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British Bulldog and Drooling - Is There Any Way To Fix This Problem?

As much as we love our dogs, they all have little quirks and habits that seem to annoy or bother us. With the British Bulldog, it's their never ending drooling. It's true that many dogs drool, but the bulldog seems to have it a little worse than most dogs. Many owners of bulldogs would like to know first of all why they have this problem and secondly, if there is anything they can do to help the problem. [...]

Five Reasons a Bloodhound is not for Everyone

There are some reasons why a Bloodhound might not be right for you including their size, tendency to drool, they are not the smartest dog outside of their excellent sense of smell, their short life span, and they are terribly unmotivated. As one can see, they are basically a hyperactive dog that has to be watched all the time to make sure they do not eat something that can harm them. [...]

Should You Breed Your Bloodhound?

Breeding a Bloodhound does require some serious thought. The reason is that not many people have a desire to own such a large and clumsy looking dog. They are not appealing to many people because of their drooling and hyperactive behavior. They are also prone to eating anything in their sight. [...]

Devoted, Howling, and Drooling: The Bloodhound Personality

When you are looking for a puppy, you should look for a happy puppy. A puppy that wags its tail, comes running to you, shows playfulness, and is curious should prove to be a well-adjusted puppy. If you see a puppy that shows signs of being shy or crouches when you approach them, you should avoid such a puppy. Puppies should be happy and adventurous. A Bloodhound's personality is important to consider when looking for a good family pet. There are some puppies or even older dogs that may have a disposition and personality that is unwanted for a family dog. [...]

Lovable And Annoying Traits Of The Fila Brasileiro

If you like the thought of owning a big dog, you might recall the lovable cartoon with Marmaduke in it. He was always one to jump in peoples' laps, almost oblivious to his own size and strength. The Fila Brasileiro is similarly enchanting in its desire to sit on your lap, your feet, or just lean up against your body. This can be either annoying or lovable, depending on how well you can withstand the weight of the dog on your own body frame. [...]

Drooling, Howling and the Black and Tan Coonhound

Pytalism, or excessive drooling, is common in the Black and Tan Coonhound. Their extra loose and floppy jowls do not do much to keep the slobber inside their mouths. For some, this is an endearing trait; for others, it can be a nuisance. However, drooling is every bit a part of this breed as its tail and little can be done to stop it. Plus, this trait very much plays a part in the Black and Tan Coonhound's extraordinary ability to track scents. It is said that much can be told about a person by the way they deal with their Coonhound's drool. [...]

Cute And Annoying Habits Of The Sussex Spaniel

The Sussex Spaniel is a hunting dog that is just being rediscovered as a potential family pet. In the United States, the hunters prefer larger dogs and don't need a smaller one like the Sussex Spaniel for underbrush game. So, despite their excellence at small game hunting, the dog isn't as much in demand by hunters in the United States. However, it is a beautiful dog with a genuinely friendly disposition. It can make a good family pet, if you understand that this dog is a hunting dog and has some of these traits bred into it. One of the most obvious traits that you may find cute or annoying (depending on where you live) is that the dog will bay and howl. This is what the breed used when hunting game in England and it sometimes displays the behavior when it is upset or excited. The dog is used to running in packs and being with people, so it doesn't really fare well alone. It will suffer separation anxiety, which can come out as howling and baying or barking when you are gone from the house. This can annoy the neighbors, even if you think it's very cute. [...]

Drooling and Other Endearing Neapolitan Mastiff Traits

The Neapolitan Mastiff is an endearing breed of dog with a regal stature. With its massive head and droopy jowls, it has no problem catching the eye of all who see it. Obtaining a Neo can be quite costly; because if this, they are not as commonly seen compared to other types of dog. When out in public, a well socialized Neo is friendly, calm and very open to meeting new people. Many are fascinated with the breed and its delightful physique. While their weight and temperament are often at the center of conversation, there are a few other prudent traits of the Neo that frequently get left out. [...]

The Boxer - The Right Breed For Me?

Every breed of dog has families and situations that it is best suited for, and families and situations that would be challenging if not impossible for the dog to thrive in given the natural traits and behaviors of the breed. Choosing a dog simply because you like the breed is very often the biggest issue when it comes to ending up with a challenging situation for the owner and the dog rather than a positive match. The outstanding personality of the Boxer makes it a good match for a wide variety of living and family situations, however their intelligence, boundless energy and outgoing and somewhat dominant personality also make them a less like candidate for other types of families and home. [...]

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