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The Labrador Retriever As A Pet

The Labrador retriever has long been recognized as the most popular dog for many people, whether as a pet or just in general. They have been around for many years, starting as dogs in Newfoundland in the 1800s that were used to assist fishermen in retrieving fish and nets. They were later used for waterfowl hunting, where they were expected to go in the water to retrieve the game. Their water repellent coat was very helpful in these feats because they didn't drag along excess water with them. Eventually, people began to see the Labrador retriever as the wonderful dog it was as well as the extraordinary traits it possessed, and people starting keeping them as family pets. Today they are probably one of the most favorite dogs to be bought as family pets. [...]

Black Russian Terrier: Did You Know?

Black Russian Terriers have a fascinating history. From its beginnings as a product of the post-World War II Soviet Red Army to its current incarnation as a loyal house pet and caring service animal, the Black Russian Terrier is full of fun facts. [...]

Border Terrier: Did You Know ?

Border Terriers are energetic, playful, clever dogs that are devoted to their favorite person or family. Like many terriers, they tend to have dominant personalities, but this attitude can be trained out with early obedience training. These active little dogs excel in most dog sporting events, including Agility, Obedience, Flyball, and Earthdog trials. They respond well to positive reinforcement training and are famous for their love of food, so food treats are an excellent way to reinforce good behavior. Perhaps not the best choice for the youngest of children, Border Terriers are nevertheless excellent companions for families if trained properly. [...]

German Line German Shepherds

The German shepherd dog is a very popular breed of dog known for its intelligence, beauty, loyalty, and nobility. You only have to look at the German shepherd with their ears standing erect and to attention to see how alert they are. The German shepherd dog first came to be in the 1890s, thanks to Captain Max von Stephanitz, who is considered the father of the breed. Max had admired the native sheep dog as well as the many fine qualities they possessed - intelligence, strength, and nobility. He wanted to develop the breed even further to get all the qualities he wanted in a dog. [...]

The German Shepherd-Weird Facts/Did You Know?

The German shepherd is one of the most popular dogs in the world - and with good reason. They are beautiful with their ears erect like a soldier standing at attention. They are loyal, intelligent, and courageous and have a great desire to please and protect their family. There are many facts about the German shepherd dog that people may not be aware of, quite apart from their excellence as a family pet and watchdog. The German shepherd is the third most popular dog in the United States with over 43,000 registrations of the breed. [...]

German Shepherds - The American Lines

The German shepherd dog has long been known for its beauty, nobility, intelligence, and appearance. What many people don't realize - and this even includes some German shepherd owners themselves - is that many of these traits, specifically the appearance, can be altered through certain breeding tactics or methods. When the German shepherd dog first came to be, it was a medium size dog with a somewhat longer and coarser coat and small, erect ears. It had a straight back, sturdy build, and was a working herding dog. [...]

The Bull Terrier and Its History in Dog Fighting

Dog fighting is a physical fight involving two canines against each other, both for the entertainment of spectators, and for gambling. It is considered by some to be a sport, and the dogs are judged on their wrestling, bite, and gameness while onlookers watch and place bets. In some countries, it is accepted practice, while it is illegal in others, including the United States. [...]

The Origin of the British Bulldog

The British Bulldog is a special breed of dog that got its origin in England. They are a compact dog with short but sturdy limbs. When the term "bulldog" was first used in the 1500s, it was used on any number of types of bulldog breeds, many of them ancestors of today's bulldogs. The British Bulldog is often referred to as the English bulldog or simply the Bulldog. [...]

Origin of the English Foxhound

The origin of the English foxhound began in the Middle Ages when the Nobility and Aristocrats in England bred this dog for foxhunting. They originally crossbred it from French hunting dogs. The organized horse hunts were very popular in England ever since they began in the 13th century. The English hunters, however, were not completely satisfied with the dogs they had to use. They wanted dogs that were faster and smaller than the traditional hound dogs. [...]

Doberman Pinschers: Their Origin And Service In World War II

It may be difficult to imagine that a whole breed of dogs that are loved throughout the world came into being thanks to one man, but this is true of the Doberman Pinscher. Not only did this dog become popular throughout the world, but it went on to become prominent in its service during a time of war. In this article, we'll take a look at the Doberman Pinscher's beginnings and its service during World War II. The time is the late 19th century and the place is Apolda, Germany. Louis Doberman had a curious collection of jobs - not only was he a tax collector and night watchman, but he was also in charge of a dog pound. Without a doubt, these jobs made him less than popular, especially in a time when robberies and muggings ran rampant. [...]

The Difference Between American and English Cocker Spaniels

Mention a Cocker spaniel and an image immediately leaps to mind of a small spaniel with a long, lustrous coat, soulful eyes and long floppy ears. Believe it or not, outside of the United States this is not necessarily the image that "Cocker spaniel" inspires! That is because there are actually two different breeds with the name Cocker spaniel; one in England and one in the United States. In this article, we'll take a look at how the breed ended up split in two and what the major differences are between American and English Cocker spaniels. [...]

The Vizsla Origins as a Pointer and a Retriever

The Vizsla origins as a pointer and retriever begin with the ancient people called the Magyars. They were a people who constantly had to defend their existence through the use of animals. Horses were used in war while the Vizsla was used in the hunt for food. The Vizsla, whose name is Hungarian for Pointer, is a very smart pointer and retriever whose value and ability was recognized early on. [...]

The Vizsla and World Wars

Wars are intertwined with the history of the Vizsla. The breed's existence in the present is largely a result of the battles of man and their wins and losses. Because of its skill in being a pointer and retriever, the Vizsla has remained an invaluable asset to man. Because of that, lucky geographical locations, and the efforts to rebuild the breed when it had been decimated all contribute the Vizsla existence today. [...]

The Turkish Akbash

For many dog owners, it is a mystery where their dog originated. For mutts and non-purebred dogs, this is something that would be almost impossible to discover since the bloodlines would be muddled and undistinguishable. But for purebred dogs like the Akbash, the social history of the dog is not only known it is celebrated by the breed's owners. [...]

The Importance of Japanese Chin to Japan

The Japanese Chin got their origin many years ago, some believe as far back as the year 732. Through all this time, the importance of the Japanese Chin to Japan has not changed, as they are still the dog owned by Japanese royalty. Originally called the Japanese Spaniel, this toy dog actually is said to have gotten its start in Korea and then later in Japan. Back to the 16th century, the Japanese Chin was revered in Japan. The women in Japan carried them in baskets lined in silk. Killing a Chin was the same in Japan as killing a human and was treated and punishable in the same way. [...]

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Found [131] Articles :: Page 3 of 9
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