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Famous Flat Coated Retrievers

There was a time when the Flat Coated Retriever was the predominant favorite among sporting dogs, especially in England where this breed of dog proved to be the greatest asset in the hunting field. Unfortunately, its popularity declined steeply during the two World Wars and the Flat Coated Retriever came very close to extinction. One of the earliest patrons of the Flat Coated Retriever was H. Reginald Cooke who helped preserve the dog's bloodline by putting up his Riverside Kennel. [...]

Black and Tan Coonhounds of the Rich and Famous

Because hunting and tracking has largely fallen by the wayside, the Black and Tan Coonhound is a breed not commonly seen in many homes these days. It still remains an extremely popular choice with hunters and it has also made quite an impact on law enforcement and search and rescue programs. As it was from its early beginnings, the docile breed has only one thing in mind and that is to catch the scent of leads and follow them. This has made them invaluable not only in the days when hunting was a primary source of food but also now; especially when it comes to important tasks such as finding lost and missing persons. Yet, the Black and Tan Coonhound also pops up amongst some of the most important names of history. [...]

Famous Sealyham Terriers

Call it vanity or pride, any dog lover would like to own a dog that shares the same breed as dogs that are popular, especially those owned by celebrities. These dog lovers would go to such lengths to get the same kind of dog that was owned by this or that actor or actress or any other kind of celebrity. In fact, most of these dog lovers would pay just about any price for such kind of dog. Sometimes, it doesn't even matter to these dog owners if the dog's temperament will fit their own or not, as long as they are getting a dog that is famous or belongs to a famous breed. They would even go to the extent of getting dog sitters as well as trainers for these dogs if they are unable to take care of and train the dogs themselves. Nothing is too famous for these dog owners because for them, the popularity of their dogs would also mean the same for them. [...]

German Wirehaired Pointer on TV and Movies

Since the German Wirehaired Pointer is so obedient and eager to please, it is an ideal dog to train for television and film. You're probably looking at your Wirehaired and thinking that not everyone can appreciate the true beauty of its coat as you do, but the German Wirehaired Pointer is no stranger to the spotlight. Although you'd be pressed to remember seeing a German Wirehaired Pointer on television, it has been much depicted in art throughout history. [...]

Redbone Coonhounds in Where the Red Fern Grows

A popular element in many children's books and movies is the relationship between a child and his or her dog and the adventures that they embark on; all you have to do is look at the popularity of things like Old Yeller and Lassie to realize the impact stories of this nature can have. A classic children's book that is often read in American public schools is Where the Red Fern Grows, by Wilson Rawls, a story about a boy and two special dogs, Redbone Coonhounds. Actually, before the publication of this book and the subsequent movie release, not many people were familiar with the Redbones outside of the Southern US hunting community. This book helped spark public curiosity regarding the breed, and its popularity increased. [...]

Famous Irish Water Spaniels

There are very few Irish Water Spaniels in the world that have achieved “famous” status. In the world of show business, only a handful of the dogs are actually named as they make their appearances on TV or in the silver screen. In the world of dog show competitions and sports, a few have achieved champion status, but not necessarily that elusive famousstanding. Here are some examples of famous Irish Water Spaniels. [...]

Famous Red and White Setters

Since the Red and White Setter has only seen a surge in popularity during the last 60 odd years, there are still very few Red and White Setters in movies or on television, especially in the United States. But, there are plenty of champion show dogs across the world! With Red and White Setter clubs across the entire globe, there's sure to be tons of celebrities among them! The Red and White Setter is still virtually unknown outside of Ireland, although there are a few Red and White Setter clubs springing up around the world. This lack of popularity explains why you haven't seen a Red and White Setter in a dog food commercial or playing someone's trusty pet in a movie. However, the Red and White Setter has become famous in its own right. After near extinction during the late 1800s, enthusiastic breeders have ensured that this breed will continue for generations. [...]

A Book And Television Series About a Norfolk Terrier

Hounds are seen in cartoons playing detectives and cowboys, Dobermans get to be cops in the movies and wolves are seen wearing Zoot suits, twirling a pocket watch on its chain and whistling at ladies passing by. If every dog breed has a place in fiction, it seems natural that the famous bravery of the Norfolk terrier would eventually land one of them in an adventure story, so there's no surprise that when Allan Ahlberg wrote Woof!, a charming juvenile adventure novel (with a catchy title) about a young man who turns into a dog and goes on daring adventures, Ahlberg chose to cast the Norfolk terrier in the role of the hero's canine counterpart. In 1989, the book was adapted into a BBC television series that successfully ran for seven years thanks to its imaginative premise, exciting situations and capable artistry. The series had an undeniable appeal to the ten to fourteen demographic, which supported it in spite of regular cast changes. [...]

Fluppy Dogs

The unique, aesthetically pleasing look of the Puli afforded the breed the opportunity to have "Fluppy Dogs", a line of children's toys, designed after its features, accompanied by an hour long animated television special on the Disney Channel in 1986. Although the special had been intended as a pilot for a possible series, it wasn't picked up for further episodes. The original Fluppies design was nearly identical to their real life counterpart breed, using thick yarn for hair and being proportioned appropriately. Other than their plush, cartoony build, the only major difference was their striking pastel colors, lending them a more cheerful, cartoon-friendly look. [...]

Philos, a book about a Puli by J.G. Messervy-Norman

Let's get it right out in the open: The Puli is inarguably adorable, perhaps amongst the most adorable breeds to ever charm a dog lover. The prideful breed boasts a beautiful, fluffy, thick coat of curls and locks, sometimes being described as looking like a Rastafarian (if you take a look through a book of dog photos or check around online, you're liable to find an image or two where someone has put a baggy, rainbow colored, wool-knit cap on a Puli). Given their delightful appearance, it's no surprise that the breed has been featured in a children's book or two. Not many of these examples have risen above having a cult following, in fact the most well known may be Disney's Fluppy Dogs, the unfortunately short lived (though no less endearing) book, toy and cartoon franchise, but the Puli also served as the basis for the delightful children's novella, Philos, by J.G. Messervy-Norman. [...]

Famous West Highland White Terriers

West Highland White Terriers have become arguably the most popular terrier in the world. This is no surprise when their friendly temperament, high energy and beautiful white coats are taken into consideration. Thanks to their handsome good looks and excellent temperaments, Westies have gone on to become famous actors, starring in film and television, as well as models, characters in books and even cartoon representations. Here, for your enjoyment, is a listing of some of the most famous West Highland White Terriers. [...]

Famous Otterhounds

There is much mystery associated with the exact origin of the Otterhound. Many aficionados believe that the dog has been around since ancient times. Pictures of hounds were found drawn on cave walls in Mesopotamia. According to the writings of John Mammoth, the Southern Hound known to be the direct ancestor of the Otterhound is believed to have been transported to Brittany. [...]

Bearded Collies in the Movies

In addition to their roles as show dogs and working dogs, bearded collies have also been seen in the movies, television, and even in catalogs. Some of the credits include The Shaggy Dog, a 2006 Disney film starring Tim Allen; Agent Cody Banks, a 2001 film that shows Cody in one scene walking a Bearded Collie; and a Bearded Collie appeared in the September 2001 issue of the Land's End catalog. Other credits include Please Don't Eat the Daisies, a sitcom from the 60s where the co-star is believed to have been a Bearded Collie, and there is speculation that Tiger from The Brady Bunch was either a Bearded Collie or a Bearded Collie mix. [...]

Staffordshire Bull Terriers of the Rich and Famous

For those who have come to learn and love the genial and loyal disposition that is the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, there is no better breed. The unfair stigma that the Staffie lives with is slowly passing thanks to a good number of well known and famous individuals who have taken on one or more Staffordshire Bull Terriers. If there is one thing being a celebrity can do, it is draw attention to certain issues and causes. Interest and popularity has grown for the Staffie now that they are seen in the care of many well recognized actors, singers and vocal activists. The breed is also coming into its own with roles in books, commercials, TV and movies. [...]

Neapolitan Mastiffs of the Rich and Famous

As one of the most ancient breeds in the canine world, the Neapolitan Mastiff has had a long colorful history. It was not until the 1940's that the Neo finally emerged on the radar as a premier breed for the ultimate dog lover. Since then, the Neo has steadily gained in popularity, especially in the last ten years. Most of their exposure comes from movies, television, and celebrities who have taken a keen interest in the breed's dramatic look. Far from the endearing teddy bear appearance of most dogs used for films, the Neapolitan Mastiff has that one of a kind look that stands out in character and form. [...]

Found [42] Articles :: Page 2 of 3
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