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Flat Coated Retriever for Rescue

The Flat Coated Retriever Society of America or FCRSA was established in 1960. One of the main missions of this organization is "to do all in its power to protect and advance the interests of the breed" Part of FCRSA's mission is therefore aimed at rescuing Flat Coated Retriever dogs that may be in distress or peril, and may be in need of finding new homes. FCRSA does not personally "rescue" all the dogs that are passed on to its organization. [...]

Rescue and Spinone Italiano

In an ideal world, no animal shall go without a good home or the basic essentials in life. The reality is that there are many cases of pet abandonment, and they happen because of one primary reason: irresponsibility. The Spinone Club of America or SCOA has made it part of their mission to promulgate awareness about the breed by offering rescue and home placement to any Spinone Italiano dog in trouble. [...]

When You Can't Keep Your Schipperke

While they are anything but difficult, the Schipperke is a high energy dog that requires an owner that is just as active as they are. It is not uncommon for individuals to suddenly discover that the dog they have chosen is not a good match after all. Sometimes the unfortunate situation occurs when an individual can no longer keep their Schipperke due to a move, an illness or a changing residence policy for pets. Whatever the reason, it can be extremely heartbreaking for the owner who has to find their Schipperke a new home. This is why many insist on choosing the best alternative they can possibly find. [...]

Redbone Coonhounds Used in Search and Rescue and Cadaver Recovery

As mentioned previously, many of the skills that were so essential for particular breeds excelling at their intended functions have easily transferred into other activities. Today, dogs not only still work as hunters and herders, but they also perform extremely beneficial jobs such as pet therapy and search and rescue. There are quite a large number of search and rescue organizations throughout the country and a wide variety of dogs, both purebred and mixed breed are employed in these important activities. Though Redbone Coonhounds at the moment are not in high numbers in search and rescue organizations, the set of skills that make them such versatile hunters have allowed them to successfully break into the job. [...]

When a Bedlington Terrier is Not a Good Fit

Even for all their devotion and companionship, there are times when a Bedlington Terrier turns out to be the wrong choice. Whether it is a matter of too many animals in the home or a conflict of personalities, owners can rest assured there are several options for finding their Bedlington a safe new residence. As it has been found by some, the Bedlington is not a good fit for everyone. Although this can happen with any breed of dog, it is simply a kindness to ensure a dog is matched up in a welcoming and appropriate home. It ensures a happier life for the Bedlington and can keep them in overall good health. When dogs and owners run into problems adjusting to each other, it is usually miscommunication that is at the center of the conflict. Sometimes consulting a professional dog trainer can help an owner understand how to communicate effectively with their Bedlington. [...]

The Safe Haven of a Great Pyrenees Rescue

The majority of Great Pyrenees rescues are non profit organizations that take in lost or displaced Pyrs. In situations where an owner is not able to keep their Pyr, they can bring their dog to a rescue with the peace of mind that he or she will not be destroyed. Pyrs that are lost or end up in animal shelters are also taken in by such rescues. These organizations ensure that the next person who takes in one of their dogs meets the criteria of a responsible Great Pyrenees owner. This can mean not only filling out an application but having one's home inspected as well. This ensures the dog will have a good environment and will not be put through the trauma of another displacement. No matter what their background or where they come from, a rescue ensures that each dog is physically, mentally and emotionally fit for adoption. While one Pyr may have a good history and all its shots, this may not necessarily be the case for another. [...]

Rescue Dogs

There are many different reasons that an individual or family may choose to adopt a dog from a rescue or shelter. Adopting from a rescue is a wonderful way to find the perfect dog to meet your needs, as well as providing a loving home to a deserving dog. Rescues are typically run by volunteers; usually people that enjoy and have a good working knowledge of the particular breed. The costs that new owners pay to the rescue are used directly towards the care and re-homing of new dogs into the rescue facility. [...]

Search And Rescue Dogs - Still Essential In Remote Areas

In these times of GPS, cell phones and tracking and locating devices controlled by satellites orbiting the planet it may be hard to believe that Search and Rescue dogs are still the best option in many areas. If you are a dog lover or someone that has had the opportunity to work with or observe these amazing dogs in action you will have no doubt about the unique set of skills that makes them ideal for the job. One of the major benefits of using Search and Rescue (SAR) dog is that they can go anywhere that a human can go, and even places a human could not. They can get into smaller spaces than a person and they are not afraid of heights, depths, rugged climbs, digging through rubble or even scaling walls and fences to find their target. SAR dogs are used by the military, police forces, private search agencies and even private citizens to help find lost hikers, skiers, children, criminals or anyone at anytime that has become lost or goes missing. [...]

Breed Clubs and Rescues

Many breed clubs, either on their own or through affiliated breed clubs in different locations, manage breed specific rescue facilities. These breed specific rescues are different than the government run or community run animal shelters and SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) facilities since they are almost all non-kill facilities. This means that any dog that is accepted into these privately run rescues will not be destroyed or euthanized if they are not adopted. On the other hand, unlike a community run shelter, breed rescues do not have to take all dogs that are brought to the rescue facility. Typically they will only take dogs that are of their specific breed or a mixed breed that favors the appearance, temperament and behaviors characteristic of the breed rescue. [...]

Rescuing and Training Feral Dogs

Wild, semi-wild or feral dogs are an increasing problem in many urban and suburban areas. While some of these dogs have actually been born in a feral state, a great many are someone's pet that has been lost, abandoned or has run away and simply cannot find his or her way back home. Often these dogs are abused by other people, chased by packs of other dogs and often they are injured, malnourished and highly protective and aggressive. This is not because of the dog's temperament, but rather the cruel and savage environment they find themselves thrust into on the streets. [...]

Racing Greyhounds and Rescues

With the increasing focus on the cruel treatment of many of the racing Greyhounds in the early 1970's, the industry as put in some very important changes to the ways in which dogs can be housed, trained and raced. The result is slightly better overall care of the dogs both on and off the track, with owners, racers and trainers held to a much higher standard of care for the animals in their kennels. However, there are still many issues with the Greyhound racing industry that lead to cruel and inhumane treatment of these dogs throughout their short racing lives. [...]

Christmas Pets as Gifts

Every year hundreds of thousands of pets are given as Christmas gifts. The vast majority of these pets will be expected and planned for, a welcome addition to the family. However, there will be some pets, particularly dogs, that end up in shelters or rescues in the upcoming months because people either didn't plan for the gift, didn't understand the responsibilities of ownership and training or didn't know how large or active the puppy would eventually grow to be. [...]

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