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Guard Dog

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The Poodle as a Watchdog

A properly trained and socialized Poodle makes a wonderful pet. They are considered to be one of the most intelligent breed of dogs, even possessing a sense of humor. The Poodle was bred to work closely with humans, originally in the capacity of a water retriever and subsequently as a herder, hunter and guardian. They can be easily trained and have an overwhelming desire to please their owner or owners. Many of their characteristics have made Poodles into very efficient watchdogs. [...]

Sealyham Terrier: The Police Dog

Not all dog breeds are capable of police work. This is because law enforcement agencies have stringent requirements when it comes to the form, build and temperament of a police dog. However, there are some people who would love to christen their own dogs as police dogs in their own rights because of their innate qualities of being aggressive in protecting the members of the family that they belong to. Even if law enforcement agencies will never consider these dogs as police dog material, for the proud owners, their dogs are police dogs in their homes and in their hearts. [...]

German Wirehaired Pointer as Watch Dog

The German Wirehaired Pointer is a breed that is naturally standoffish with strangers. While in some instances this could cause a problem, it actually makes it an ideal watch dog. As a family pet, the German Wirehaired Pointer can be very protective and always looking out for danger. Bred as the ultimate hunting dog, the keen instincts of the German Wirehaired Pointer make it a natural watch dog. With proper training, those natural skills will make your pet an amazingly skilled watch dog. [...]

Irish Water Spaniel as a Watch Dog

Usually, it takes a very aggressive dog to make a great watch dog or guard dog. This is not the case when it comes to the Irish Water Spaniel. The Irish Water Spaniel is a very gentle dog; its temperament is perfect for families with very young children at home. It is affectionate but nor overly exuberant, and it is a very tolerant creature. However, the Irish Water Spaniel is not placid; it is active, athletic and energetic. [...]

The Lowchen as a Watchdog

When the average individual hears or thinks of a watchdog, a large breed of dog such as the German shepherd usually comes to mind. Many other dogs also fill that role quite sufficiently, and the Lowchen is one of those dogs. The Lowchen may only be up to 18 pounds in weight, but they are a very dedicated watchdog. [...]

The Lowchen, Are They Rare?

The Lowchen is a very old breed of dog that dates back to the 1500s where they were developed in parts of Europe. They have a haircut that gives them the look of a lion. During that time, this dog gained popularity with many people and was the subject on paintings by many famous artists such as Albrecht Durer as well as Goya. Durer also displayed the Lowchen in many of his wood designs. For a while, the Lowchen became almost extinct around the time of World War II. In the 19th century, they were almost completely gone. For quite some time, they were very rare. [...]

Catahoula Leopard Dog - A Protective, Territorial Breed

Looking for an easy-going dog that doesn't know a stranger? The Catahoula Leopard Dog is not the breed for you. First-time owners may want to steer clear of this extremely protective and territorial breed. Meek owners should avoid them as well. This is a loving but strong breed with distinct personality traits. [...]

Why The Tibetan Spaniel Makes A Great Watch Dog

The Tibetan Spaniel is a highly revered watch dog in Tibet. There the dog was used in Buddhist monasteries to watch out for approaching strangers and wild animals. Upon spotting visitors or animals, the Tibetan Spaniel would bark to signal the guard dogs to be ready to defend the monastery. The dogs were sometimes referred to as "little lion dogs" as they kept faithful watch over the monasteries and accompanied monks as they went about their business. The dogs were so highly revered that they were often given as gifts to different nobility in China. [...]

Central Asian Ovtcharkas as Guardians

No matter the amount of variation within the breed known as the Central Asian Ovtcharka (more correctly known as the Central Asian Shepherd, or CAS), these dogs developed with one general purpose: guarding their owners and the livestock that belonged to their owners. Only the strongest, most courageous and intelligent of these dogs would survive the harsh conditions under which they and their humans lived and so a breed of dog was born that was the archetypical guardian dog, able to think on its own and willing to sacrifice his own life to save that of his family. Even today, the CAS is used for guardian purposes and makes an excellent watch dog, in both his native country and in locations around the world. [...]

Chinese Foos as Guard Dogs

Devoted to their families and wary of strangers, Chinese Foos make excellent guard dogs. While this can be said about any number of other breeds, Chinese Foo fanciers claim that their dogs are naturals thanks to thousands of years of experience. While there is some controversy whether today's Chinese Foos are the direct descendants of the guard dogs of legend, there is no question that they take the protection of their family and possessions very seriously. In this article, we'll take a look at the Chinese Foo guard dogs of legend and how that translates into the guard dog of today. [...]

Is a Skye Terrier Right for You?

Skye terriers have their own unique personalities. As a breed they are actually hard to put a pinpoint of breed trait labels on because so many of them defy their traditional labels. This breed has a long history of status as both a working dog and a pet. Sometimes they have been both within the same household. They are great for hunting small game such as foxes. They also make loyal companions for the humans they chose often merely toleration other humans. [...]

Why A Greyhound Is Not A Guard Dog

If you look at the greyhound's large frame, you might be tempted to think of making one a guard dog. Greyhounds do not make a good guard dog. Despite the fact that they look large and intimidating, they are actually very docile creatures. They can spook easily and are more likely to run and hide when faced with an intruder than to attack. [...]

The Legal Liabilities Of Owning A Kuvasz

In a litigious society, it is obvious that anyone can sue anyone else. However, if you own a big dog, you are more likely to be the defendant than the plaintiff. There are certain responsibilities that come with owning a big dog, like Kuvasz, so that you can keep your dog happy and your neighbors happy as well. Remember that other people who live near you will look on a dog that has a history of being a bodyguard, like the Kuvasz, as a threat. It is up to you to get your dog trained and socialized so that it will be accepted into the area you choose to live in. [...]

Why Obedience Training Is Necessary

The Kuvasz is of Hungarian origin where it was often used as a personal bodyguard for nobility. Later, it became a good dog for herding sheep and watching the farmhouses. In World War II, the encroaching German armies practically decimated the species because they had to kill the dogs as they tried to take a farmhouse. The dogs would often warn the owners of potential intruders and also give its life to protect the family. It is a fierce guard dog that takes its role seriously. [...]

The Lakeland Terrier and its Courage

The Lakeland terrier is a breed of dog that is used for hunting purposes as well as being a great family dog. Although many used the Lakeland terrier as a family pet or a show dog, their main purpose originally was as a hunting dog used in the pursuit of foxes. [...]

Found [65] Articles :: Page 3 of 5
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