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Health Problems

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Hypothermia And Cold Related Health Concerns

Not all dogs are suitable for staying outdoors for long or even short periods of time in cold weather. There are actually many breeds of dogs that are highly cold intolerant. These tend to be the toy breeds and miniatures, however there are larger breeds that are not at all suited to being outdoors in cold weather. Some of the more cold susceptible breeds include the Chinese Crested, Mexican Hairless, Chihuahua, Boxers, Boston Terriers and Whippets. [...]

Micros, Minis and Teacups

Throughout the centuries humans have developed breeds of dogs that are far different than what the early ancestors of the canines looked like. Distinctive breed types and characteristics such as coats, colors, ear shapes, leg lengths and body size have all been developed through very selective breeding practices. Most of these selective genetic modifications have been the result of an original gene mutation or abnormality that was then bred for in future generations. Typically these modifications and changes have lead to the development of specific breeds, which have then been identified by these unique characteristics. After all it is the both appearance as well as the behavioral traits of a dog that makes it part of a breed. [...]

Health Concerns With Giant Breeds

There are many, many advantageous to owning a giant breed of dog. As a group these dogs tend to be very calm, steadfast, loyal and loving, plus they are also naturally effective guard and watch dogs. As with most types of dogs and dog breeds, there are also some disadvantages or at least concerns that owners need to be aware of. Most of these health concerns are directly related to the large size of the dogs and can be at least managed by good feeding, routine exercise and proper care for the dogs, especially in their growing stages. [...]

Health Concerns In German Shepherds

The dramatic rise in popularity of the German Shepherd Dog almost from its first introduction to the United States is perhaps the single biggest reason that this breed historically was known for fairly significant health problems. Thankfully a great many highly reputable breeders have been working diligently over the last thirty years or more to eliminate many of the problems found in the breed, and there are very well developed, healthy lines of German Shepherd Dogs found all over the country. The massive random breeding programs used in the early 1900's did cause some problems, however this is certainly not true today. [...]

Health Concerns With Boxers

As with any breed of dog that has a huge surge in popularity there is always the risk that poor breeding practices will occur as everyone tries to get in on breeding the most in demand type of dog. Unfortunately this is what did happen with the Boxer breed, particularly in the United States, in the years immediately after World War ll. During this time the small number of puppies and dogs brought over from Germany were used in almost all American breeding programs, leading to some inherited genetic conditions becoming pronounced. Through selective breeding by responsible breeders most of these issues are now well managed, however backyard breeders and puppy mills are still cashing in on the breed popularity and breeding genetically inferior puppies. [...]

Health Concerns with Doberman Pinschers

The vast majority of the Doberman Pinscher breed of dogs are extremely health canines that live on average 12 to 14 years. They tend to have several health conditions that are common in other breeds and no common major health concerns that are unique within the Doberman breed. It is highly likely that the strong foundation stock that was used to start the breed in the late 1800’s had these genetic conditions as well, and they continue to be present in the modern day Doberman Pinscher as well as the existing foundation breeds. [...]

Common Weimaraner Health Concerns

Perhaps because of the very selective breeding programs used in the origination of the breed, the modern Weimaraner is normally a very healthy dog. With the rapid surge in popularity in the breed in the United States in the 1960s and 70s there was some indiscriminate breeding, which led to an increase in some health related issues. Selective breeding by knowledgeable and reputable breeders has virtually eliminated most of the controllable genetic issues within the breed. [...]

Health Concerns With Golden Retrievers

The Golden Retriever is a wonderful dog to own for many reasons. As with any breed that has become very popular, there are many people that have bred Golden Retrievers not in the best interest of the breed but rather to make a quick profit. It should be noted that most of these individuals are not true breeders or those that have legitimate kennels; rather they are individuals that are simply in it for the short term. The result of these backyard breeders, plus the puppies produced in puppy mills, has led to some health problems within some lines in the Golden Retriever breed. [...]

Spaniel Health Concerns

With the exception of the American Cocker Spaniel, most of the spaniel breeds have been able to avoid the huge surge in popularity that often leads to health and genetic issues within a particular breed or line. Unfortunately for the American Cocker Spaniel they have been a very popular breed, leading to a significant number of puppies produced every year by backyard breeders and puppy mills that are only into breeding for a profit, not for the enhancement or overall health of the puppies that they produce. This massive number of poorly bred American Cockers has caused some increased health issues within the breed, so choosing a puppy from a reputable breeder is essential. [...]

Health Concerns With Hounds

Hounds, as a group of dogs that were bred for hunting and not for show, are generally very healthy dogs. The major health issues that are seen are no different than for many of working dogs and they tend to be issues that are either genetic or those that can be relatively easily managed, treated and prevented provided owners are aware of the symptoms and respond quickly. [...]

Health Concerns With The Basenji

As with most of the hound group, the Basenji tends to be a very healthy breed of dog provided they are giving regular exercise, routine vet visits and fed a high quality food that meets all nutritional requirements. Breeders of this very unique type of dog have worked to prevent any genetic conditions from becoming highly problematic, but as with any breed there are a few issues that potential owners need to be aware of. [...]

Dachshund Health Concerns

Like most of the hound dogs and dogs that were bred for an active, robust lifestyle with their owners, the Dachshund is typically a very healthy pet. Like any dog breed there are health issues that are associated with the Dachshund, several which are genetic while others are more likely to develop with poor diet and lack of exercise. [...]

Basset Hound Health Issues

Basset Hounds, perhaps because they were originally developed by using dwarf lines found within Bloodhound and other hunting hounds, tend to have slightly more health concerns than most of the other hound breeds. They have also had significant spikes in popularity throughout history, leading to poor breeding practices by many backyard types of breeders only in it for the money. Reputable breeders and kennels have maintained very healthy and genetically sound Basset Hounds that have few of the health issues listed below. [...]

Found [373] Articles :: Page 25 of 25
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