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Obedience Training

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Obedience Training for Toy Dogs A Must

There are a great number of owners and dog lovers alike that see toy breeds in a different light than other dog breeds. They see these dogs as literal toys or babies and tend to spoil, pamper and really have very low expectations of the dogs. In reality toy dogs are just as smart, intelligent and instinctive as any other size of dog, including the giant breeds at the opposite end of the size spectrum. No one would reasonably think there was no need to train a Great Dane or a Rottweiler, yet they don't have a similar opinion about a Chihuahua or a Maltese. [...]

Farms and Rural Areas

Planning a summer get-away to a farm, rural area or the countryside is a great way to just relax, unwind and enjoy your vacation in a less stressful environment. It is also a great way to spend some time with your dog taking long walks or just giving your pet some much needed outside space and time. While countryside living has its definite advantages, there are some issues and possible concerns that owners need to be aware of before their vacation. First and foremost is that while your dog is out of the city they are much more likely to engage in more "doggy" type behaviors. [...]

Visitors With Dogs: How To Prepare Your Canine For Company

Summer holidays is a great time for getting out of the house, spending time on the road and just getting a chance to unwind. However, in most families at least, you are also required to host other family members, guest and friends that may be traveling to your area. Preparing your dog for other animals, including other dogs, to come onto their turf will require a bit of advanced training and work to ensure the visit goes smoothly. [...]

Competitions For Border Collies

The Border Collies, with their natural intelligence, sense of competition and desire to work with their owner or handler are ideal competition dogs. Any event that challenges a dog physically or mentally to chase, find, move through, problem solve or work as a team with the owner or handler is a good match. Generally the only types of competitions that Border Collies may not adjust well to are hunting or scent type hunting trials, or work such as schutzhund training that requires a guard dog or protective component to the competition. [...]

Competitions for Australian Cattle Dogs

With any herding breed and most of the working dogs it is important for them to feel that they have a purpose in life and something to do. Unfortunately many owners of Australian Cattle Dogs find out the hard way what a bored Australian Cattle Dog is capable of. These dogs will use their natural intelligence and athletic abilities in very weird and destructive ways, barking, digging, climbing and literally destroying whatever seems to take their fancy. [...]

Modern Jobs for German Shepherd Dogs

Thanks to the forward thinking of Captain von Stephanitz, the founder of the modern German Shepherd Dog breed, these dogs are synonymous with police work around the world. This is certainly not an accident as the intelligence, strength, stamina and overall stable temperament of the breed is perfect for the very intensive types of activities that police dogs have to face every day. [...]

Competitions with German Shepherd Dogs

The most well known type of competition that was created exclusively for the German Shepherd Dog is known as Schutzhund competitions. While there are other breeds that are now allowed into this type of competition, few are as naturally gifted in all the components of this grueling type of event. Schutzhund combines obedience, athletic ability with guard and protection types of training and was the original test designed to grade police dogs in Germany. [...]

Training The Boxer

While Boxers are known for their happy go lucky, playful and very energetic behavior they are also known to be rather independent, headstrong and very intense both in training and in exercise requirements. They are a dominant type of dog by nature, and will require an owner that can be positive, firm and consistent or else this very intelligent dog will soon be running the household and will see his or herself as the leader. This can happen very easily as the Boxer actually learns which people he or she has to listen too and which people can be ignored within the family. In addition their energy levels can sometimes make training a challenge, especially if the Boxer is confined during the day to a kennel or inside of the house. [...]

Competitions for Boxers

The natural abilities of the Boxer both in regards to their mental alertness and intelligence as well as their physical abilities make them an excellent competitive breed for may different types of events. There is really no limit on what types of events that a Boxer is suitable for since in their history they have been used in several different and very diverse capacities. Typically, although Boxers were used as flock guardians, they are not herding dogs and have limited natural abilities in this area. They also have a higher prey drive due their original use as a hunting breed, making them a poor choice for these types of competitions and events. [...]

Temperament and Traits of the Rottweiler

Despite the horrible reputation that this breed has had to endure, the true temperament of the Rottweiler is one of a calm, loving and very loyal dog that can and will provide protection if needed. They are not an aggressive breed by nature, however, like most intelligent larger breeds they are dominant in temperament. Considering the demands placed on the dogs in the herding or working group, it is easy to see why this type of dominant, self-confident and problem solving type of temperament was an essential element in developing the breed. The Rottweiler, not unlike any other dog in this group, needs to feel that they have a job to do and a responsibility in the family. This can include being the guardian of the property or accompanying you on a daily walk. [...]

Rottweilers as City Dogs

Despite the Rottweilers rather large size and their mistaken perception of being naturally vicious dogs, the breed as a whole makes very good city dogs provided they have the right training, socialization and an owner that understands how to be an effective leader. In some cities and urban areas breeds such as the Rottweiler may be banned, or their may be specific restrictions on owning these large dogs. Following any requirements or restrictions on owning these wonderful dogs is important both for yourself as well as for your dog. You can be a model for others to learn about the breed and how calm and well-behaved these dogs can be. [...]

Doberman Pinchers as City Dogs

When the Doberman Pinscher breed first came into existence the last thing on the mind of breeder Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann was to develop a city type of dog. He was, in fact, looking for an energetic, high stamina type of dog that was courageous and protective enough to take him through some very rough countryside. Mr. Dobermann was both the local tax collector as well the dog pound owner, so he was able to use many different breeds that came through the pound. Since this was in the late 1800's there were no spayed or neutered dogs, he basically had his pick of the various types of dogs that came under his care. [...]

Socializing And Training Golden Retrievers

The Golden Retriever is often considered to be an ideal choice for a first time dog owner that wants a larger sized, very friendly and very intelligent dog. This is not to say that a Golden Retriever will be a good match for every family since they are a high maintenance breed when it comes to grooming and somewhat to exercise. However, they don't have the dominant temperament associated with many of the larger dogs that can make training and socialization a challenge for first time dog owners. [...]

Owning A Spaniel - What You Need to Consider

For most people, several types of spaniels are a great option to consider. They are, as a group, a very outgoing and easygoing type of dog that is really geared towards pleasing the owners. Most types of spaniels will the great for first time dog owners, with the exceptions being the American Water Spaniel and the English Spaniel, which may still be great options for first time owners, but the owners have to be prepared to work with dogs that can sometimes show various degrees of dominance. This doesn't mean that the dogs are aggressive; rather it means that the dog may not be compliant at times as it tests to see if the humans or the dog is the boss of the family. Consistent, firm and positive training methods are the keys to ensuring that working with a dominant type of dog is not a problem and that your relationship with the dog stays just the way you both need it to be. [...]

Racing Greyhounds and Rescues

With the increasing focus on the cruel treatment of many of the racing Greyhounds in the early 1970's, the industry as put in some very important changes to the ways in which dogs can be housed, trained and raced. The result is slightly better overall care of the dogs both on and off the track, with owners, racers and trainers held to a much higher standard of care for the animals in their kennels. However, there are still many issues with the Greyhound racing industry that lead to cruel and inhumane treatment of these dogs throughout their short racing lives. [...]

Found [46] Articles :: Page 3 of 4
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