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Surviving the Puppyhood of the English Setter

English Setters are a happy, active breed throughout most of their lives; however, it is their puppyhood that many owners find most challenging. While they go through all the normal stages of development, it is a time when firm boundaries must be established without fail. This not only helps them feel safe but prevents an overdevelopment of separation anxiety from taking root, something the breed has a known tendency for. Failing to take the upper hand is likely to result in needless trials and tribulations. The happy English Setter is one who knows the rules of the game and is confident in their owner. [...]

Why Obedience Training Is Necessary

The Kuvasz is of Hungarian origin where it was often used as a personal bodyguard for nobility. Later, it became a good dog for herding sheep and watching the farmhouses. In World War II, the encroaching German armies practically decimated the species because they had to kill the dogs as they tried to take a farmhouse. The dogs would often warn the owners of potential intruders and also give its life to protect the family. It is a fierce guard dog that takes its role seriously. [...]

The Manchester Terrier and Bad Habits

Many people think that just because they have a small and cute dog, that they will not have a dog that has bad habits. However, they are wrong! When it comes to the Manchester terrier, they are no different than any other dog. In fact, the Manchester terrier is just like every other dog, and has bad habits. However, many owners would like to pretend that they do not have any bad habits. [...]

Obedience Training A Must, But Not 100% Effective

A Maremma puppy is ready for obedience training once it hits four to six months of age. This may seem early, but the breed has an above average intelligence level. It also has a tendency to make up its own mind, which means that obedience training is a must with this dog. Even after you get it into training, you will notice that the dog doesn't immediately obey your command. They will take a few minutes to think it over and decide whether what you are requesting sounds like a good idea to them. This reasoning ability is what makes them very good livestock guardians, but it is also what makes them less of a star in formal obedience trials. [...]

Keeping Your Dog Busy

A Maremma Sheepdog is highly intelligent and a very active dog. It spent many happy years as a breed that guarded livestock along the mountains in Europe. It is an outstanding livestock guardian and revels in its role. It's thick coat makes it especially suited for the outdoors and it is quick to make its own decisions when guarding the sheep. These same instincts and breeding make it a dog that really doesn't do well as a housedog. It prefers to be busy and expects a good deal of exercise to grow well and be healthy. [...]

Obedience Training For This Strong-Willed Dog

The Polish Owczarek Nizinny, sometimes known as PONS, is a herding dog native to Poland. There it worked with larger more aggressive dogs to herd sheep. It was bred to be intelligent and fairly independent so as to make good decisions on how to help herd the livestock for them to avoid dangerous obstacles and continue towards their goal. It is a strong-willed dog, but it is also very affectionate and caring. This combination of temperament of independence and a desire to please can mean that your Polish Owczarek Nizinny appears trained one minute, and completely ignores its training the next. [...]

How To Socialize Your PON And When You Have Other Pets

A Polish Owczarek Nizinny, PON, is a wonderfully affectionate dog once it is socialized properly. It has come from a long line of sheep herding dogs that take great pride in being part of a family unit. There are certain things that bring out the loyal and affectionate nature of the dog, while downplaying some of the natural suspiciousness of the breed. The trick to socializing your dog is to start early and to include all members or your family, even other pets in the household. [...]

Keep Your PON Busy

A content and dutiful PON is a joy, but a PON that is not kept busy and has no sense of purpose can get in a lot of trouble. This dog was bred to be in charge of a flock and so it naturally wants to have a certain level of exercise and be considered an important part of the family unit. If you do not exercise the dog enough or give it something to do, like watching a child, it can easily become stubborn and willful and completely mischeivious. This dog is very intelligent and also seeks to be challenged in the types of tasks you set for it. [...]

Scheduling Fun And Play For Your PON

The Polish Owczarek Nizinny (PON) is a very agile and active dog. It prefers households where it can be in the midst of all the activities and even take part in them. This comes from its long history of helping humans in their shepherding activities where it played a key role of guiding the sheep away from danger and moving the flock along. For a PON to be happy, it has to have a regular schedule of activity, fun, and play at all times. [...]

Obedience Training And The Briard

The Briard is a good consideration for many homes. It has the size, shape and temperament for just about any home. Yet, there are some key factors to consider when selecting this dog to bring home. Alternatively, if you are currently the owner of this magnificent animal, you may need a bit of help with improving his obedience. The good news is that this breed of dog is one that is willing and capable of learning what you want and need him to. He's a willing participant assuming that you are willing to dedicate time and patience with the learning process. Understanding the Briard is the first step in training him correctly. [...]

Briquet Griffon Vendeen And Training

The Briquet Griffon Vendeen is not your typical dog. While he is interested in keeping his master happy, it is more important to him that he gets his way. This can often leave owners a bit overwhelmed when it comes to training the dog. It is unlikely that he will do perfectly for you every time you give him a command. Yet, he is likely to be respectful and through repetition and positive reinforcement, he will do very well for you. Training your Briquet Griffon Vendeen means you will be dedicating time and patience to the process. Doing so will help you to create a dog that is happy and healthy, making the process well worth it. [...]

Living with a Welsh Terrier

The Welsh Terrier possesses the typical terrier temperament and can be quite a handful for the first time dog owner. He can be feisty, scrappy, prone to barking, and just a wire-haired ball of hyperactive energy. With proper breeding and firm training, though, the Welshie is a very entertaining and devoted companion; they have been known to do well in a variety of settings, including suburban, urban and rural environments. If properly trained, the Welsh Terrier can also be left alone for an extended period of time, while family members go to work or school. [...]

Training Issues with the Chinese Crested

Any current or would be Chinese Crested dog trainer, regardless of whether they're training a Hairless or Powderpuff, needs to remember one thing above all: Consistency, consistency, consistency. The breed is known as gentle, sensitive and intelligent, and to instill faith and obedience in the dog, the trainer must, absolutely, be consistent. In training the Chinese Crested, something that results in punishment must always result in punishment, something that results in reward must always result in reward. The breed's unusual sensitivity absolutely insisist upon a gentle owner who will provide a dependable atmosphere, rather than an erratic schedule of inconsistent treatment or a constantly changing environment. [...]

Obedience Training To Relieve Innate Stubbornness

The Sussex Spaniel is a dog that is not easily trained. House training can be difficult and they are prone to separation anxiety and stubbornness. They do have good intelligence and will eventually pick up on their training, but it can take some time and some patience. The innate stubbornness doesn't make them less friendly, however, they can try to manipulate a situation to get what they want. Just be firm and consistent with their training so that they get the idea that you won't accept less from them than their obedience. [...]

Obedience Training for Your Dandie Dinmont Terrier

Even with their calm nature, you want to make sure you take the time for obedience training for your Dandie. Because each dog is different, you want to make certain that you train your dog to suit your lifestyle. Since they can sometimes be wary of strangers, you want to make sure you teach them how to react to strangers, especially if you tend to have a great many visitors. [...]

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Found [115] Articles :: Page 5 of 8
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