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Is the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon for You?

As time passes, a dog's importance in a home or within a family escalates. This is because dogs have, time and time again, proven their devotion to the family and their capability to do more than what they are expected to. A lot of people are now getting dogs for companionship. However, getting a dog is not as simple as just going to a kennel and buying one. There are many considerations to take note of before you make the decision of buying a dog. Aside from the dog breed, you should look into a dog's temperament and needs to make sure that you are able to cope with it as well as provide for it. [...]

Special Considerations in Preparing Your Home for the Belgian Sheepdog

Any time you bring home a new puppy, there are certain things you need to do in order to prepare for your new visitor. One of the things you have to consider is where to put your Belgian Sheepdog puppy if everyone is out of the house during the day for work and school. Remember, this breed does not do well on its own, and with everyone gone and nothing to do, he will become bored and make a mess of things. In order to prevent that, you may want to have a cage or blocked off area for your puppy so that he cannot cause any damage. This may also be necessary when it grows older as well, depending upon how long it is necessary for everyone to be out of the house. [...]

Housebreaking the Dachshund and Other Seemingly Impossible Tasks

Whether you've just brought home a puppy or an older dog from elsewhere, your first task will be to teach her or him where to go to the bathroom other than your rugs. This is easier said than done in most cases, as the breed is very stubborn and willful. Generally, the trick is to get the dog to think that this fantastic idea is theirs. [...]

How Would You Know if a Scottish Deerhound is the Best Dog for You?

A lot of thought should be poured into finding out which dog breed is best for you. If you are eyeing a Scottish Deerhound for a pet, then there are some things that you have to consider before you decide to get one. Knowing certain characteristics of the dog you want to own would make it easier for you to take care of it. First of all, if you are living in an apartment, then a Scottish Deerhound is definitely not the best dog breed for you. Although an adult Scottish Deerhound can cope with living in enclosed spaces if it is given sufficient exercise, a younger Deerhound will fare better in a home with a large yard. It would even be better if you are living in a ranch with acres of land, so you would have more room for your Scottish Deerhound to run and roam around. Because of its size, it is also advisable that your home is large enough to accommodate a Deerhound. You have to make sure that your yard or your land is fenced to ensure the safety of your pet. [...]

City Dog: The French Bulldog

The French Bulldog was born and bred to be a companion animal; this breed of dog, the "gentlemen's dog" has been valued and selectively bred for a number of characteristics that make it so. [...]

Choosing Chews And Toys For Your French Bulldog

All dogs need chews and toy to occupy their minds and mouths. Some breeds have more specific needs than others such as the French Bulldog. [...]

Raising a Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen

Raising and taking care of a Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen is not as hard as some people may think it is. But there are a few things a Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen owner has to consider to ensure that the dog remains healthy and happy always. Among the things you need to pay attention to are the personality of the dog, its diet, its physical needs as well as the emotional and mental stimulation it requires. [...]

Is the Lowchen a High Maintenance Dog?

The Lowchen dog is a sweet little dog that has long been known as a lap dog. There is no greater pleasure for this dog than to be curled up on their owner's lap sleeping or just relaxing. [...]

Apartment Life and the Miniature Bull Terrier

The strongly built, small miniature bull terriers each have their own distinct temperament just like humans. Some are extremely energetic, intense and always ready for anything while other miniature bull terriers are easy going, mellow, and happiest when lying on your lap or the sofa. They are very smart, curious, loving dogs that make a great pet for people of all ages. If you live in a house but are moving to an apartment with your miniature bull terrier or live in an apartment and would like to get a miniature bull terrier, these dogs are very adaptable and a great choice for someone with limited space. [...]

Housing for Whippets

A common concern for those that are interested in purchasing a Whippet is its housing situation. Unlike other medium sized dogs, Whippets cannot be considered outdoor dogs. Whippets are certainly not fragile, but do not do well when left exposed to extreme temperatures because of their light coats. They also prefer soft bedding and comfortable places and can often be seen lounging on furniture. In this article, we'll take a closer look at why Whippets need to live indoors as well as why Whippets will benefit from a home with a large, enclosed backyard. Whippets have a very fine coat, described in the breed's standard as "short, close, smooth and firm in texture." Unlike other hardy breeds with thick double coats, Whippets cannot handle long exposure to very cold temperatures. Fanciers of the breed will even recommend sweaters and other warm accessories for Whippets when they take their daily exercise during the winter in northern areas. [...]

Owning a Central Asian Ovtcharka

The Central Asian Ovtcharka, or CAO, is not a breed for the faint of heart. If you've never owned a dog before, or if you've owned something like a Yorkshire Terrier, you should probably not attempt to own one of these Mastiff-type dogs. They can be quite a handful, not in terms of energy, but in terms of sheer size and power. If not properly trained and handled, they could develop very aggressive and violent tendencies, putting others at risk. [...]

What Chinese Foo Size is Best to Buy?

Chinese Foo dogs are unique in that they come in three distinct sizes: Toy, which is under ten inches, Miniature, which is between ten and fifteen inches, and Standard, which is above fifteen inches. Choosing which sized Chinese Foo to buy will depend on the family situation, size of the home and availability of space to exercise and play. In this article, we'll take a look at the pros and cons of each of the three sizes of Chinese Foos. [...]

Creating a Happy Life for the English Setter

The English Setter is a breed of dog that is simply happy to be wherever its owner is. While they can cope with apartment living as long as they are exercised daily, the Setter is much better off in environments that allow them plenty of opportunity to roam freely. The English Setter is anything but enthusiastic when it comes to crating or extensive kenneling; this makes a secure, fenced in area that affords plenty of room the best way to keep them healthy, both mentally and physically. Unsurprisingly, their strong hunting instinct will always have them yielding to the urge to follow their nose and investigate. The English Setter is always happy to go for long meandering walks and is even found proficiently competing in agility competitions. [...]

A Big Dog For Indoor Living

If you want a large dog for indoor living, the greyhound is the perfect companion for your family. Once they are socialized as puppies, they can become very friendly and shower you with affection when you get home. As they get older they are very calm dogs that have a natural grace. They won't be the type of large dog that disturbs your furniture or bumps into things and causes them to drop and smash. Although excellent as a speed racer when young, you can be assured of a devoted couch potato, if you do decide to adopt an ex-race dog. [...]

The Lakeland Terrier as a Family Dog. A Children's Pet?

When most people hear the name Lakeland terrier, or terrier in general, they think in terms of a hunting dog. Although this is perfectly understandable considering most terriers are hunting dogs, most of them make excellent family dogs. The Lakeland terrier, who was originally bred to hunt vermin, is the perfect example of a multi-purpose dog. Not only are they excellent hunting dogs, but also have made many families very happy as their family dog. [...]

Found [41] Articles :: Page 2 of 3
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