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Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs

Aliases: Grosser Schweizer Sennenhund, Large Swiss Mountain Dog, Swissie, GSMD, Great Swiss Cattle Dog, "poor man's horse"

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog For Sale

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Articles

How to Breed Great Swiss Mountain Dogs

So, you have chosen to breed your Great Swiss Mountain Dogs! Assuming you are familiar with standard canine breeding practices and procedures, once you know the basics, there are still a few things that you should know before hand to make the experience as healthy as possible for your pet as it can be and as stress free for yourself as possible. [...]

Activities Great Swiss Mountain Dogs Will Enjoy

Great Swiss Mountain Dogs, otherwise known as "Swissy's", were traditionally work dogs used for farming. The oldest of the Swiss breeds, the Swissy were especially good at cart pulling and other chores requiring a great pulling capacity. The Swissy ancestors were selectively bred based on their ability to perform specific acts such as guarding or pulling, and they were commonly used as draft animals or as cattle dogs. Thus the modern Great Swiss Mountain Dog was born, and the breed has been refined and developed ever since! [...]

Great Swiss Mountain Dogs as Tracking Dogs

Great Swiss Mountain Dogs have many attributes that make them a tremendous asset as tracking dogs. One of the many stories attributed to a Great Swiss Mountain Dog was one in which a farmer loaded up his cart with his wares and was about to go on his regular route to make deliveries, when he began to feel ill and went inside to rest, leaving his dog hitched to the cart. After having been ill that whole day, when he went outside that evening, he found his cart empty, and later was able to ascertain that his dog had realized it was time to make deliveries, had pulled the wagon the regular route, and allowed the farmer's customers to take their orders from the wagon. [...]

Great Swiss Mountain Dogs Work As Therapy Dogs

Though the rarity of the breed of Great Swiss Mountain Dogs makes it difficult to gain great quantities of data on the breed, the consistency and quality of the breed's work as therapy dogs leads one to believe that this breed of dog is very adept as therapy dogs. One facet of the personality of the breed of Great Swiss Mountain Dog that makes them valuable as therapy dogs is their very highly trainable natures. Being high energy animals whose tendency is to be dominant, active, and inquisitive, one might think they were not readily trainable, but the opposite appears to be true. [...]

Characteristics that Make the Great Swiss Mountain Dog Unique

The Great Swiss Mountain Dog possesses characteristics that make it unique, but it is not the right dog for everyone. Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs are not considered the best choice for novice or first time dog owners, but with consistency and proper training, they can become wonderful family pets and great work dogs. Consider some of the following information in helping you to determine if the Great Swiss Mountain Dog is the right match for your needs, wants, and family dynamics. [...]

The Versatility of Great Swiss Mountain Dogs

From classic work dogs used as draft animals, farm laborers, search and rescue animals, and therapy dogs, to their natural ability as guard dogs and their innate tendency to be loyal and reliable family pets, Great Swiss Mountain Dogs are among the most versatile members of the canine family. This rare, but ancient breed of dog is thought to be responsible for the genetics in several more prominent breeds of dog such as the Mastiff and Rottweiler, and though this breed of dog is much more rare at the present time, they have been used as work animals for generation upon generation. [...]

Socialization and Introducing Your Great Swiss Mountain Dog to the Family

In many ways, Great Swiss Mountain dogs are wonderful choices for pet owners, particularly those with experience training and handling dogs and/or those needing work animals which maintain a strong bond with their owners and double as companion animals. Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs aren't the best choice for novice or inexperienced people purchasing a dog for the first time. For experienced pet owners who have time and the skills necessary to diligently and consistently train and exercise a dog, the Great Swiss Mountain Dog, or Swissy, can be a fantastic family companion animal. [...]

Puppy requirements for Great Swiss Mountain Dogs

Once you have decided to buy a puppy, the best thing you can do, not only for yourself and your family, but for your puppy, is to research. The more you know about a breed of dog, the more likely you are to make a choice that will best suit everyone involved. Once you have researched your breed, and decided upon a Great Swiss Mountain puppy, the next step is choosing a reputable breeder. [...]

Weird Facts and Did You Know About Great Swiss Mountain Dogs

Did you know that once known as "the poor man's horse" the Great Swiss Mountain Dog, has many weird facts and little known bits of trivia? Among the many weird facts about Great Swiss Mountain dogs, most involve acts of heroism or acts above and beyond the call of duty. This ancient breed of dog has a rich and varied history. Once considered extinct, this breed is still extremely rare. The fact that there are currently only around three thousand Great Swiss Mountain Dogs in existence, and so many stories are so well known about them leads one to believe they just might be true! [...]

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Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Articles
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