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Complaints about Poodles

Many Poodle owners can go on forever praising the intelligence, playfulness, loyalty and affection that characterizes their treasured canine companion. As is always the case, though, a dog that is wonderful for one particular family or owner is not always suitable for someone else; add in poor breeding practices on the part of careless or ignorant breeders and poor training practices on the part of an owner, and a Poodle, or any other dog for that matter, can be a disaster waiting to happen. If you're thinking about adding a Poodle to your family, make sure that you thoroughly research the breed and consult your family; it's always a very wise idea to talk to knowledgeable and reputable breeders and owners of Poodles and maybe spend some time with a Poodle before making the final decision. [...]

The Corded Poodle

The overwhelming majority of Poodles we see around today are described as curly-coated; if a Poodle's coat is not brushed out, small dense curls will form, much like the Portuguese Water Dog. Remember, in fact, that Poodles were bred as water dogs. More often than not, though, a Poodle's fur is brushed out completely. There is also another type of Poodle coat that is much less commonly seen but which is equally permissible in conformation events; this is the corded coat; the coats of these dogs look like mats made of small ropes. When Poodles were first registered, the corded coat was just as popular as the curly coat; indeed, the first champion Poodle, in 1890, had a corded coat. [...]

Crazy Shih Tzu Grooming Practices at Dog Shows

Just because you can do something to your dog's hair, doesn't mean you should! There are plenty of very involved procedures that go into creating the shih tzu one sees on televised dog shows. Though most owners keep their dogs in something of a "puppy cut" for trouble-free maintenance, real champion dogs have a longer beauty regimen than many women. Of course, if you have a shih tzu puppy, the adult coat that requires all the maintenance hasn't grown in just yet. In fact, there is a few weeks when your dog transitions between a "puppy coat" and their adult fur that it seems nearly impossible to keep up with all the mats, tangles and loose hair. However, after a few weeks, the adult coat settles down with all the hairs pointing in the right direction. [...]

Special Grooming Concerns for Long-haired Dachshunds

Though dachshunds come in three coat styles, the long-haired variety is by far, the most difficult of those to maintain. This doesn't mean that it is especially difficult - the other two are just so trouble-free. However, keeping the "flag" and dust skirt of a long-hair dachshund tangle-free or at least without sticks and leaves requires a bit of concern and grooming on your part. [...]

Caring for Your Scottish Deerhound: From Puppy to the Elderly Years

Dogs have different needs that are particular to their age and breed. Caring for Scottish Deerhounds is quite challenging, mainly because its health relies greatly on the amount of exercise it gets. If you have a Scottish Deerhound puppy as a pet and you have no active companion for it, then you have to be prepared to be its surrogate companion. Start exercising it with walks when it is at 6-8 weeks. You will be surprised to note that it can walk for more than a mile by the time it reaches 12 weeks and become absolutely tireless when it reaches 6 months. [...]

Pyotraumatic Dermatitis: Extinguishing "Hot Spots"

Pyotraumatic Dermatitis, also known as "hot spots", are severe skin irritations caused by trauma that a dog typically inflicts on his or her self. Attempts to scratch persistent itches, to bite at fleas, or to alleviate some type of pain result in painful trauma to the outermost layer of skin. Though this trauma is the most frequent cause of hot spots, hypersensitivity to parasites such as fleas or mites or allergic reactions to food or medications can also cause similar irritations. Ultimately, the trauma to the skin manifests as large, open lesions within a matter of hours. These lesions are typically a bright red, moist, and oozing sore that rapidly forms a crust surrounded by red, raised skin. Hair is lost from the affected area, but in any hot spot, the hairline is very clearly defined with a sharp edge. If left untreated, the lesion will spread very rapidly, and there is substantial pain associated with the area of the trauma. [...]

Samoyed Grooming Concerns

The Samoyed is a dog well known for its beautiful and luxurious white coat. The secret to their full and bouncy appearance lies in the fact that they actually possess not one, but two coats: an undercoat with a coarse, woolly texture, and an outer coat with longer and softer guard hairs. Because of this somewhat unique configuration, the Samoyed's coat brings with it some similarly unique grooming concerns which we'll attempt to outline in this article. The first thing you should know is that two times a year, a Samoyed will totally (yes, totally) shed the entirety of their undercoat. This can be a very dramatic experience for someone who hasn't gone through it before as you're very likely to just wake up one morning and find huge clumps of hair all throughout your home that will need to be vacuumed up or otherwise gotten rid of. The good news is that these periods of shedding are fairly brief, and apart from this phenomenon the breed hardly sheds at all. [...]

The Needs of the Ibizan Hound

Every dog has its specific needs. While there are dogs that are content to be left alone most of the time, there are other dogs that crave attention and affection, as if they were children. The latter is especially true for an Ibizan Hound, which is affectionate in nature and loves to be touched and handled gently at all times. One of the greatest needs of the Ibizan is a caring owner who shows affection and patience readily. [...]

Grooming a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever for Show

Showing your Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever can be a fun, confidence building, exciting, and rewarding way to spend the day with your dog, many other dog lovers and their pets. If you are a novice, attending your first show is exciting but can also be stressful and confusing. Experienced breeders, owners, and other knowledgeable people are usually more than willing to give you advice, suggestions, or even information, to help you understand more about showing your tolling retriever. They bred these dogs to retrieve fallen ducks from the icy waters when hunting. The Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever's thick, double, water repellent coat protects him from the cold. Most retrievers' medium length coat is straight although some dogs' coats do have a slight wave. Tolling retrievers also have a soft, dense undercoat. [...]

What are the Pros and Cons of Owning a Norwegian Buhund?

Dogs have their own distinct features. Most of them will bring joy to your life, but they also have negative characteristics that may not be desirable. If you are planning to get a Norwegian Buhund, you may want to find out the pros and cons of owning this breed. [...]

What are the Pros and Cons of Owning a Norwegian Buhund?

Dogs have their own distinct features. Most of them will bring joy to your life, but they also have negative characteristics that may not be desirable. If you are planning to get a Norwegian Buhund, you may want to find out the pros and cons of owning this breed. [...]

What Your Red and White Setter has to Offer

If you don't like to hunt and you don't spend a lot of time outdoors that doesn't mean you can't adopt a Red and White Setter. You're probably wondering what a Red and White Setter could possibly have to offer a couch potato like you. Well they have quite a lot to offer actually, from love and affection to life-long companionship. The Red and White Setter is as versatile a family pet as it is a hunting dog. This versatile creature will instantly become part of the family. One thing you can be sure to get plenty of with your Red and White Setter is exercise. This breed needs a lot of daily exercise and any owner committed to keep a healthy dog will have to foster daily exercise habits, if you don't currently have any. The Red and White Setter requires anywhere from 60-80 minutes of exercise each day to maintain its slender physique. It is virtually impossible for you to own this breed and not improve your health. [...]

Is the Lowchen a High Maintenance Dog?

The Lowchen dog is a sweet little dog that has long been known as a lap dog. There is no greater pleasure for this dog than to be curled up on their owner's lap sleeping or just relaxing. [...]

Clips and Styles for a Miniature Poodle

Originally bred as gundogs or retrievers, poodles had working hair clips or styles. The long hair kept their joints and vital organs warm when swimming in cold water retrieving waterfowl and the shaved areas prevented debris catching in their hair while hunting. Nowadays, Poodles are one of the very few breeds of dog that you can groom in numerous ways, depending upon whether they are show dogs or pets. Poodle show clips today are almost a work of art, requiring many hours of grooming and brushing weekly. Clips and styles for pet poodles that are not show dogs require far less maintenance because the styles are not as complicated, elaborate, or detailed. [...]

Pampering Your Miniature Poodle

Dogs are very important, cherished members of the family that give unconditional love and receive love back in return. Because the pet industry is huge, pampering your miniature poodle has never been easier or more fun. Although people would love to buy their poodles gorgeous diamond collars and other fabulous items that are unaffordable for most; there are many other ways to pamper your pet. Dressing a miniature poodle in fashionable dog clothes is very common today with practical clothes available that serve a purpose, wonderful designer clothes that draw attention to the pampered pet, and even fun dog clothes for special occasions. Some of the practical dog clothes available include coats and sweaters, to protect your pet from snow, rain, and other weather conditions. Many poodles dislike their feet being cold or wet so shoes, winter boots and rain shoes solve this problem. In hot weather or warmer climates, pamper your poodle with an adorable sun hat, bathing suit, doggie beach towel, sunglasses and other warm weather wear. [...]

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Found [193] Articles :: Page 7 of 13
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