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Puppy Behavior of the Belgian Malinois

The Belgian Malinois is a terrific pet. Whether you are using him as a home companion, a working dog, a police dog, or a personal protection dog, if you have enough time to train the dog, you will greatly enjoy the breed. Of course there are a few things about the Belgian Malinois that should be considered, especially when a potential owner is deciding whether or not he or she has the time or experience to raise and train this breed. [...]

Your Pets and Your New Belgian Malinois

The type and age of Belgian Malinois you want to adopt or purchase is a decision that only you can make; and while there are millions of reasons you may have for preferring one age over another, if you have any pets already, you should consider their feelings also before you settle on adopting a Belgian Malinois puppy or adult. [...]

Why Socialization is Important for the Belgian Malinois

If you are looking at purchasing a new Belgian Malinois puppy, congratulations! You are about to embark on a grand adventure and build a relationship with your dog that will last the rest of his life. But before you take that leap to dog ownership, there are some things to know about the temperament of the Belgian Malinois and how those aspects of the dog's personality can affect your life and your home. [...]

Five Reasons a Bloodhound is not for Everyone

There are some reasons why a Bloodhound might not be right for you including their size, tendency to drool, they are not the smartest dog outside of their excellent sense of smell, their short life span, and they are terribly unmotivated. As one can see, they are basically a hyperactive dog that has to be watched all the time to make sure they do not eat something that can harm them. [...]

Raising the Bloodhound Puppy

If you have a Bloodhound puppy, you need to start basic commands as soon as you bring them home. Housebreaking and training does take some time and even when you think you have a well trained puppy, they will surprise you and act like they have no idea what you are talking about when you call them. They are a stubborn dog that resists change. They are happy just being themselves and will frustrate you from time to time. [...]

Welsh Springer Spaniel & the Great Outdoors

As a gundog, the Welsh Springer Spaniel is used to spending a great deal of time outside. But even as a puppy, before the hunting instincts really kick in, you'll notice that your Welshie loves running free in the outdoors! Never a stranger to hard work, the Welsh Springer Spaniel has high endurance and is capable of keeping up with even the most avid outdoorsmen. [...]

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels As Family Pets

The Cavalier King Charles is a toy breed Spaniel who is lively and very affectionate. He loves company and this makes the dog a great family pet. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are biddable and usually placid little dogs and this means that they get on well with people and with other family pets. Because the Cavalier King Charles is so small as a puppy he or she is better off in a household where the children are older - it is not always easy to get little ones to understand that a pet is smaller than them and needs careful handling. [...]

How To Handle Aggression In A Komondor

A Komondor is not by nature aggressive towards people, but it is very strong-willed. It mostly has a calm temperament unless it is provoked. Some of the things that can provoke a Komondor to act aggressively are territorial intrusions and threats to an owner or the owner's livestock. This is mostly due to its protective temperament and less due to inbred hostility. [...]

Fila Brasileiro As A Bodyguard

The Fila Brasileiro makes a fine bodyguard. It is completely loyal to its owner and has a naturally suspicious nature towards strangers. If you want a dog that will put your security needs first, this dog will be more than happy to comply. It was originally bred as a guard dog for livestock, but this devotion carries through to the owner and the owner's household. The breed's characteristics give it a good sense of smell and a powerful and intimidating appearance. [...]

Working Ability of Flat Coated Retriever

A Flat Coated Retriever is usually classified as a working dog or as a hunting dog. Retrievers have a long line of historical feat when it comes to hunting, flushing and (of course) retrieving small game. Although often used for hunting, the Flat Coated Retriever is never trained to be a game "pointer." [...]

Exercising the Belgian Sheepdog

Before you invest in a Belgian Sheepdog, make sure you have both the time and room to exercise him. This highly intelligent breed requires a great deal of human interaction and exercise. They are not well-suited to apartment living unless you have a large area where you can exercise them frequently. This dog breed is not happy to sit around at your feet and be petted. They are herding dogs, and herding dogs always have to have something to do to keep them busy. If you don't use your Belgian Sheepdog for herding, you have to find activities to keep him busy so that he doesn't become bored. [...]

Socialization Key to Proper Training and Obedience

A Belgian Sheepdog is a very highly intelligent breed that requires interaction with people as well as both mental and physical stimulation. Their superior intelligence and need to please make them very easy to train, but because they sometimes try to act like they know more than their owners, it's important to know the proper training methods or to enroll them in professional training classes. [...]

The Limits To Siberian Husky Obedience

Siberian Huskies are valued for many excellent temperament and physical characteristics; among those are intelligence, endurance, strength, friendliness, speed, and agility. What is not among those characteristics is extreme loyalty, and hence, Siberian Huskies are known to have limits to their obedience. In fact, Siberian Huskies are not classified as "obedient" by dog standards at all. Siberian Huskies do excel at feats of athleticism and agility, but would only be expected to do so under controlled conditions. Only the most skilled obedience trainers have a prayer of succeeding at making a Siberian Husky obedient, and even for them the success is often tenuous at best. The average owner is simply not up to the task of fully mastering the Siberian Husky. [...]

Sealyham Terriers as Good Dog Students

There are quite a number of dog breeds that are very challenging to train. This is because it is somehow an inherent trait of dogs to have a mind of their own and to be obstinate. If these dogs are given the free hand to become what they are supposed to be, then they will grow up to be unruly dogs that their owners can't control. However, as with every dog breed, a modicum of training can turn one bad dog to a good one. Of course, the best results can be achieved if the training of such type of dogs is started as early as possible. Even if a certain dog breed is said to be the most independent of all dog breeds, there is really no dog that can't be bent with the right kind of training at the right time. [...]

The Border Collie And Obedience Performing

As a dog recognized for superior intelligence, athleticism and a strong work ethic, Border Collies are prime candidates for obedience training and competing. [...]

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Found [115] Articles :: Page 3 of 8
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