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Hunting Dog

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The Elegant Scottish Deerhound

The Scottish Deerhound is a very old breed of dog that originated with the Scottish nobility and the clan systems that were historically used as a way to govern and organize the country. Greyhounds, the ancient ancestors of the modern Greyhound breed, were a highly prized dog throughout the Middle Ages due to their outstanding hunting ability and their speed. The breed, however, was not well adjusted to the very rugged, damp and cold climate of Scotland and the northern parts of England. The Greyhound was bred with local dogs of indeterminate breeds, likely also to be hound types, to develop a more sturdy and robust dog that could endure the cold, wet climate without decreasing their speed and hunting talent. [...]

The Irish Wolfhound - The Gentle Giant

The Irish Wolfhound is a truly gentle giant type of dog. It is not uncommon for this breed to measure over 34 to 36 inches at the shoulders and weight up to or even over 150 pounds at maturity. Typically the males are slightly larger than the females, however they are both massive, heavy and well boned dogs that are surprisingly gentle, loving and affectionate dogs towards family, children, strangers and other pets. [...]

Otterhounds in America

Many of the dogs in the hound group have at least two different modes of hunting, often including both sight and scent. The Otterhound is a true one mode type of hound and they rely completely on scenting for their tracking and hunting skills. This is not surprising as the breed, which is actually a European type of hound, is descended from the Bloodhound breed. Breeders and researchers believe that the Otterhound was developed as durable, all weather type of hound that was generated by breeding Bloodhounds, Harriers, Griffons and larger sized terriers. From each breed the Otterhound received different traits and skills, resulting in an outstanding water dog that was also a hunter that could be counted on to actually track their natural prey through the wet environment and surroundings. [...]

The Regal Borzoi

Both in heritage and appearance the Borzoi, formerly known as the Russian Wolfhound, is an amazingly gentle, quiet, yet highly athletic and elegant looking dog. They are a true Greyhound in both behavioral traits as well as physical appearance, although there area also some very definite differences between the two breeds in several aspects of temperament. [...]

An Uncommon Breed - The Saluki

According to the American Kennel Club the Saluki was the 116th most popular recognized breed out of a possible 156 in 2008. These very unique looking dogs really are one of a kind in appearance, combining features typical of the scent hounds with the amazing running ability found in the sight hound dogs. As a larger sized hound, the deceptively lean and long body of the Saluki often appears delicate, but these dogs are true hunters and racers. [...]

Found [140] Articles :: Page 10 of 10
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