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Field Spaniels

Aliases: Field, Bramast Glenmorhan

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Field Spaniel Articles

Field Spaniel: The Outdoor Type

There are so many different kinds of dogs in the world that people find it hard to decide which breed to get. To find the right dog for yourself, you will need to understand the characteristics of different breeds and see which one suits your lifestyle. This is very important because if you want your relationship with your dog to prosper, your dog would have to complement your lifestyle and your character as well. [...]

Field Spaniel: Weird Facts/Did You Know?

The history of the Field Spaniel has amazed many dog lovers, and it is quite a wonder how the breed survived till the present day. Because it is a rare breed, the Field Spaniel will always attract the curiosity of canine enthusiasts, who would be most eager to know of the amazing facts that this excellent breed left along its wake. There are indeed many interesting things to know about the Field Spaniel. [...]

Stretching the Field Spaniel

While there are people who are content to have a dog to cuddle, there are others who want to own dogs so they can show them off. Because of this, they subject their pets to intense training to enhance their innate skills and talents. One of the dog breeds that dog owners are proud to train is the Field Spaniel. The Field Spaniel is greatly admired as a beautiful and useful dog, and it has natural sporting instincts as well as tracking and hunting abilities which make it a very flexible dog. [...]

The Field Spaniel: A Rare Breed

Times have changed. While dogs were bought just to become pets in the past, now they have important roles in the household and even in the community. Because of this, there are more dogs now that have become popular, not because of their cuteness and beauty, but because of their abilities and talents. Unfortunately, quite a number of these dog breeds, which are considered utilitarian, are also rare. This rarity may be a result of its selective breeding. But, whatever be the reason, these dogs are becoming more popular among dog lovers. [...]

The Field Spaniel: The Stubborn Hunting Dog

There are now many hunting dog breeds available for dog lovers to choose from, especially those who are also fond of the game. While there are hunting dogs that hunt by sight, there are others that hunt by smell. There are those dogs that are best at retrieving their quarries while others are good at pointing to where their quarries are. There are some that are better at being setter dogs, which crouch near their preys, so that they won't escape. There also dogs which possess all these abilities and much more, making them perfect hunting dogs. Among all these different types of dogs, there is one breed of dog that makes use of its keen nose and exceptional hunting instincts to track down its quarry, and this is the Field Spaniel. [...]

The Field Spaniel in Action

While there are dogs that appear ungainly in their actions, there are also dogs that seem to exude poetry in motion. The unhurried gait of the Field Spaniel, combined with its long stride, make it one of those dogs that many people would love to see in action. Considering their love for any kind of sporting activity, there are many dog lovers now, especially those with active lifestyles, who prefer owning Field Spaniels. The sporting instincts that this breed of dog possesses, which outweigh those of other dogs under the spaniel line, make the Field Spaniel a perfect companion for sporty people. [...]

The Overnight Success of the Field Spaniel

Field Spaniels may be rare now because of the unfortunate breeding circumstances they went through when they first emerged. Throughout their history, they have made quite an impression as show dogs. In fact, their achievements in the show ring could be considered overnight success. [...]

The Return of the Field Spaniel

After its unfortunate decline in the 19th century due to the selective breeding that resulted in an extreme version of the breed, the Field Spaniel made its comeback when it began to grow again in numbers. This dog breed almost saw extinction right after it was recognized as a separate breed from the English Cocker Spaniel. It was just fortunate that there were several breeders who made efforts to revive this popular breed which was a cross between the Springer and the Cocker Spaniels. [...]

The Rise and Fall of the Field Spaniel

There could possibly never be another dog breed that has experienced the same rise and fall that the Field Spaniel went through. The dramatic events that accompanied the Field Spaniel's early existence have made many people marvel at how the breed has survived up to this day. There may also never be another dog breed that went through so many exaggerated versions of its type before it came to be the breed that it is today. Judging from what it is now, one could say that what it went through in the past may have been necessary for it to become the dog of beauty and stature that we all now know and love. [...]

The Tragedy of the Field Spaniel

As a cross between the Springer and the Cocker Spaniel, the modern-day Field Spaniel did not come into distinction as a separate breed without any difficulty. In fact, it met with a tragedy that almost resulted in its near extinction. This happened in the 19th century almost right after it was first recognized as a separate breed from the Cocker Spaniel. Its selective breeding met with dismal results because the new type of Field Spaniel was unable to work in the field as well as it used to. At the end of the World War II, Field Spaniels became very rare and had their championship status withdrawn. [...]

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