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Aliases: Spitzkes, Spitskes, Spits

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Schipperke: Terrier or Mini Sheep Dog

At less than 20 pounds the Schipperke is a dynamic breed that exhibits many different traits that make it hard to define. Though typically categorized by the American Kennel Club as non sporting and as a companion breed by the United Kennel Club, the Schipperke still finds itself wandering in between the classifications of the spitz, terrier and sheepdog. With a solid balance of appearance, temperament and constitution, the breed wins the hearts of its owners for its ability to combine all the best traits into one package. Individuals looking for a versatile breed with spark and tenacity will find just what they are looking for in the Schipperke. [...]

The Schipperke and the Art of Escape

The stature of the petite sized Schipperke often belies the vast intelligence contained in side the little dog. Many owners do not realize the extent of their dog's tenacity until they are being given a run for their money. Unbeknownst to many, the Schipperke ranks in the top twenty of the world's smartest dogs. They are extremely versatile and love to put their intelligence to the test in any way they can. They are daring, brave and bold and rarely hesitate to move on even the most precarious of situations. Owners who put their Schipperke off for too long or too often will experience the perils of not keeping the dog breed busy. The Schipperke is one that does not wait for others and it certainly won't hesitate to entertain itself. [...]

Toys the Schipperke Will Love

The Schipperke may be small but it possesses a high intelligence. Many owners assume that all they need to do is give their Schipperke plenty of space and attention and all will be well between them. However, a breed as smart as the Schipperke needs an owner who will also make stimulating their dog's intelligence as much a part of their routine as feeding. Without much devotion to this, the Schipperke is likely to become frustrated; communicating their anxiety through relentless barking and destructive chewing. This can be avoided with not only daily sessions of play but with fun and innovative dog toys. A dog that has plenty of toys to keep him or her busy during the day is not likely to bother chewing household items. [...]

Healthy Snacks for the Schipperke

Even with the active Schipperke, one of the main concerns with the breed is that of overfeeding. It is much easier to overfeed a Schipperke than most owners think and doing so can result in a number of various health problems. The small stature of the breed means its hips and knee joints are not especially able to handle much in the way of extra weight. Owners who perpetually overfeed their Schipperke are not only causing unnecessary health problems for their dog, they are looking at possibly thousands in vet bills to deal with the problem. While every dog likes a snack and it feels good for owners to offer their dogs such tasty treats, some snacks are better than others for the Schipperke. [...]

When You Can't Keep Your Schipperke

While they are anything but difficult, the Schipperke is a high energy dog that requires an owner that is just as active as they are. It is not uncommon for individuals to suddenly discover that the dog they have chosen is not a good match after all. Sometimes the unfortunate situation occurs when an individual can no longer keep their Schipperke due to a move, an illness or a changing residence policy for pets. Whatever the reason, it can be extremely heartbreaking for the owner who has to find their Schipperke a new home. This is why many insist on choosing the best alternative they can possibly find. [...]

Devilishly Delightful names for the Schipperke

Often referred to as the Devil Dog because of their pointed ears and the mischievous gleam in their eye, the sweet but impish natured Schipperke often earns it nickname. The breed is highly intelligent and owners often marvel at the dog's ability to get in the middle of the most mind boggling of situations. Yet, even if a Schipperke raises the eyebrows or the voice of their owner, the breed is endearing and magnetic, with a charm that never allows owners to stay upset for any length of time. However, many owners do find it apt to give their dog a name that humorously describes their dog's personality. [...]

Schipperke Mating and Pregnancy Guidelines

When it comes to smaller dogs such as the Schipperke, special care should be taken when it comes to mating and pregnancy. While the large majority of pregnancies go by without incident, smaller breeds always warrant just a little bit more attention than larger breeds. This is because of their small stature and pelvis size. The added weight of a pregnancy can sometimes cause undue stress on hip joints of a bone structure that is only meant to accommodate twenty pounds or less. To ensure a healthy pregnancy and litter, a female needs to be at least two years of age before her first mating. Special tests that are needed cannot be performed before this age. It also provides time for owners to track their female's heat cycles. [...]

Schipperkes on the Job

Though they were developed as working dogs, the jobs the Schipperke was bred for, such as ratting and working on barges, have largely fallen by the wayside. Nowadays, dogs mostly work as companion animals but these positions are often left to breeds such as the Lab or Golden Retriever. Even so, this does not mean the Schipperke cannot be useful in a number of areas. In fact, the Schipperke is the one breed of dog that can naturally handle specialized tasks trained dogs cannot. It is the jobs that call for an independent streak and a good dose of daring that are right up the Schipperke's alley. [...]

Dental Care and the Schipperke

The Schipperke is a healthy breed of dog that is not known to suffer the unfortunate effects of genetic maladies that other breeds are prone to. This is due largely to the fact that breeders have followed very strict guidelines when it comes to their trade. However, it is not totally unheard of for the Schipperke to experience dental problems due to crooked bites or a build up of tartar at the gumline. Because of this, owners should expect to make dental care a regular part of their care routine. Waiting until the problem is large and out of control can cause the Schipperke a large amount of undue stress and pain. [...]

Schipperke Weird Facts Did You Know?

Those who work with or live aboard boats swear by the Schipperke. The breed can often be found on charter boats throughout the Caribbean. They are sure footed even in the choppiest of water and their fluffy coat has no doggy smell even when they are wet. Unlike other breeds, they are even litter box trainable for the times when they are out at sea. Throughout history, the Schipperke could be found in a number of sizes. While the smallest typically worked as ratters, larger Schipperkes were used for herding sheep and cattle on farms. A 14th century law passed by the French upperclass deemed it inappropriate for peasants to have large dogs. Since families and farmers still needed something to chase mice and provide security, the small version of the Schipperke eventually became the only one. [...]

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