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Devoted, Howling, and Drooling: The Bloodhound Personality

When you are looking for a puppy, you should look for a happy puppy. A puppy that wags its tail, comes running to you, shows playfulness, and is curious should prove to be a well-adjusted puppy. If you see a puppy that shows signs of being shy or crouches when you approach them, you should avoid such a puppy. Puppies should be happy and adventurous. A Bloodhound's personality is important to consider when looking for a good family pet. There are some puppies or even older dogs that may have a disposition and personality that is unwanted for a family dog. [...]

Potty Training Your Lhasa Apso

"The chains of habit are generally too small to be felt until they are too strong to be broken." ~ Samuel Johnson. Samuel Johnson, one of England's best-known literary figures, gives some great advice here when it comes to potty training your Lhasa: what you want to do - if you want to be successful with minimal pain and effort - is start training early and be consistent. Experts recommend these following steps: First: you'll want to catch and correct any physical problems or medical complications that could negatively affect not only potty training but also training in general. [...]

Drooling, Howling and the Black and Tan Coonhound

Pytalism, or excessive drooling, is common in the Black and Tan Coonhound. Their extra loose and floppy jowls do not do much to keep the slobber inside their mouths. For some, this is an endearing trait; for others, it can be a nuisance. However, drooling is every bit a part of this breed as its tail and little can be done to stop it. Plus, this trait very much plays a part in the Black and Tan Coonhound's extraordinary ability to track scents. It is said that much can be told about a person by the way they deal with their Coonhound's drool. [...]

To Crate or Not to Crate: Shih Tzu Housebreaking

Shih tzus are usually among the easier dogs to housebreak, however, most people find themselves torn between using a crate to train a dog and some of the more creative methods that people have designed. Regardless of the method you choose, always remember that the goal is to stop all elimination in your house and make the process as painless as possible for everyone involved. For starters, punitive methods of punishment are now seen for what they are: mild forms of animal abuse. There is no reason to shout or beat a dog, certainly not a shih tzu. Simply teaching your dog what to do and letting them know when you're displeased, you can come to an understanding that is mostly based on reward, whether that be treats or your affection. [...]

Housebreaking the Dachshund and Other Seemingly Impossible Tasks

Whether you've just brought home a puppy or an older dog from elsewhere, your first task will be to teach her or him where to go to the bathroom other than your rugs. This is easier said than done in most cases, as the breed is very stubborn and willful. Generally, the trick is to get the dog to think that this fantastic idea is theirs. [...]

Toilet Training Your Scottish Deerhound Puppy

Initiating proper toilet training for puppies is quite simple in general. However, toilet training a Scottish Deerhound puppy is another matter altogether. It is a challenging task that requires a great amount of patience and a firm hand, on top of the basic potty training rules. This is basically because a Scottish Deerhound is naturally known for its stubbornness. Because it is not too interested in pleasing its owner, it tends to ignore your rules and instructions. [...]

Making your Red and White Setter Feel At Home

Before you bring home your Red and White Setter, it's important to make sure you've got everything set up so he can immediately feel at home. The sooner you get your Red and White Setter used to your home, the easier it will be to begin training and socialization. Just like the rest of your family, your Red and White Setter will need a place to call his own. In addition, your dog will need to become familiar with his new environment and new housemates. Before you bring your new pet home, you should have a crate or bed set up in an area that is designated specifically for your Red and White Setter. If you decide to train your Red and White Setter using the crate method, you will need an extra large crate with a blanket or some padding for your pooch. If you decide not to use the crate method, you should provide your Red and White Setter with a large doggy bed. [...]

The Beagle Howl

Beagles, like all hound dogs, have been bred to vocalize while on the hunt; these vocalizations helped keep the hunter aware of the dog's position and let the hunter know whether the Beagle was chasing its prey or whether the prey had been caught. People who love the breed tend to find Beagle vocalizations endearing and entertaining, while others are not so pleased by all the loud noise such a little dog can make. Beagles are not dogs that bark incessantly all day, like many toy breeds, but they are hard-wired to sound alerts; usually, these alerts were sounded when prey was sighted, but with Beagles who have never been on the hunt, many things may trigger the alert, such as dust, a car back firing, a shadow or the wind slamming a door shut. [...]

House Training the Whippet

Thanks to their high intelligence and willingness to please, Whippets are reported to be relatively easy to house train. Some fanciers claim that Whippets are as clean as cats, and if they were whelped in a very clean environment, chances are that they'll wish to continue their good habits when they join their new family. Because of their very light coats, Whippets are not suitable for outdoor living, as both weather extremes are difficult for Whippets - they are not suited for extended periods in very cold weather and can sunburn if left in the summer sun for too long, so house training will be essential. In this article, we'll go over a few tips to help in house training a Whippet. [...]

Dealing With Inbred Stubbornness and Independence

The Tibetan Spaniel is used to doing its own thing. Its role as a watch dog for Buddhist monks gave it a certain leeway and independence in making judgments as to when to alert the guard dogs. It was left mostly to its own devices and not really trained, and as such, it really isn't suitable for obedience training now. This small dog has the stubbornness of a mule. Its intelligence and sensitivity also make it easily bored with repetition and obedience training. In order to deal with the inbred stubbornness and independence the dog needs to be very well socialized. It must want to please its owner and it is up to you to figure out how to bring that out in the dog. [...]

Understanding Your Dog's Many Moods

The Tibetan Spaniel, sometimes affectionately referred to as a "Tibbie," is a very sensitive dog breed. Their wonderfully expressive eyes seem to convey the many moods of this exquisitely sensitive dog. The dog also seems to respond to the moods of its owners and can appear to try to give solace to an owner that is sad or depressed. Similarly, it has a very playful temperament and can sometimes exhibit a smile that looks more like a grin. There are specific situations though that will trigger obstinate behavior and pouty moods in your dog. Learn some of the moods your dog is trying to convey and you will have a better insight into how to handle the dog in a way that leaves it eager to please and content. [...]

Some Issues With House Training

The Sussex Spaniel is more comfortable being an outside dog than an indoor dog. You can have one as a family pet, but it does have issues with house training. Many people quickly realize that house training a Sussex Spaniel will take patience and time. Even after the dog seems trained, it can still have occasional accidents due to temperamental stress or pure obstinacy. The time to start house training your dog, is the minute you bring it home. You can house train a Sussex Spaniel by crate training it. Just do not leave it alone for too long in a crate. It has a need for companionship and can suffer separation anxiety. It also needs a good deal of exercise. This is not a dog that can spend the entire day in a crate. As a puppy, it might not be as hard for it to remain in the crate until it is time to go, but as an older dog this would be very hard on the dog. [...]

How to Discipline Skye Terriers

Discipline with animals is just as unique a process as disciplining children. It is highly unlikely that the exact same methods of discipline will work with all Skye Terriers. Of course, this is not the only similarity between disciplining the Skye Terrier and disciplining children. Dogs are pack animals and when you invite one into your home, particularly a strong willed breed like the Skye Terrier he is going to struggle or challenge you for top spot on the totem pole. Children also struggle with parents as they grow and want to exert some form of independence. Your dog doesn't want to be separate from you he just wants to be in charge. [...]

Housebreaking the Skye Terrier

There are many struggles you will have when raising your Skye Terrier. Surprisingly, housebreaking isn't typically one of the bigger struggles you will encounter. In fact, if you take proactive steps from day one to insure that your Skye will not want to make a mess or a wet spot in your home, you may never experience the struggles that puppy owners love to tell tall tales about. There are essentially two options for successfully housebreaking a Skye Terrier puppy of bringing outdoor activities into your home. The first option is often the simplest for owners physically for the purpose of housebreaking the Skyes but quite difficult emotionally. This would be crate training your Skye. There are those that think this is cruel and harsh and others that swear by the fact that puppies enjoy the security of their crates once they grow accustomed to them and like having a 'room' of their own. [...]

A Big Dog For Indoor Living

If you want a large dog for indoor living, the greyhound is the perfect companion for your family. Once they are socialized as puppies, they can become very friendly and shower you with affection when you get home. As they get older they are very calm dogs that have a natural grace. They won't be the type of large dog that disturbs your furniture or bumps into things and causes them to drop and smash. Although excellent as a speed racer when young, you can be assured of a devoted couch potato, if you do decide to adopt an ex-race dog. [...]

Found [46] Articles :: Page 2 of 4
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