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Family Breeds

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Is the Dandie Dinmont Terrier the Dog for You?

When searching for a family pet, it's often difficult to find one that seems just right for you. Different breeds possess different characteristics, some of which may not be right for yours and your families needs. The Dandie Dinmont Terrier, however, is the perfect house pet. It doesn't shed, is small enough to take along with you wherever you go, and it provides complete devotion to its human family. [...]

Does a Dandie Dinmont Terrier Fit Your Family?

Before you decide if a Dandie Dinmont Terrier is right for your family, you have to look at its personality and that of your family. With the gentle nature of the Dandie, if you have children, it's a perfect match. They are small enough that you don't need to concern yourself with accommodations, though they do require a fair amount of exercise in order for them to stay in shape. They are well-suited for apartment living but should never be let off a leash because they will run and not heed any of your commands to stop. [...]

Rottweilers and Their "Tough Image"

The Rottweiler is one of the best guarding breeds around today. When you mention the word "Rottweiler" it automatically conjures up an image of a tough, powerful and aggressive dog. So is this "tough" image deserved? [h]How the Rottweiler Got its Tough Image[/h] The Rottweiler as a breed has always had a certain tough image. In the past the breed was used to herd cattle and to watch over herds so that nothing could get to them. It had to be hardy, energetic and confident enough to scare away any potential threats to the land and the animals. So it was always seen as a strong and powerful breed. [...]

The Rottweiler, A Good Family Dog?

When you think of the Rottweiler, more often than not you tend to picture a fierce, confident guarding dog. A chunky, strong and often aggressive breed, the breed has certainly been given a lot of bad press over the last few years. However is this negative image really deserved or is there more to the Rottweiler than meets the eye? [h]Protecting the Family[/h] Contrary to popular belief, the Rottweiler is not actually as bad as what people make out. Yes it has the ability to be overly aggressive and to be a superb guarding dog, but on the other hand the Rottweiler can also make an excellent pet. [...]

English Springer Spaniels And Families

If you're looking for a good companion or a family dog, the English Springer Spaniel may be the breed for you. English Springer Spaniels are generally even-tempered and friendly pets. They are energetic, but obedient. So, they're great for households with children. [...]

Is the Papillon right for you?

Whether or not to adopt any dog, of any breed, is not a decision to be made casually, or without quite a lot of forethought and consideration. Given the appropriate attention to research and assessment of the environment the dog will be introduced to, there's no reason picking up a new addition to the family can't be an immensely rewarding experience. However, if these tasks are neglected, the owner and the dog might have nothing to look forward to but a lot of hassle, headaches and heartache. It's better to take a few hours out prior to adoption to ask questions of the breeder, verify the pedigree, read up on the breed and spend some time with the dog him or herself, than to find out that this is not the right breed for you six months from now and be forced to find a new owner for the dog, return the dog to the breeder you bought them from or, worst of all, you may even have to relinquish ownership to a nearby animal shelter. The following advice should hopefully give the prospective Papillon owner a rough idea of what the breed's unique needs are and an impression of what kind of environment they thrive in. [...]

The lively Finnish Spitz

The Finnish Spitz is a small-sized breed of dogs of Finnish origin. Amongst other characteristics, they are most well known for their lively and alert nature. [...]

The Old English Sheepdog as a Nanny

Old English Sheepdogs were bred mainly to be the perfect herders; their herding qualities allowed them to also become a wonderful protector and companion for their human family. Because herding dogs needed to understand commands and complex tasks, the Old English Sheepdog was bred to be intelligent; they are also intuitive, as this skill helped them to anticipate the moves of sheep and predators. They are extremely gentle, as farmers needed to be able to trust them around their defenseless flocks; loyalty was also bred into this dog, so that he would protect all that belonged to his master. [...]

Complaints about the Old English Sheepdog

Old English Sheepdogs are touted as one of the best canine companions. They are lovable, loyal, fun to be around and they are great with children; they are so great that they have been nicknamed "The Nanny". They have been called "jolly" and a "clown"; they are quite intelligent and can be trained to do virtually anything. Indeed, they have excelled at a wide variety of jobs throughout their history. Despite all these positive accolades given to the breed, though, there are still some individuals who are wary of owning an Old English Sheepdog, given some of the complaints registered for the breed. [...]

The Versatility of Great Swiss Mountain Dogs

From classic work dogs used as draft animals, farm laborers, search and rescue animals, and therapy dogs, to their natural ability as guard dogs and their innate tendency to be loyal and reliable family pets, Great Swiss Mountain Dogs are among the most versatile members of the canine family. This rare, but ancient breed of dog is thought to be responsible for the genetics in several more prominent breeds of dog such as the Mastiff and Rottweiler, and though this breed of dog is much more rare at the present time, they have been used as work animals for generation upon generation. [...]

Socialization and Introducing Your Great Swiss Mountain Dog to the Family

In many ways, Great Swiss Mountain dogs are wonderful choices for pet owners, particularly those with experience training and handling dogs and/or those needing work animals which maintain a strong bond with their owners and double as companion animals. Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs aren't the best choice for novice or inexperienced people purchasing a dog for the first time. For experienced pet owners who have time and the skills necessary to diligently and consistently train and exercise a dog, the Great Swiss Mountain Dog, or Swissy, can be a fantastic family companion animal. [...]

Making Your Irish Terrier the Perfect Family Pet

Irish Terriers can be great family pets. Their small size and intelligence make them well suited to being family pets. In addition, they love to play, so they are great companions for children. However, Irish Terriers have some very noticeable characteristics to their behavior that owners should be prepared to deal with in order to enjoy the most benefit from owning an Irish Terrier. [...]

Bedlington Terrier Ownership Myths

For the unfortunate individual who loves dogs but not the wheezing and the puffy eyes that come with allergies to pet dander, curly haired breeds like the Bedlington are usually a first choice. Dogs that have curly hair tend to shed less or not at all and require little in the way of grooming. However, while some individuals are allergic to dog hair, a majority of allergy sufferers are actually allergic to pet dander and dog saliva. The dander of an animal refers to the small flakes of dead skin that can get lodged in carpeting, furniture or bed linens. Because dogs often lick their fur, it is very easy to come in contact with their saliva. For these reasons, the Bedlington Terrier has been moved off of the allergy free list to being categorized as a low dander breed. [...]

Bedlington Terriers and Children

One of the most common things people want to know about a dog breed is their behavior when it comes to children. While the Bedlington terrier does well with children for the most part, there are some aspects that will need some special attention. The Bedlington is a high energy breed and sometimes children are the only one who can keep up with them. At the same time, children who have not been taught how to properly treat a dog can find themselves on the end of a harsh reprimand from their Bedlington. They are far from vicious but do have firm boundaries about how they like and don't like to be approached. Bred for pit fighting and baiting, the Bedlington was a masterful opponent that rarely lost any battles. As the Bedlington's quarry became more and more threatened, the stronger it would fight. Because of this, it is a natural instinct for the Bedlington to inflict pain when it feels pain. It is not uncommon for the Bedlington to resort to a defensive reaction, or a sudden nip, when it is accidentally caught off guard and has its paw stepped on. [...]

The Italian Greyhound as a Family Pet and with Children

The Italian Greyhound is a great dog to own and one that is a lot of fun to have around. You better be prepared to give it a lot of attention, as these dogs are very possessive of your time. They thrive on being the center of attention at all times. This, of course, is not always possible, but the Italian Greyhound will continue to try to be the boss and does not take kindly to being put down by its owner. They do not like being ignored either and will often become destructive if they are ignored or feel they are being ignored. It's very important to show this dog on day #1 who is the boss and hopefully this will be you and not the dog! [...]

Found [131] Articles :: Page 8 of 9
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