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Pharaoh Hounds

Aliases: Kelb Tal-Fenek, Rabbit Dog

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Pharaoh Hound Articles

The Hunting Ability of the Pharaoh Dog

The Pharaoh dog is a breed of dog that was developed as a hunting dog, which they do very well with their speed, alertness and agility. Being members of the Sight hound family, they were excellent as hunters. The difference between sighthounds and regular hunting hounds are that sight hounds hunt by speed and sight, whereas regular hunting hounds hunt by scent and endurance. They specialize in finding the prey, not losing it in their line of view, and capturing it with their agility, intelligence and great speed. They were originally used to hunt and capture small game. Their excellent eyesight, sense of smell and perfect hearing made them the perfect choice for hunting. Very seldom did an animal get past the Pharaoh. [...]

The Intelligence of the Pharaoh

The Pharaoh Dog or hound - one of the oldest dogs in recorded history - is a very intelligent dog. It's been said that their intelligence can even be seen in their eyes. They are capable of blushing when embarrassed or feeling pleased. Many have been trained by their owners to smile on command just so they can see the blush on their faces. They are very perceptive to their owner's moods and feelings, a characteristic that only an intelligent dog can possess. They know without their owner saying a word when they should come to their owner or when they are in trouble or should just keep their distance. Many owners claim that raising the Pharaoh is as close to raising a child as it can possibly be. [...]

The Pharaoh Hound and Required Colors

With all the different breeds of dogs around today, we see many varieties of colors. Most dogs can be any color, provided they are not registered in a dog club. When dogs are registered with clubs such as the American Kennel Club, there are specific colors required to keep them in compliance with their breed standards. The Pharaoh is no exception to that rule. The Pharaoh will almost always be seen in red. Most people think of red as one color, but in the case of the Pharaoh, there are many variations of red. According to the breed standards for this dog, the variations range anywhere from tan to a dark chestnut with every shade in between being acceptable. White is accepted as an addition to the reds, but is not required. Some of the places you may see white may be markings on the chest such as a star, markings on the toes, tip of the tail, bridge of the muzzle or a small piece on the center of the forehead. Some kennel clubs, however, do appreciate the tip of the tail being white. [...]

The Pharaoh Hound and their Bad Habits

Although the Pharaoh makes a wonderful pet, don't ever make the mistake of believing this dog is perfect, because he has his share of faults. There are, in fact, many things the prospective Pharaoh owner must realize before getting a Pharaoh as a family pet. The Pharaoh is a very special dog known for its intelligence, speed and great perceptiveness. They are not the right dog for everyone, however. They require an owner with a lot of understanding of the breed. The Pharaoh is so intelligent that sometimes they are like a human. In many ways, they actually believe they are on the same level as humans and will often try to outsmart their owners. Because of their high level of intelligence, they are easy to train, but only on something that the dog feels they want to learn. If the Pharaoh feels something is "beneath him", he will disagree about doing it, often becoming very stubborn. They are always looking for ways to outsmart them. They also have a few bad habits worth mentioning. [...]

The Pharaoh hound and their Independence

The Pharaoh is a breed of dog in the hound family. When we think of hounds, we think of hunting hounds that don't do much more than hunt. There is much more to the makeup of the Pharaoh hound dog. The Pharaoh hound dog is a very intelligent, loyal and loving dog. In spite of these positive attributes, the Pharaoh is also a very independent dog, sometimes almost to a fault. The Pharaoh has a great personality despite his occasional aloofness. They seem to have an almost arrogant attitude at times, feeling that they are on top of the world and better than everyone else is. Although this appears like a strange description for a dog, it is exactly how the Pharaoh presents himself. The proof of this is in the "blush" they can show on their face when they are pleased with themselves over something they've done or received. [...]

The Pharaoh Hound as a Family Pet

The Pharaoh hound is a wonderful and very gentle dog that makes a great family pet. Although they have been described as stubborn, their extreme intelligence far outweighs their stubbornness. They are very easy to train, although they will refuse to do something if they feel it is inappropriate for them. They are a loving dog, but only want to be loved when they are in the mood to be loved. They are great with children and love entertaining them and playing with them. Their greatest pleasure, in fact, is spending time with the family, whether he's lying by their side or outdoors romping in the yard. They are a very active dog that loves running and playing. [...]

The Pharaoh Hound as a Working Dog

The Pharaoh hound has been around for many years and has served many roles. In addition to their ability as a show dog, a companion and family dog, they also make excellent working dogs. From the time they were developed over 2,000 years ago, they were effective working dogs. They fulfilled the role of a hunting dog hunting rabbits and small game. They were also in charge of assisting the shepherds in guarding the flocks. They still have the role of guarding and herding flocks today. They know where the flock should be and manage to always keep it in their watchful eye guarding it from other animals or harm. The Pharaoh dog is often used in the role of a therapy dog. A therapy dog is just what the name implies. They dog goes to different hospitals, nursing homes and institutions that are in the dog's location and act as a healing benefit to the patients. [...]

The Pharaoh Hound in the Show Ring

The Pharaoh hound, which we think of as a hunting dog, also makes an excellent show dog. From the time the Pharaohs were first recognized in 1994, the American Kennel Club has had 233 litters and 1,211 dogs registered with their club. Of these numbers, 465 have earned their AKC Championship in addition to 53 of them being in Obedience. Many of the hunting dogs have also earned titles in AKC lure coursing. Lure coursing is when the Pharaoh has the task of chasing a lure that is mechanically operated. This competition is usually reserved to dogs of the sighthound family, although other breeds have participated. The dogs chase the lure across a field, which has a specific pattern that resembles a real live course with bends and curves. The course is required to have a minimum amount of curves similar to what rabbits would travel on if they were in the woods. [...]

The Pharaoh Hound - Weird Facts/Did you Know?

The Pharaoh dog is such a fascinating dog from its extreme intelligence to its infamous independence. The "blush" of the Pharaoh has made it a topic of much conversation, especially when they manage to do it from their owner's command. Ever so popular, the Pharaoh dog is the national of Malta. It is here that it is called Kelb tal-Fenek, which means "rabbit hound". A rabbit hound is what they were originally bred for. Did you know that of all the breeds registered in the hound group, the Pharaoh is the only one to take a place in the group level in the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show? However, in the American Kennel Club, in 2005, they were ranked 141 out of the 154 breeds of dogs that were registered. [...]

The Pharaoh Hounds as Racing Dogs

The Pharaoh hound is a very fast dog that participates in many active events. They do very well in lure coursing and excel in racing events. They were born with the love of running and chasing so this comes naturally to them. The racing events for the Pharaoh dog are held throughout the United States. There are two different racing categories for the amateur Pharaoh. One is called LGRA, which stands for the Large Gazehound Racing Association. This race is a straight race where the dog sprints for 200 yards on a straight track, which is flat. The second kind of race is NOTRA racing, which stands for National Oval Track Racing Association. This race takes place on an oval track that goes for a set distance. The distances for each track will vary from group to group, depending on their individual specifications. They do range anywhere from 241-440 yards. [...]

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