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Hunting Dog

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Wirehaired Pointing Griffon for Sports

Dog lovers always have different preferences when it comes to getting dogs. While there are others who would love a dog that is suitable as a family pet, there are others who would love one that is suitable for sporting activities. With the abundance of dog breeds now, there is hardly any difficulty when it comes to getting the kind of dog that you want. You can even get a kind of dog that you can keep both as a family pet and use in sports activities at the same time. One such dog is the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon. This dog breed is perfect as a family dog and a sporting dog as well. As a family pet, this dog breed is known for its devotion to its master. Also, it is very people-oriented, making it quite good with children. As a sporting dog, the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon has natural abilities when it comes to hunting, tracking, retrieving and even swimming, among others. [...]

Wisconsin's American Water Spaniel Honor

It's not everyday that a dog is given the honorary title of State Dog but Wisconsin certainly found the American Water Spaniel worthy of the designation. After all, the breed is believed to have gotten its start in the Wolf and Fox River Valleys of Wisconsin in the late 1800's. Upon crossing an Olde English Spaniel, the Irish Water Spaniel and the Curly Coat Retriever, the result was a compact water dog called the American Water Spaniel. Used for retrieving, the breed had everything hunters needed for swimming the marshy waters to locate and return downed waterfowl. [...]

Toys the American Water Spaniel Will Love

The American Water Spaniel is a spunky breed that loves nothing more then to spend time with its owner. One of the benefits of having a dog that hunts often comes in the opportunity to combine training exercises with play. The Spaniel gets in a good amount of exercise while owners help their dogs learn valuable hunting skills. When training is kept short and exciting, the Spaniel is then able to keep a more positive attitude when out in the field. Spaniels who are put through rigorous drills and training are likely to give a less than successful performance. It is also a great way for the dog and its owner to bond and learn each other's cues. [...]

The Difference Between Irish and American Water Spaniels

The American Water Spaniel and its look a like cousin, the Irish Water Spaniel, share many commonalities. They were both bred to hunt on land and water, have shaggy coats that help protect them from cooler temperatures and are well renowned with hunting enthusiasts around the world. They are both intelligent, lively breeds that thrive on human companionship. The American Water Spaniel and Irish Water Spaniel are also rare breeds and locating one can mean spending months on a waiting list. [...]

Uncommon Jobs for the American Water Spaniel

Specially developed for hunting, the American Water Spaniel is a lively breed that thoroughly enjoys the outdoor life. However, their high intelligence mixed with a need to have and provide companionship has proven them highly capable of a life beyond ordinary petdom. Many individuals working in unique fields have also found unique purposes for their American Water Spaniels. Though not commonly used as service animals, the breed loves to be of use and they have many ideal physical and temperamental characteristics for a very fulfilling work life. [...]

Drooling, Howling and the Black and Tan Coonhound

Pytalism, or excessive drooling, is common in the Black and Tan Coonhound. Their extra loose and floppy jowls do not do much to keep the slobber inside their mouths. For some, this is an endearing trait; for others, it can be a nuisance. However, drooling is every bit a part of this breed as its tail and little can be done to stop it. Plus, this trait very much plays a part in the Black and Tan Coonhound's extraordinary ability to track scents. It is said that much can be told about a person by the way they deal with their Coonhound's drool. [...]

Fantastic Olfactory and the Black and Tan Coonhound

The Black and Tan Coonhound is thought to be the result of a cross between the bloodhound and foxhound and has been in use for approximately three hundred years. Recognized by its big floppy jowls and ears, and a sorrowful howl that carries for miles, the breed is also recognized as being one of the most proficient scenthounds in existence. Their ability to pick up scent trails is so superior that they have been known to find leads that were days and weeks old. Though typically used for hunting, this trait has made the breed extremely valuable in everything from drug sniffing dog programs to search and rescue operations. [...]

Black and Tan Coonhounds of the Rich and Famous

Because hunting and tracking has largely fallen by the wayside, the Black and Tan Coonhound is a breed not commonly seen in many homes these days. It still remains an extremely popular choice with hunters and it has also made quite an impact on law enforcement and search and rescue programs. As it was from its early beginnings, the docile breed has only one thing in mind and that is to catch the scent of leads and follow them. This has made them invaluable not only in the days when hunting was a primary source of food but also now; especially when it comes to important tasks such as finding lost and missing persons. Yet, the Black and Tan Coonhound also pops up amongst some of the most important names of history. [...]

Sealyham Terriers for Hunting

Nowadays, since hunting is not as popular as before, dogs that were bred for such a purpose could somehow put their abilities to rest if their owners are not those who are enthusiastic about the sport. However, those that have owners that enjoy hunting can use their hunting instincts when the opportunities arise. Quite a lot of dogs were bred in the past with the primary purpose of being hunting companions. There are the hound dogs that either hunt by sight or smell or both and there are also terriers that are known for their speed and agility. These dogs' hunting abilities may not be put to much use today, but they still retain the innate abilities that would make them effective in any type of hunting activity. [...]

Hunting with Your Dachshund

Hunting is, after all, what your dachshund was bred to do. Though most lie lives of luxury that involve a lot of sitting on couches, even the most pampered of dachshunds is ready to go to earth at the slightest provocation. In fact, they may be some of the smallest hunters out there, but their natural instincts to chase down other creatures remains as strong as you might imagine five-hundred years of selective breeding. [...]

Hunting and the Scottish Deerhound

The Scottish Deerhound is considered a sighthound, which makes it an excellent dog for hunting. Throughout the Middle Ages, this dog breed was known as a noblemen's dog and it was bred for the specific purpose of becoming a Scottish chieftain's deer-hunting dog. In those times, no one below the ranking of an Earl could own a Scottish Deerhound. This dog's estimable talents include not only sighting and hunting but also tracking, racing and lure coursing. It is also known for its speed and agility. [...]

The Field Spaniel: The Stubborn Hunting Dog

There are now many hunting dog breeds available for dog lovers to choose from, especially those who are also fond of the game. While there are hunting dogs that hunt by sight, there are others that hunt by smell. There are those dogs that are best at retrieving their quarries while others are good at pointing to where their quarries are. There are some that are better at being setter dogs, which crouch near their preys, so that they won't escape. There also dogs which possess all these abilities and much more, making them perfect hunting dogs. Among all these different types of dogs, there is one breed of dog that makes use of its keen nose and exceptional hunting instincts to track down its quarry, and this is the Field Spaniel. [...]

The Field Spaniel in Action

While there are dogs that appear ungainly in their actions, there are also dogs that seem to exude poetry in motion. The unhurried gait of the Field Spaniel, combined with its long stride, make it one of those dogs that many people would love to see in action. Considering their love for any kind of sporting activity, there are many dog lovers now, especially those with active lifestyles, who prefer owning Field Spaniels. The sporting instincts that this breed of dog possesses, which outweigh those of other dogs under the spaniel line, make the Field Spaniel a perfect companion for sporty people. [...]

The Overnight Success of the Field Spaniel

Field Spaniels may be rare now because of the unfortunate breeding circumstances they went through when they first emerged. Throughout their history, they have made quite an impression as show dogs. In fact, their achievements in the show ring could be considered overnight success. [...]

The Saluki and its Different Gaits

The Saluki is a dog of many talents, but mostly he is a hunting dog. As with most hunting dogs, they have two important gaits - the trot and the gallop. Of the possible gaits, the trot is the most important gait for a hunting dog like the Saluki, especially during the actual search for game. Many times the game was hard to find so the dog really had to work hard to get it. He needed a gait that would cover a lot of territory in the shortest amount of time as possible, while still being slow enough for the dog to actually get a good view of the land. [...]

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Found [140] Articles :: Page 4 of 10
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