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Managing Weight Loss In Overweight Horses

For any number of reasons horses can begin to gain weight. Often horses that have been hard working or regularly exercised horses that suddenly find themselves turned on pasture, retired or even recovering from an injury will begin to put on weight due to the body's inability to change the metabolism to account for the decrease in calories burned. Ponies are often very prone to weight gain due to being bred to have slower metabolisms. Many of the pony breeds excelled and thrived in areas where horses would have starved and over generations have adjusted to be able to live on very small amounts of low quality feeds. In modern, domestic environments with lush pastures and daily grain, these ponies simply pack on the pounds, even with regular exercise. Some horses and ponies are also given a huge number of treats, supplements and feed additives that are simply not needed or even healthy for the horses. Sugary treats, treats high in carbohydrates and fats can all lead to adding weight to your horse if they are fed in moderate to excessive amounts. [...]

Caring For The Akhal-Teke In Colder Climates

The Akhal-Teke was not only developed in some of the most unforgiving desert terrain, it managed to thrive in it for many centuries. With this harsh terrain came just as harsh weather conditions; yet the breed remained a predominant implement of nomadic life for the region's people. The Akhal-Teke has an amazing ability to withstand cold weather conditions that would likely harm any other breed. Luckily, over the years the Akhal-Teke has found its way into parts of the world where it does not necessarily have to withstand such climate conditions. It does, nonetheless, still need care in climates that experience extreme cold. With the Akhal-Teke's body consisting of more tendon than muscle, this means there are less parts of the horse to get cold and less blood needed to keep warm. However, wet and cold weather still affects a horse's internal temperature regulation. In colder weather, the Akhal-Teke still needs plenty of fresh water to ensure the proper balance of liquids in its system. This is especially true when dealing with horses of advanced age. [...]

Caring For A Draft Horse

Caring for a draft horse is not unlike caring for other types of horses; however, many seasoned draft horse handlers recommend paying special attention to such things as feeding. Draft horses are those that require a diet that will fully support their muscle mass. Many times, individuals new to the care of draft horses opt for feeds that bulk up their horse right away. A draft horse needs a feeding regimen that is good for long term feeding. This means some grains with quality grass hay and salt will be a requirement. However, a diet composed of only alfalfa can result in problems in both the kidneys and bone structure of a draft horse. A varied diet will always be necessary for this breed of horse. [...]

Condition Of The Breeders Kennel

Just as your house and living space says a lot about you, the breeder's kennel says a lot about them and how they care for their dogs and puppies. Most breeders are very happy to have prospective buyers come through their property and look at the kennels, whelping areas and to see the adult dogs in their environment. Breeders that seem to avoid having potential owners to the kennel area may be concerned about either the condition of the kennels, the condition of the adult dogs, or possibly other issues that may be occurring at the kennels. The more open and honest the breeder is, the easier it will be to work with them in the future. [...]

Feeding Your Toy Fox Terrier and Food Allergies

Overall the Toy Fox Terrier is a very healthy breed and has few hereditary health problems that owners need to be concerned with. One problem that many Toy Fox Terriers have that can be problematic to owners is a sensitivity or allergic reaction to many products found in commercially prepared dog foods. Many Toy Fox Terrier are highly sensitive to corn, wheat and beet pulp that are some of the main ingredients in the top brands of dog foods either dry, canned or semi-moist. [...]

Selecting the right dog food

Everyone who knows dogs understands that these beloved companions need lots of training, attention and exercise. While this is certainly true, they also need good balanced nutrition as part of their daily care routine. When dogs and puppies don't get the right type of food they have many different health issues. These can range from serious digestive problems through to allergic reactions, weight loss or gain, poor dental health and sometimes even neurological and physiologic disorders. Feeding your dog the correct food is less about what brand you are buying and more about being able to correctly read and understand the label as well as what is basic in a dog's natural diet. It is important to buy good quality dog food, which are often going to be some of the better known brands, although it may not be the brands that are available at your local grocery store. Many of the best dog foods are sold only through farm and ranch supply stores, veterinary offices and even through kennels and dog training centers. Buying the best possible dog food also means that you will be spending more than you would for the common lower quality brands at the grocery store, but it also means your dog will be healthier and have fewer problems throughout their life. Feeding the right type of food will also help you pet to live as long as possible, so in reality it is a cost saving measure. [...]

Why Your Dog Shouldn't Have Easter Table Treats

Easter is one of those seasonal holidays that has a lot of foods, both traditional and very modern, that are associated with the festivities. Even if you don't celebrate the religious aspects of the holiday, most people enjoy welcoming the spring and all the associated flowers, greenery and warm weather, and typically cap this off with a terrific meal. There are also all the treats and candies that are associated with Easter, particularly those delectable Easter chocolates and eggs. [...]

Vegetables and Fruits You Should Avoid Giving To Your Dog

For humans there are very few fruits or vegetables that need to be avoided, as a matter of fact most health professionals recommend eating as many servings of each as possible. They also recommend a good variety, including some of the more exotic and unique types of fruits and vegetables that are imported from around the world. While this all may be true and wonderfully healthy for people, the same cannot be said for our four-legged companions. Dogs, contrary to popular belief, are not solely carnivores. Cats, on the other hand, are known as obligate carnivores, which means they absolutely have to have meat to survive. Dogs are what are known as omnivores, which means that to stay healthy they do require a variety of types of foods in their diet ranging from fruits and vegetables through to meat. [...]

Myths and Misunderstandings with Giant Breed Dogs

Just as with many of the toy breeds which are often misrepresented as snarly, snappy and yappy, giant breeds of dogs also get a bad rap for many aspects of their behavior. In fact, as with any size of dog, the difference between a well behaved, well mannered dog and an out of control pet has a lot to do with how the owners actually handle and train these dogs. If owners assume the responsibility to socialize the dog, provide routine obedience and interact with the dog on a regular, ongoing basis these dogs will be ideal companion pets. [...]

Puppies, Growth and Exercise

All puppies have very rapid growth patterns when you stop to consider they start very, very small and within just two short months they are ready to head out to their new homes, leaving behind the comfort and security of their litter and their mother. Giant breeds of puppies really aren't that much bigger than the medium and large sized puppies when they are first born, but they do quickly become taller and heavier with faster growth and body development. [...]

Giant Dogs and Smaller Dogs - A Good Match

Some of the most famous teams in history have been matches between two very different types of individuals. Perhaps it is not surprising to find out that two very differently sized dogs often make some of the best companions, playing to each other's unique styles and character traits. It is, however, important for owners to take some time to consider how the general characteristics of the two or more breeds will interact with each other. It is also a great option to consider getting the two puppies at approximately the same time as this will allow for early bonding and socialization together. It does make it more challenging for issues such as obedience and housetraining, so this also needs to be taken into consideration, especially if only one person is taking on all the responsibility. [...]

Minimizing Christmas Chaos

While Christmas festivities and opportunities for visiting with old friends and family members are great for people, they are often incredibly stressful for dogs. In reality many people also feel a lot of stress at this time, which is further communicated to their pets through changes in tone of voice, body language and even typical behaviors. [...]

Homemade Christmas Dog Treats

One of the best gifts that you can give your dog or make for friends or family members with dogs are homemade treats. These treats can include a wide variety of ingredients from completely vegetarian treats through to meaty snacks that are sure to have them sitting up and begging for more. Homemade dog treats are a great gift idea for several reasons. First, they really show a dog owner or a dog how much you care. After all you took the effort to make these delicious and very healthy treats with your own hands in your own kitchen. [...]

Christmas Dangers In Your Home

It is difficult to imagine that some of our beautiful Christmas decorations, plants and even the delicious Christmas meal and treats may in fact pose health risks to our dogs and cats. In reality a great number of the human holiday traditional types of decorations and plants are in fact very likely to cause illness, injury or even death. Keeping your dog safe over the holiday season doesn't mean getting rid of all your traditions and displays, but it does mean you can be aware of the issues and be proactive in keeping your dog safe over the holidays. [...]

Helping Your Dog Lose Weight

If you are one of those people that sets yearly weight loss goals for yourself on New Year's Eve, maybe you might want to include your dog in your plans this year. According to results obtained by a national survey of vets, approximately 44% of all domestic pets, including both cats and dogs, are considered to be obese. Cats are actually worse than dogs with almost 57% of the cats examined by the vet clinics on the survey date coming in at obese or overweight. This same study, done by the Association of Pet Obesity Prevention estimates that in the United States alone there are some 26 million dogs that are overweight and at least and additional 7.2 million canines that would fit into the category of obese. [...]

Found [135] Articles :: Page 9 of 9
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