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Aliases: Otter, Otterhound

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Otterhound Articles

Famous Otterhounds

There is much mystery associated with the exact origin of the Otterhound. Many aficionados believe that the dog has been around since ancient times. Pictures of hounds were found drawn on cave walls in Mesopotamia. According to the writings of John Mammoth, the Southern Hound known to be the direct ancestor of the Otterhound is believed to have been transported to Brittany. [...]

Otterhounds as Hunting Dogs

The large size of this canine, weighing up to 125 pounds, and tremendous strength makes the Otterhound a good hunting dog for anything from small mink and raccoon to bear and mountain lion. Though the Otterhound can hunt alone, it usually hunts in packs. The Otterhound has a thick course outer coat that serves as a protection from shrubs and bushes. The Otterhound is also known for its long strides which he can keep up for hours on the hunt. But as the name suggests, the original Otterhound was bred for the specific purpose of hunting otters which were destroying the trout population in rivers and streams in the United Kingdom. The fishermen could not afford to have their livelihood jeopardized in this fashion and so the Otterhound was selected to rid the fisherman of this pest. [...]

Importance of Socializing Otterhounds

Socializing your Otterhound is not all that difficult, for a big dog he is not ferocious and dangerous looking at all. In fact he looks like a big goof. The clown of the canine kingdom, the Otterhound loves animals and he loves people. [...]

Diet and Exercise for the Good Health of Your Otterhounds

What you feed your Otterhound, will directly affect his longevity and good health. Today there is much hype about canned dog food especially since the Purina pet care recall. Critics say that commercial pet foods are laced with chemicals and preservatives. A healthy diet will not only promote a longer life but will also curtail digestive problems. With a healthier diet you can expect to see good muscle tone, good eyesight and brighter eyes, high energy, strong bones, strong teeth and gums, good skin and coat, firmer and fewer bowel movements, offensive body odors, and of course less health problems and visits to the veterinarian. [...]

Otterhounds: Problems and Pitfalls

Chewing and Howling These loveable fun loving, playful large dogs can be a handful for the average owner. First and foremost you will have to make sure that your Otterhound gets a lot of exercise. A bored Otterhound has the capacity to wreck a house in less than a day. He will chew and destroy your furniture or bay all day long. The howl of a hound may seem romantic and charming on the English Moors but can annoy you while at home when you are trying to relax or work around the house. [...]

Activities Otterhounds Enjoy: Hunting, Agility Training, Tracking

The Otterhound, referred to as a scent dog, was interbred with bloodhounds and Southern hounds for the specific purpose of tracking Otters in the United Kingdom. Though no longer used for this purpose, Otterhounds still enjoy hunting as an activity and hunt Mink in the U.K. They serve as a means to rid the farmer of these dreaded pests. In North America, they are used to hunt raccoons, bears and even mountain lions. Of course since these scent hounds love hunting they would no doubt love agility training. Agility training originated in England around 1978; this sport for canines was borrowed from horse steeplechases, a jumping activity. Today this sport is very popular and is growing in leaps and bounds. Both large and small dogs can participate in the fun. [...]

Otterhounds and Police Work

By definition, traditionally hounds have been bred for hunting. These dogs are noted for their ability to chase and track; so it would follow that due to their incredible sense of smell they would be used in police work for drug investigations. [...]

Otterhounds the Working Dog

Otterhounds are descendants of the bloodhound and an ancestor of the Airedale. They are large dogs weighing up to 125 pounds. By and far the Otterhound is a working dog, first bred in England in the 13th century to rid the waters of pesky Otters that were killing out the fish population. These dogs are definitely water dogs, with web feet and a thick course water proof undercoat. They are excellent swimmers with the stamina to swim for hours chasing their prey. [...]

Otterhounds as Service Dogs and Therapy Dogs

Service dogs are trained to render a service to people in need. It could be to assist people with physical or mental impairments by physical means or Otterhounds could be used for guiding a blind person across the street. The mere presence of the animal could act as therapy for a sick person or patient in a hospital or nursing care facility. [...]

Did You Know Weird Facts about Otterhounds

Did you know The history of the Otterhound is still a mystery but its predecessors go back as far as Babylon. There are ancient paintings on cave walls depicting dogs that resemble the Otterhound. The Otterhound’s ancestors, the Griffon Vandeen came over by boat to France to become a hunting dog. [...]

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