chornyi, Terrier Noir Russe, Russian Bear Schnauzer, Black Terrier, Tchiorny Terrier. Mustaterrieri, Russian

Black Russian Terrier For Sale

Black Russian Terrier Articles

Showing The Black Russian Terrier

Owning a Black Russian Terrier brings with it some opportunity for showing. The breed is fully recognized by the American Kennel Club. It was first recognized as a breed in 1981 by the USSR Ministry of Agriculture on May 13th of that year. It was internationally recognized by the FCI in 1984. In the United States, the Black Russian Terrier was first cataloged by Foundation Stock Services in 1996. Afterwards, it was first accepted to be shown in the miscellaneous class in August 2001. The breed gained full recognition in the working group on July 1, 2004. [...]

Grooming The Black Russian Terrier

With its diverse bloodline, featuring several sporting and working breeds, the Black Russian Terrier has been bred to feature a wiry, waterproof coat. This beautiful black coat was developed to withstand the climatic extremes of its Russian homeland. In professional circles, even the color of the coat is given high priority. The American Kennel Association will disqualify a dog if it shows anything but black or black with only a few gray hairs. [...]

Understanding The Temperament Of The Black Russian Terrier

Don't be fooled by the Black Russian Terrier's origins. This impressive dog, originally bred by the Soviet Union's stoic Red Army, is as comfortable frolicking in the water or snow as it is playing the role of a sentry. [...]

Training A Black Russian Terrier

Lassie, watch out! You may have met your match. When searching for a dog with the ability, the intelligence and the determination for training - for recreation, for show or for sport - the Black Russian Terrier rivals any breed for ease and fun. This is especially true if the owners are as willing as the dog will be. [...]

How The Black Russian Terrier Was Created

Times were bleak in Russia when the country attempted to create a native breed of dog. In the 1930s, Red Star, a military kennel outside of Moscow, began working on creating a dog to be used as part of the country's national security force. This was quite the challenge at the time, considering most of the country's purebred dogs were slaughtered during the Russian Revolution. Even more dogs were eradicated throughout World War II and the ensuing economic devastation. [...]

Socializing The Black Russian Terrier

Dogs are social animals, having learned this behavior as pack animals in the wilds. They gravitate toward and respect strong leadership, while they take advantage of weakness. The Black Russian Terrier loves to be around people. Bred to be military guards, this breed is fiercely loyal to its owners. This can be both a benefit and a detriment to the Black Russian Terrier and to the family who wishes to own one as a pet. [...]

Black Russian Terrier: Victim of Overbreeding?

It doesn't take too much common sense to figure out how over-breeding of a certain breed of dog happens. Popularity, usefulness, and sometimes even fashion, along with other factors, can lead to a breed having too many pups for how many people who actually have the ability to care for them. Puppy mills, caring only for profit and nothing for the health, security, or stability of the dogs they breed, create the plethora of popular puppies to help appease the demand. [...]

Jobs Of The Black Russian Terrier

Some people are born to work. The Black Russian Terrier fits into this category, as well. Although part of the reason it was bred was to create a national dog for Russia, the primary goal in creating the Black Russian Terrier's was bred to fulfill a need for in the country's national security force - one that could withstand the country's frigid winters. [...]

Carting With The Black Russian Terrier

When most people think of animals pulling a cart, they think of a beautiful, strong team of Clydesdales pulling the famed Budweiser wagon, or a utilitarian farm animal like a mule pulling a load of vegetables to the market. However, dogs have long been used to pull carts, whether for commerce, travel, or recreation. There are many dogs that have been engineered to pull carts, while others find enjoyment in the activity. The Black Russian Terrier falls into the latter category, although there are some dogs in the breed's lineage that are commonly known for the chore, like the Newfoundland. [...]

Black Russian Terrier: Did You Know?

Black Russian Terriers have a fascinating history. From its beginnings as a product of the post-World War II Soviet Red Army to its current incarnation as a loyal house pet and caring service animal, the Black Russian Terrier is full of fun facts. [...]

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Black Russian Terrier Articles
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