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Your Great Dane's Food and Health

Great Danes are among the larger breeds of dogs. Thus, they require more food than other breeds. There is a saying that goes "You are what you eat". This is especially true for the Great Danes. Providing healthy food to your Great Dane will in turn make your dog a healthy one. There are a number of considerations to be given to your Great Danes. Style of feeding is an example. Dog food may come in kibble, raw, canned, and many other choices that you and your Great Dane may prefer. [...]

Concerns About Getting a Bullmastiff

The Bullmastiff is a large breed of dog that makes a wonderful pet. Most owners claim they have never had such a wonderful dog and would never own anything but another Bullmastiff for the rest of their lives. As with all dogs, however, there are certain concerns prospective dog owners should take into consideration before going ahead and purchasing a Bullmastiff. [...]

Nutritional Concerns for Bullmastiffs

Many dog owners get a dog and feel all they need to do is go out and buy dog food and they're all set to go. Often, they choose the cheapest dog food on the market, especially if it's for a large breed of dog like the Bullmastiff. Because of their large size and equally large appetite, they are going to be expensive to feed. To maintain their good health, however, it's important to always feed your Bullmastiff a good and nutritionally balanced diet. It may seem expensive at the start, but it will add to their lifespan and save on vet bills in the future. [...]

The German Shepherd as a Family Pet

Finding the perfect dog as a pet for your family can be a big decision. You'll probably look at many different breeds and talk to friends and family that have dogs. In many cases, people tend to steer towards the breed they had while growing up. In other cases, they go with an entirely different breed. One dog that is very popular is the German shepherd. Because of their excellent skills as police dogs, many people mistakenly think they are attack dogs. The German Shepherd dog is also used as a seeing eye dog and search and rescue dog, to name just a few of the jobs their attributes are suited to. They were not trained for these jobs because they are mean or attack dogs, but rather because of how easy they are to train, and their superior intelligence. [...]

Chow Chow Care

[h]Feeding[/h] Apart from grooming, feeding is also a crucial part in raising a Chow Chow. It is important that you know your Chow dog's diet for it significantly affects your pet's health. Also, provide him with a convenient feeding schedule. [...]

A Vizsla's Particular Eating Habits

A Vizsla will not eat as much as some of his heavier counter parts as the breed only weigh an average of fifty pounds. Nutrition is important in the diets of all dogs, especially the Vizsla. With its lean body and small build, an excess of weight could throw his whole system out of whack, shortening his life span and such. Thus, close attention should be paid to his diet as to give him energy for the hunts, planned or not, that he will no doubt embark daily. A Vizsla should eat food Native the portion of Europe he originated from. The mountains in near present day Hungary is where the ancient people, the Magyars, resided with the Vizsla as their hunt dog. [...]

Kooikerhondje - Keeping These Greedy Dogs Trim and in Shape with Diet Control

In order to live long and happy lives, dogs have to live a healthy lifestyle. The problem is that it can be difficult knowing what exactly to do with your dog's diet to make sure he stays healthy and active. This article will look at a few of the ways you can keep your Kooikerhondje's weight under control with diet and exercise to keep him going strong for years to come. Do I Have To Put My Dog On A Diet? The simple answer is yes. We all need to watch what we eat to stay healthy, and Fido is no different than you or me in this respect. [...]

Feeding your Alaskan Malamute

The Alaskan Malamute originated from the Arctic region. For many years, this breed of dog had relied on the common foods of the region, such as whale meat, salmon, seal meat, and halibut. Even in the resourceful world of today, such foods are hard to come by, and they are definitely not available in commercially prepared dog food. [...]

Caring for an Australian Shepherd

Many people think that having a dog is a lot of work. However, if you have a pet for a companion, it is no work at all. In fact, you will think of your Australian Shepherd like a child of your own. One thing that many people have problems with once getting an Australian Shepherd is how to care for them. [...]

Determining If A Basset Hound Is The Best Pet For You

There are plenty of things that factor into the decision of what kind of dog to get. Each breed has its own idiosyncrasies that should be taken into account before any decision is made. If you're thinking of a basset hound you should know about how much he eats, the ins and outs of grooming, and how he will fit into your lifestyle. Every individual dog is different but let's look at some trends. [...]

Special Feeding Concerns of the Dalmatian

Feeding your Dalmatian is about more than which flavor that your dog prefers. The urinary tract of this breed makes them very susceptible to kidney stones because of their bodies' inability to process the purines which are found in certain types of protein. A diet that would be fine to offer many other dogs could result in a life threatening condition for your Dalmatian so it's not a matter to be taken lightly. [h]What Not to Do[/h] Your dog would love to share your dinner with you every night of the week, but you can't give in to the temptation. Many of the foods that humans enjoy could wreak havoc with your pet's body. [...]

The Canaan's Nutritional and Exercise Needs

The Canaan is a medium to large size dog and as such will need exercise to keep it in good condition, as well as to vent some of the excess energy this dog possesses. The Canaan dog is a very good watchdog, but has a tendency to become territorial in its home. With many dogs, territorial often turns to aggressive, if it is not kept under control. In many cases, all the dog needs is more exercise so they don't have quite so much energy. [...]

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi That Is Overweight

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is prone to obesity. They need to have plenty of exercise and proper diet to maintain an ideal weight. If your Corgi becomes overweight, they will be susceptible to health problems. The puppy needs to have a place to be active such as outside in a medium sized yard. Even though they do need exercise, they should not be overworked. They have small legs and the distance they travel is double that of a larger dog in the same distance. They do need to walk, run and play, but when they are done that should be it for a while. [...]

Bonding With The Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Bonding with your Pembroke Welsh Corgi will be easier than with some other breeds. The reason is that the Corgis love to be around people and adapt to being next to you wherever you go. They are followers when it comes to their owners. They will want to be with you in whatever room of the house you are in or wherever you are in the yard. They are faithful, loyal and affectionate to their families. You could not ask for a better dog! They love to please and do make for a good watchdog. They are protective of their owners and property. [...]

Gastric Torsions: Deadly for Your Dog

We all know how uncomfortable it is to have any type of intestinal woe. Imagine the agony, then, of a gastric torsion, in which the stomach and spleen can literally twist and kink. The condition is excruciatingly painful, and, if ignored, is invariably fatal. Gastric torsion cases occur most often in large-breed, deep-chested dogs, such as the Bloodhound, Labrador Retriever, Doberman Pinscher, Akita or Great Dane. This is a condition that is not connected to a dog's age or gender. In fact, cases can spontaneously occur in healthy dogs of all breeds, usually shortly after a meal. [...]

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Found [135] Articles :: Page 2 of 9
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