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The Wire Fox Terrier as a Show Dog

The Wire Fox Terrier has many purposes or jobs in its life and one of the jobs they probably consider the most fun is their role as a show dog. Not only do they get to prance back and forth showing their stuff, but they get to participate in fun activities with their owner. When the Wire Fox Terrier is first being trained in preparation for the show ring, they have a tendency to show their stubbornness. In true fashion with the Wire Fox Terrier, once they get down to business, they do an excellent job in the ring. Conformation is one area the Wire Fox Terrier performs in at the shows. This involves the dog having to conform to certain standards of the breed. For instance, their size can't be any larger or longer than what the AKC feels is the correct size for the dog. Their coat has to be the correct length and texture as the breed standard, etc. [...]

Five Reasons a Bloodhound is not for Everyone

There are some reasons why a Bloodhound might not be right for you including their size, tendency to drool, they are not the smartest dog outside of their excellent sense of smell, their short life span, and they are terribly unmotivated. As one can see, they are basically a hyperactive dog that has to be watched all the time to make sure they do not eat something that can harm them. [...]

Wire Fox Terriers and Wire Specialty Shows

The Wire Fox Terrier is a dog of many talents. In addition to being a family pet, hunting dog, and working dog, the Wire Fox Terrier also does very well as a performance dog in many shows. The Westminster is a dog show that the Wire Fox Terrier has done well in, winning more time than almost any other breed of dog. The Wire Fox Terrier Specialty Shows, in particular, are a big event for the terrier and are held each year in many cities. [...]

The Brussels Griffon at the Dog Show

If you are purchasing a Brussels Griffon to show at dog shows, you will need to be aware of which variant of Brussels Griffon you adopt, especially if you live in Europe. There are three distinct variants of the Brussels Griffon, and while the American Kennel Club (AKC) breed standard for the Brussels Griffon recognizes each variant as an acceptable option for the Brussels Griffon breed, the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) in Europe does not. Instead, they recognize each of the three variants of the Brussels Griffon as a separate breed entirely. [...]

Showing your Toy Manchester Terrier to Its Best Advantage

If you are a new Toy Manchester Terrier owner and you plan to have your dog compete in dog shows, you must become familiar with the standards of perfection that are established for your dog's breed. Now keep in mind that the list can be quite long and no one dog is absolutely perfect. However, it is the goal of many breeders to work on those imperfections in order to raise a more perfect dog with their next born litter of pups. [...]

Famous Cairn Terrier Owners

Indubitably, as far as Hollywood popularity is concerned, Liza Minelli has to be one of the most famous Cairn Terrier owners. Aside from the fact that she is the daughter of screen legend Judy Garland, Minelli has also achieved Hollywood prominence in her own right. She is a well-known actress, singer and true blue modern pop icon. Minelli is also known as a long time animal lover, and has taken care of many pets, mostly dogs. [...]

Showing your Norwegian Elkhound

As mentioned previously, purebred dogs are often shown in what are called conformation events. These are the dog shows that you often see on television; what many people may not know is that the dogs are not competing against one another in these events. Instead, the dogs are each being judged against their particular breed's "standard" or "ideal dog"; this "ideal dog" has never actually existed, or at least the judges don't have any one single live dog in mind when observing the candidates. This "ideal" is what the breed is supposed to strive towards achieving, the characteristics of the perfect dog to fulfill the job description for which the breed was created. The dog that most closely resembles the standard for its breed is the dog that wins in the show ring. [...]

Celebrity Shar Pei

Anyone who sees a cute little wrinkled dog like a Shar Pei in a movie or on a television show will immediately fall in love with it. The truth is that the Chinese Shar Pei makes a wonderful actor because of its ability to follow directions. Obedient by nature, the Shar Pei can be trained to do a wide variety of things, including being a star on the big screen! [...]

Dog Shows and the St. Bernard

For hundreds of years, from at least the seventeenth century through the nineteenth century, St. Bernards were bred and raised in the Great St. Bernard Pass in the monastery and hospice run by the monks who had originally bred the breed. The monks were strict with their breeding standards, and as a result, they had a marvelous breed of dog. Breeding began outside of the hospice and monastery in Switzerland in 1855 by a man named Henrich Schumacher. Schumacher bred the dogs according the original hospice breed standard, and provided the dogs to the monks. But this standard was no upheld by foreigners like the English who bred the dogs all around Switzerland. In order to protect the dog's specific breeding, the Swiss Kennel Club was formed in 1883; they wrote the Swiss St. Bernard breed standard in 1884: it maintained the standard established by the monks in the hospice and monastery. [...]

Showing Norwich Terriers

After coming to the decision that a Norwich terrier is definitely the furry addition that your family needs, you'll also have to consider whether you have any intention of breeding and/or showing your dog, or if you're simply looking for a lovable companion. If companionship is all you're interested in, then it is highly recommended that you ask around at shelters or rescue organizations to find an adult or puppy Norwich in need of a good home. If, however, you're seriously considering showing your Norwich, then it's a good idea to find a reputable breeder from which you can purchase a puppy. [...]

Are Lhasa Apsos really true showdogs?

There are many different types of dog shows: in the "Conformation Show," dogs compete based on how well their appearance conforms to a specific breed standard. These are the most common shows. In the "Obedience Trial Show," dogs compete based on how well they perform a specific set of tasks; in the "Dog Agility Show," dogs and their owners compete based on how they both handle an obstacle course. The "Field Trial Show" and "Tracking Show," are typically highly competitive events for hunting and tracking dogs. Finally, there are the offbeat shows, such as the "Novelty Shows" where dogs or both dogs and their owners compete in various categories, e.g., dog-owner look-alike contests, best-dressed dog contest, etc. [...]

Showing the English Toy Spaniel

There are distinct characteristics that are desired in the English Toy Spaniel, also known as the Charlie, when you plan to show this breed. There can also be some complications. But if you can get past these complications, you will have a truly royal show dog. [...]

Showing A Komondor

A Komondor is a showstopper. It's beautiful white-corded appearance and confident bearing makes it a favorite dog to watch. The coat itself is what gives it the unique appearance with hair that twists into curly cords by age two. In fact, if the coat fails to cord up by this age, it is disqualified as a show dog. In order to show a Komondor, the coat has to have the cords all over its body, including the head and legs. The coat also has to be all white in adults, with some allowance for cream or buff colors in puppies. The requirements for the coat are very stringent, but it is also what makes this breed so greatly admired by dog fanciers. [...]

Activities of Flat Coated Retriever

The Flat Coated Retriever is a very confident dog. It has an outgoing attitude and maintains a great desire to please people. The Flat Coated Retriever is also extremely athletic, and is more than happy to get its dose of daily exercise like fetching, running and even swimming. Its playfulness and affectionate manner are signs that the Flat Coated Retriever thrives upon the lavish attention that its human handlers give it. [...]

The Irish Wolfhound as a Show Dog

The Irish wolfhound, in addition to making a wonderful companion and family pet, has many other traits that make them such desirable dogs. One of these traits is their ability to make excellent show dogs. There are breed standards of the Irish wolfhound that must be met in the show ring, such as body length and height, proportion of the body, as well as each part being the size it should be in proportion to the rest of the body (front and back legs, height at withers, etc.). [...]

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Found [197] Articles :: Page 4 of 14
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