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The American Staffordshire Terrier and Weight Pulling Contests

There are a number of activities and events in which you can involve your American Staffordshire Terrier to make sure he gets enough exercise and is also mentally stimulated while he's at it. Many of these events involve activities similar to those that the dog was called on to do at the beginning of his development; indeed, many activities recreate the purpose for which the Amstaff was bred. One of these events is weight pulling. In this event, a dog is called on to pull a loaded cart or sled over some kind of non-smooth terrain, including carpet, grass or unpacked snow. In a weight pulling contest, a special harness is used to hitch the dog to a cart; this harness ensures that the risk of injury for the dog is minimal. [...]

Prevention of Escape Of The Bearded Collie

One of the most important things to learn about a Bearded Collie is they are not happy being confined to the backyard for hours at a time. If they have nothing to do or become bored, they will find their own excitement, which may mean escaping the yard. They are known escape artists, and when determined, they will make their way down the street or wherever else suits their fancy. Bearded Collies are not content to be left with nothing to do, and if you put them in the backyard for long periods, they will find a way to escape. [...]

Keeping Your Bearded Collie Mentally Alert

It's fortunate that Bearded Collies love to play because playing keeps them mentally alert. Just like humans, if they allow their minds to relax, they will lose their sense of concentration. In addition, playing means your dog is not bored, and if he is not bored, he remains mentally alert. It works similar to humans we lose our concentration on a task if we find that task boring. For example, students who try to read a book for school that they find boring will tend to doze off while reading. Likewise, a boring movie will make us fall asleep. [...]

The Energetic Bearded Collie

By virtue of its very nature, the bearded collie is a working dog. That doesn't mean, however, that you cannot transform it into a family pet, but you have to remember it will not be content to sit at your feet or be confined to the backyard. They require a great deal of exercise, and are happiest when they are doing something. In spite of their need to have frequent exercise, they prefer to be indoors with their families when they are not working or exercising. [...]

Caring for a Bearded Collie

While your bearded collie is still a puppy it's important for you to learn how to take care of him. One of the most important things to know is that the bearded collie has an abundance of energy. If you are going to use him as a working dog to herd sheep or cattle, he will get plenty of exercise in the performance of his duties. On the other hand, if you are planning to use him as a family pet, it's important to understand the amount of energy he possesses so that you can make certain you make accommodations for exercising him on a daily basis. One important thing for those with children is the bearded collie is very good with children. [...]

Keeping The Briquet Griffon Vendeen Mentally Sharp

There are many things to consider about the Briquet Griffon Vendeen including his wonderful heritage, his decisive temperament and his unique abilities to be himself. Yet, above all of this, it can be important to keep him mentally sharp. These dogs are intelligent, decisive and they need to be interacted with if they are to keep that mental edge throughout their lives. They are willing to work for you, to be your companion and want to be an active part of the family. To keep them happy and an effective member of the family, it is up to his owners to keep him mentally capable. [...]

Nutritional and Exercise Needs for the Chinese Crested Dog

Like any other breed, the Chinese Crested's nutritional demands are embedded right into their genetic code. Several breeders have attempted introducing the Chinese Crested to varying dietary regimens with little to no success. As it may involve spending a little more, or driving to a grocery store a little further away, keeping the dog on a specific diet may seem like a pain, however, these inconveniences are certainly less expensive and time consuming than possibly dealing with digestion and other health problems and trips to the veterinarian's office later in the dog's life. [...]

Carting With Your Rottweiler

As you may or may not know, the Rottweiler is a working breed with plenty of energy. It may not be as energetic as a sheepdog, but the energy levels of the breed still mean that it needs some kind of physical and mental stimulation. One particular sport which many people like to take part in with their Rottweiler is Carting. [h]What is Carting and why should you consider it?[/h] Carting is a sport which many Rottweiler owners take part in with their dogs. It basically involves the dog pulling along a cart filled with something such as firewood or even people. The dog has to be fairly muscular to do this, hence the reason it is ideal for the Rottweiler. [...]


In regards to any dog's diet, experts recommend using foods consisting of ingredients native to the breed's country of origin. Being that the Papillon has a lineage of rat and rodent control dogs working on farms in central France, they consisted on the kind of food that was raised and grown there (not to mention the rodents they caught). In the 16th century, the era wherein their lineage is roughly traced back to, the meats available would be poultry and mutton. Also on the menu would be root type vegetables such as radishes and potatoes, along with wheat and corn. Not recommended would be any kind food that includes a soy product, fish, horse meat, beef, or rice. [...]

The German Shorthaired Pointer's Webbed Feet

The German Shorthaired Pointer was bred to be a very versatile dog, fulfilling the function of different types of gun dog. Besides being a good retriever and pointer, the GSP is also an excellent water dog; indeed, this breed has at least two important structural traits that allow him to follow and find game in almost any aquatic environment. The first is his dense, thick coat; the outer layer of his coat is short, reducing drag in the water and allowing the dog to dry off quickly. [...]

Living with an Old English Sheepdog

The overwhelming opinion of most dog fanciers is that Old English Sheepdogs make wonderful companions. They love to be with their humans, curling up on the couch or taking a walk; they are full of energy but are not obnoxious. They are very intelligent and easily trained, but they have a strong will so they keep you on your toes. As with any breed, if you properly research the needs and temperament of the Old English Sheepdog and know what you're getting yourself into, living with this big teddy bear can be quite a positive experience. [...]

Activities Great Swiss Mountain Dogs Will Enjoy

Great Swiss Mountain Dogs, otherwise known as "Swissy's", were traditionally work dogs used for farming. The oldest of the Swiss breeds, the Swissy were especially good at cart pulling and other chores requiring a great pulling capacity. The Swissy ancestors were selectively bred based on their ability to perform specific acts such as guarding or pulling, and they were commonly used as draft animals or as cattle dogs. Thus the modern Great Swiss Mountain Dog was born, and the breed has been refined and developed ever since! [...]

Top Activity Choices for the Bedlington Terrier

It is commonly believed that somewhere in the history of the Bedlington Terrier, the Greyhound and the Whippet make their appearance. This is based largely on the breed's arched back, a trademark characteristic seen in the two sighthounds. The only difference is in the Bedlingtons front legs that are perfectly developed for turning on a dime at high speeds. This has made the Bedlington an absolute ideal choice for agility course training and field trials. On top of their physical aptness for the activity, it provides the perfect amount of mental stimulations that keeps the Bedlington at its best. Working breed dogs are happiest when they are given a specific job to do and the Bedlington is no different. Along with agility training, years as a baiting dog have made the Bedlington a perfect candidate for earth dog competitions. Earth dog competitions are events that put a dog's basic skills and instincts to the test. [...]

The Italian Greyhound - Exercise and Nutritional Needs

The Italian Greyhound needs exercise just like any other dog. They may not need as much exercise as a large breed of dog, their exercise is still important for their overall well being as well as keeping them from becoming overweight. They are a very active dog running around the house, but still need regular exercise. There is no greater pleasure you can give your Italian Greyhound than taking them for a walk around the neighborhood. They are very sensitive to the cold weather so either walk them on warm days or have them wear a sweater. They may be laughed at by the neighbors, but it will keep them warm and prevent them from getting sick. Remember how they love to chase animals so always keep them on a leash and don't expect a fence to keep them in your yard. They are great jumpers. [...]

The Needs and Requirements of the Laekenois

Having a Laekenois in the house means having a dog around that is loyal, gravitates to activity and offers an extra set of eyes that never miss a thing. Their intelligence and independence makes them a good match for those who prefer a dog that can provide a partnership rather than a dependency. However, with an intelligent breed in the house it is important to make sure the Laekenois keeps not only their bodies exercised but their minds as well. The Laekenois is one that enjoys keeping busy and having treat dispensing Kongs and plenty of chew toys ensures owners their shoes and other valuables stay safe. [...]

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Found [222] Articles :: Page 9 of 15
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