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Boerboels and Aggression

Those that are thinking about adopting an African Boerboel may be concerned about aggression. Like other members of the mastiff family, this large dog does have aggressive tendencies, but these are usually manifested through poor breeding and training. Over the years, the Boerboel's purpose in life has been that of a protector rather than a fighter, but this breed also happens to be among the most dominant of dogs. Here we'll take a look at what factors can cause a Boerboel to be aggressive and what you can do to make sure your Boerboel grows up without aggression. For centuries, the Boerboel was the traditional working dog for Afrikaners in South Africa. Their duties primarily consisted of guarding the women and children while the men worked in the fields, as well as hunting small game from time to time. While the guarding instinct has always been very natural in the dogs, often appearing as early as eight weeks, they have never in their history been bred solely for fighting. [...]

Working With The Intelligent Dog

It is true that most dog owners believe that their dog is naturally very smart and gifted and that certainly may be very accurate, at least from the individual owners perception. If, however, you happen to own a breed that is considered a highly intelligent dog, you may find out that your dog may be challenging in many different ways. Often owners of the most intelligent dogs find that these pooches find very unique ways to keep themselves entertained, plus they often require both mental as well as physical exercise and stimulation to stay out of trouble. [...]

Herding Dogs

It is not news to anyone that has had the opportunity to own or work with dogs in this group that they are some of the most intelligent dogs in various ranking surveys. Within the top 10 smartest dogs there are at least four different members of the herding group that routinely place and those include the Border Collie, Shetland Sheepdog, Australian Cattle Dog and the German Shepherd Dog. [...]

Competitions For Working Dogs

Within each specific type of working dog group, be it the hunting dogs, herding dogs or true working group, there are different and specialized competitions. Generally within the true working group the most common competitions are agility and obedience events, however there is also the very specialized schutzhund training that is considered to be the Olympics for dogs of this particular group. [...]

The Importance of Mental and Physical Exercise

As people we know that when we become bored or disinterested in being around the house we have lots of options to find something else to do. We can always read, play on the computer, get caught up with work or even go out for a lunch and a movie to break up our day. Unfortunately for your dog, they don't have the options that humans do, but they do get bored just as we do. [...]

Space and Living Considerations for Giant Breeds

There are a great many considerations when you decide to bring home a giant breed puppy or dog. The most obvious is the amount of food that these dogs consume, which is not always what new owners expect. Another consideration and one that is often overlooked is one of simple logistics. A dog that weights upwards of 200 pounds is going to take up a lot of physical space. Stretched out on the floor some of these dogs can measure over six feet in length, more with the tail stretched out as well. In addition to just length, you are also looking at a distance of up to one yard from the tip of the toes to the top of the shoulder. Given this general measurement it really means that when a giant breed dog decides to really stretch out on his or her side to relax, they are going to need at least 18 feet, which is much more than the average human needs. [...]

Dogs and Kids - Summer Responsibilities

Summer is typically a time when the family is around the house a lot more than they are the rest of the year. Both adults as well as children in the family are off work and school for summer holidays, providing lots of time for interactions with the dog. This increased down time for kids can be a great way to add exercise, socialization and lots of quality time for your pet. There are also a lot of benefits that children can obtain from spending time with their dog, but how much responsibility they can reasonably take on has a lot to do with the age and comfort level of the child. [...]

Rescuing and Training Feral Dogs

Wild, semi-wild or feral dogs are an increasing problem in many urban and suburban areas. While some of these dogs have actually been born in a feral state, a great many are someone's pet that has been lost, abandoned or has run away and simply cannot find his or her way back home. Often these dogs are abused by other people, chased by packs of other dogs and often they are injured, malnourished and highly protective and aggressive. This is not because of the dog's temperament, but rather the cruel and savage environment they find themselves thrust into on the streets. [...]

Border Collie - The Right Dog For Me?

There are a great number of reasons why a Border Collie may be just the right dog for you and your family. As with any breed of dog there are also some important considerations that may make a Border Collie a poor match for your home and lifestyle. No matter how much you may want to own a Border Collie, if it isn't the right match for your life then it really isn't fair to the dog, or to you either. Making informed decisions about a Border Collie before you bring a puppy home makes it easier on everyone. Often people that want a Border Collie but don't have the right lifestyle can find another breed that has the traits they want without the traits that will make owning this beautiful breed a real challenge. [...]

Mental and Physical Exercise For A Border Collie

Generally most people know about physical exercise for a dog and how important it is in keeping them calm in the house. What many people don't realize is that physical exercise goes just beyond keeping a dog calm and relaxed, it also actually is necessary for proper system functioning within the dog's body. As wild animals dogs, wolves, coyotes, foxes and all other creatures have to keep moving to survive, but also to keep circulation, digestion and respiratory systems working at top levels. [...]

Training The Border Collie

As one of the smartest dogs, training a Border Collie is often very simple initially, but then difficulties start to set in. Usually these difficulties or challenges occur because the human member of the dog-person in the training program starts to deviate from the original commands. When this happens the highly intelligent Border Collie starts to think that perhaps this is a new command, and attempts to figure out what you want him or her to do. The owner, who may not understand that he or she is the cause of the problem, quickly become frustrated with a dog they see as being stubborn or willful. [...]

Socializing and Training Australian Cattle Dogs

There are several breeds of dogs that are naturally very calm and well socialized and really don't need extensive amounts of work to be very non-aggressive and friendly towards other dogs and other animals. The Australian Cattle Dog is not one of those breeds, however once properly socialized these dogs are trustworthy with other dogs and tend to be very good companion dogs with people and some other pets such as cats. [...]

Traits and Temperament of the German Shepherd Dog

A well bred German Shepherd Dog is an outstanding companion pet that needs to have a purpose in his or her life. Since they are naturally highly protective, they do need to be regularly and routinely socialized, starting from a very early age. Despite their somewhat ferocious reputation, most German Shepherd Dogs, at least once socialized, are very calm, dependable dogs that are more likely to think through a problem than react with aggression. [...]

Raising German Shepherd Puppies

German Shepherd puppies are really very small considering that when fully mature these dogs will weigh up to 85 pounds or more and will measure up to 26 inches at the shoulder. When first born a German Shepherd will typically weigh approximately one pound, and will also look very different than he or she will in just a few short months. [...]

Training and Competing With Rottweilers

The intelligence and natural athletic ability of the Rottweiler breed makes them ideal for many different types of competitions and events, provided that the dog is properly trained and socialized. With their large size they are not a good breed to have around other dogs if they are not properly socialized or in any way hostile or aggressive. This is because both their large size as well as the unfortunate reputation that the Rottweiler breed has unjustly earned can work against them. Poor ownership and people that have no idea on how to train a Rottweiler can find themselves with a 140 pound out of control dog, which is never a good idea no matter where you live. [...]

Found [115] Articles :: Page 7 of 8
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