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Aliases: Hungarian Sheepdog, Hungarian Kuvasz, Kuvaszok (plural)

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Kuvasz Articles

Why Your Dog Acts That Way

The Kuvasz is a dog that was originally used in Hungary as a bodyguard. Eventually, they were used to guard livestock. As such, a livestock guardian typically has a protective nature towards its flock, which can become quickly aggressive against perceived threats. It has an independent disposition that allowed it to make decisions on its own when it was out in the wild with the livestock. The intelligence of most dogs bred for guarding or herding sheep is typically very good, which can lead to some manipulative ploys as the dog tests its owner for dominance. [...]

The Legal Liabilities Of Owning A Kuvasz

It a litigious society, it is obvious that anyone can sue anyone else. However, if you own a big dog, you are more likely to be the defendant than the plaintiff. There are certain responsibilities that come with owning a big dog, like Kuvasz, so that you can keep your dog happy and your neighbors happy as well. Remember that other people who live near you will look on a dog that has a history of being a bodyguard, like the Kuvasz, as a threat. It is up to you to get your dog trained and socialized so that it will be accepted into the area you choose to live in. [...]

Bloat And The Kuvasz

Like all large dogs, the Kuvasz is subject to bloat. Bloat is sometimes caused gastric dilation. Its most prominent symptom is the extension of the dogís stomach. You may even see the stomach twisting and turning inside, but thatís not always the case. The dog may retch or salivate excessively. Bloat is fatal in a large number of dogs and immediate attention by a veterinarian is warranted if you think your dog is experiencing bloat. [...]

Children And The Kuvasz

The Kuvasz is a guard dog that can work well to protect your own children. Unfortunately, the same is not true of other peopleís children who may come over to play. A dog as large as the Kuvasz is a formidable dog that can cause severe injury to people it perceives as threats. For that reason, the dog is not recommended for families with children, even though it does well with children it consider part of its flock. [...]

Why Obedience Training Is Necessary

The Kuvasz is of Hungarian origin where it was often used as a personal bodyguard for nobility. Later, it became a good dog for herding sheep and watching the farmhouses. In World War II, the encroaching German armies practically decimated the species because they had to kill the dogs as they tried to take a farmhouse. The dogs would often warn the owners of potential intruders and also give its life to protect the family. It is a fierce guard dog that takes its role seriously. [...]

The Good And Bad Of Barking Behavior

The Kuvasz has a booming bark befitting this large dog. It is an excellent watchdog and will be on watch all night long. This can be great if you live out in the country, but hardly ideal if you live in the city. The Kuvasz is not a dog that does well in urban environments for this reason. Instead of using its great watchdog instincts for protecting your property, in the city you will probably end up with the animal control people being called every time your dog becomes a noise nuisance. [...]

Moulting In The Kuvasz

The Kuvasz is often compared to a large white bear. It has a very thick fur coat, which is usually white, and has a wavy to straight texture. The coat can grow as long as six inches in length. The Kuvasz sheds, also known as moulting, twice a year. It moults once in the spring and another time during the autumn months. During those times, the normal shedding accelerates and the Kuvasz can lose an enormous amount of hair in a relative short space of time. If the dog is an indoor dog, the hair will land on your carpets, in your draperies, and on your furniture. [...]

How To Handle Aggression In A Kuvasz

A Kuvasz is a large dog that excels at being a guard dog. It has a naturally aggressive nature towards strangers, but can be devotedly loyal to its handler. The aggression can come out as an overall suspiciousness or it can provoke barking and biting behavior. In order to handle the dog’s natural aggressiveness, you have to understand the mind of a dog that was bred to guard nobility and then later to herd sheep. [...]

A Dog That Tests Its Owner

The Kuvasz has a very stubborn temperament and is used to making its own decisions. This comes from its long history of being used as a guard dog for livestock and nobility. It will tend to make up its own mind and it will want to control almost any interaction. This is a dog that is dominant and isnít afraid to push your buttons. You can expect that even when you think the dog is trained and taking your lead, that it may suddenly test your boundaries one more time to see if you really mean business. It is up to you to be consistently firm and not waffle or let the dog take the lead at any time, or it will think you are a pushover. [...]

Weird Facts/Did You Know?

The Kuvasz is named after a Turkic word that means guard or soldier. The prime function of a Kuvasz in Hungary was as a protector for nobility. It wasnít until later that the dog was used by local peasants to guard and herd sheep. The dog is usually white, bred this way so that the shepherds could tell the dog from the wolves that liked to prey on the livestock, especially at night. The dogs were all over Hungary until around World War II when the Nazis killed most of them off as they swept through villages. This was because the dog was so loyal and fierce a protector that often soldiers would have to kill the dog to take a farmhouse. It is estimated that less than 30 Kuvasz remained in Hungary after World War II. [...]

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