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Squamous Cell Carcinoma, A Skin Cancer Found In All Animals

One of the most common types of skin cancer found in all animals is squamous cell carcinoma. This cancer develops on either the epidermis or the epithelium layers of the skin right at the root sheath of the hair follicle. In dogs there are actually two different types of squamous cell carcinoma found and each of the two is more common to specific breeds, indicating a genetic factor involved in the development of the cancer. Cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma is most commonly seen in breeds such as the Basset Hound, Standard Poodle and the Bloodhound and usually only in older dogs of these breeds. The lesions start as small, irregular bumps often found on the head, between the pads of the feet, on the lower stomach and on the genital area of both males and females. These raised wart looking bumps are often ulcerated and very rough and irritated looking. [...]

Hemangiosarcomas - Cancers In The Blood Vessels

Literally cancer can form anywhere in the body, and hemangiosarcomas are cancerous cells and tumors that form in the blood vessels throughout a dog's body. Any breed of dog can develop hemangiosarcomas although they are most common in breeds such as the German Shepherd, Boxer, English Setter and Golden Retriever. Since it is most common in these particular breeds of dogs there is likely a genetic factor that contributes to the development of the cancer, although the exact link or marker is not known. It is interesting to note that hemangiosarcomas are very rare in other species of pets with cats rarely if ever developing the condition. Humans also very rarely develop hemangiosarcomas, which means that research on this cancer is really specific to researchers working with canine cancers. [...]

Mammary Cancer In Older Females

Mammary cancers can be either benign or malignant and are found almost exclusively in intact females that have had at least one litter or have come into heat at least once. Occasionally even very young intact females under two years of age will have tumors, but typically these can be removed with a very high success rate. Spayed females have a very low incidence of mammary cancer, and females spayed before their first litter have the lowest chance of developing the condition. Very occasionally males, usually those that have not been neutered, may also develop mammary cancer and this is usually very aggressive or malignant and the prognosis is very poor for recovery. [...]

Osteosarcoma In Older Dogs

Osteosarcoma is a form of bone cancer that tends to be most commonly diagnosed in middle aged to senior dogs. Any breed can develop osteosarcoma but the larger heavier boned breeds tend to be the most prone to the condition. The breeds most often associated with the condition include the giant and large breeds such as the Great Dane, Newfoundland, St. Bernard, Irish Wolfhound, Rottweiler, Labrador, Golden Retriever, Boxer and Weimaranar. The group of dogs that weigh over 80 pounds are the most commonly affected, with this weight range 60% are more likely to develop the cancer than any lighter breeds of dogs. Males of any breed are more commonly diagnosed with the condition than females, perhaps because the bones tend to be heavier and more developed in males of most breeds. [...]

Health concerns in aging dogs

There are many different types of health problems and concerns for aging senior dogs. The good news is that with overall good nutrition, routine worming and flea prevention, frequent, regular and appropriate exercise and routine vet check-ups many of these problems are easily detected and treated. Just like with younger dogs, the earlier issues are identified and treatment started the more positive the long range treatment prognosis will be. While there are very serious health issues that can be fatal, there are also lower level health conditions that are not serious on their own, unless combined with other problems. Managing each and every health issue is critical since each disease or condition depletes the dog's natural immunity and ability to combat infections, diseases, parasites and viruses. [...]

Paws For A Cause - Cancer Dog Walks

Perhaps some of the more internationally active charity fundraising organizations are those that attempt to raise money for cancer research. Around the United States and internationally there are many different Paws For A Cause, Paws For The Cause and Paws With A Cause doggy walks held annually to help raise money for private and publicly funded cancer foundations, research and ongoing education and community awareness programs. [...]

Health Concerns With Giant Breeds

There are many, many advantageous to owning a giant breed of dog. As a group these dogs tend to be very calm, steadfast, loyal and loving, plus they are also naturally effective guard and watch dogs. As with most types of dogs and dog breeds, there are also some disadvantages or at least concerns that owners need to be aware of. Most of these health concerns are directly related to the large size of the dogs and can be at least managed by good feeding, routine exercise and proper care for the dogs, especially in their growing stages. [...]

Sunburns, Skin Problems and The Summer Season

Most dog breeds are well protected from the vast majority of issues with sunburns due to their heavy coats. However, changing the coat through clipping, trimming and even breeding for specific coat types can make some dogs more likely to develop sunburn than others. Any long haired or double coated dog that is significantly clipped, especially in the very short puppy or sport type clips, may be at risk for sunburn. This is particularly true if the dog is light or pink skinned as this type of skin burns much more significantly than black skin or very dark skin colorations. [...]

Health Concerns With Golden Retrievers

The Golden Retriever is a wonderful dog to own for many reasons. As with any breed that has become very popular, there are many people that have bred Golden Retrievers not in the best interest of the breed but rather to make a quick profit. It should be noted that most of these individuals are not true breeders or those that have legitimate kennels; rather they are individuals that are simply in it for the short term. The result of these backyard breeders, plus the puppies produced in puppy mills, has led to some health problems within some lines in the Golden Retriever breed. [...]

Found [24] Articles :: Page 2 of 2
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