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German Wirehaired Pointer in the Show Ring

The discipline and focus of the German Wirehaired Pointer make it a great candidate for the show ring. If you're thinking about showing your new pet, it is important that you know what the judges look for in the German Wirehaired Pointer. At the same time, you should also make sure that you are familiar with the breed standard for your dog. Ask breeders and other owners of German Wirehaired Pointers what to expect in the show ring and what is expected of your dog. [...]

Entering your Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen in Contests

What proud owner wouldn't want to enter his beloved pooch in a contest that gives out blue ribbons and certificates for excellence? Joining dog contests can be a pretty exhilarating adventure for both owner and dog, and entering your Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen in one of these competitions can be an experience you will never forget. Of course, before you decide to sign your dog's name on that contest application form, you need to prepare your pet for that first foray into stardom. [...]

The Saluki as a Show Dog

You've been hearing all about the Saluki dog as a family pet, an indoor dog, and a hunting dog. But let's not forget about their talent in the show ring as a show dog. They participate in many types of events such as lure coursing and open field coursing. The open coursing is used with real animals and gives the Saluki the opportunity to keep up with their hunting skills. Lure coursing is used with the aid of an artificial rabbit or a plastic motorized lure, which is thrown across a course for the dog to chase. The dog must, however, not cheat and cut across the field, but must stay in a certain course. [...]

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers in Agility and Flyball Events

The Nova Scotia duck tolling retrievers are an intelligent, outgoing, active dog that loves their human family, is patient, and easy to train. This breed is excellent in events such as agility, fly ball events, tracking, hunting trials, and obedience trials. Many clubs and organizations now offer dog agility competitions, which have continued to increase in popularity making it one of the fastest growing of all events or dog sports. [...]

Showing a Redbone Coonhound

A breed of purebred dog is officially recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC), the most recognized kennel club in America, if there is concrete proof that there is a relatively large interest in the breed around the country and if there is current, sustained and serious activity relating to the maintenance of high breed standards. If a breed isn't registered with the AKC, but it meets the above conditions, the breed is first admitted to the Miscellaneous Class; if this breed continues to show consistent growth and positive results while in this class, it will eventually become officially recognized and move out of the Miscellaneous Class. [...]

Famous Irish Water Spaniels

There are very few Irish Water Spaniels in the world that have achieved “famous” status. In the world of show business, only a handful of the dogs are actually named as they make their appearances on TV or in the silver screen. In the world of dog show competitions and sports, a few have achieved champion status, but not necessarily that elusive famousstanding. Here are some examples of famous Irish Water Spaniels. [...]

Famous Red and White Setters

Since the Red and White Setter has only seen a surge in popularity during the last 60 odd years, there are still very few Red and White Setters in movies or on television, especially in the United States. But, there are plenty of champion show dogs across the world! With Red and White Setter clubs across the entire globe, there's sure to be tons of celebrities among them! The Red and White Setter is still virtually unknown outside of Ireland, although there are a few Red and White Setter clubs springing up around the world. This lack of popularity explains why you haven't seen a Red and White Setter in a dog food commercial or playing someone's trusty pet in a movie. However, the Red and White Setter has become famous in its own right. After near extinction during the late 1800s, enthusiastic breeders have ensured that this breed will continue for generations. [...]

How Ambitious is your Red and White Setter?

Many pet owners begin to think of their dogs like children and they begin to wonder what, if anything is in their pet's future. You may be wondering the same thing about your Red and White Setter. While this is a fun-loving breed that does enjoy working in the field, gauging its ambitions is quite difficult. The Red and White Setter does have a few goals in life, but they aren't what you're thinking. Once introduced as part of a loving family, the Red and White Setter's only goal will be to please his owners. If your goal was to secure an amazing hunting companion, with proper training, your Red and White Setter can be the best hunting companion. Regular exercise and playtime will be a dream realized for this playful pup with tons of energy to burn. Hunting is literally hard-wired into the DNA of the Red and White Setter so turning him into an excellent hunter of all game is a goal this breed can certainly achieve. [...]

Showing A Norfolk Terrier

The art of breeding, training, conditioning, grooming and finally, showing a dog in a competition is too in depth to give even a fair crash course in a single article, and any serious dog show hopefuls are advised to find an experienced mentor in their area and attend their fair share of dog shows in person to see first hand what defines a winning dog and a winning trainer. This article is neither experienced elder dog owner or first hand experience at a dog show, but regardless of this obvious handicap on the short form article's part, with luck, this one hopes to at least serve as a checklist of what it is judges are looking for, and what the American Kennel Club standard is, so that the reader will at least have a starting point to pursue further research from. [...]

The Lowchen as a Show Dog

The Lowchen is a great dog that fulfills many purposes such as a family dog, companion dog, watchdog and a beautiful little show dog. If the dog is competing for conformation, there are specific guidelines that must be met concerning their appearance and demeanor. The Lowchen is also known as the "lion dog" because of their lion hair cut. This is a necessity in the show ring. The coat must be cut in the lion clip that the judges are accustomed to seeing along with a clipped tail with a plume on top. The coat should be long and wavy, but not curly. [...]

Preparing Your Miniature Bull Terrier For Show

Miniature bull terriers have a strong, sturdy, square proportioned body with a flat, sloping head and closely set small eyes. Their short coat is harsh and flat with colors such as pure white, red fawn, brindle, black, and tricolor. The miniature bull terriers coat is easy to maintain. Although your terriers coat only requires occasional brushing, when you brush him often it helps keep your pets skin healthy and moist by stimulating the oil in its skin. It also helps reduce shedding as it removes the dead hair. [...]

Showing a Puli

Trimming and prepping a Puli for a show is a delicate affair. Where other breeds may require nothing more than a bath, a trim and a brushing, the Puli's complex coat of locks demands careful styling and trimming if he or she hopes to look like anything more than an indistinct ball of fluff. Perhaps one of the more important things to remember is to make sure that the face is neatly visible. However much time is invested in the Puli's coat, it may all be for naught if the face cannot be seen. Remember that the face is what a judge will identify with, what will charm them. Leaving the face covered with messy bangs will prevent the dog's personality from immediately shining through. The mouth and eyes should both be especially prominent. [...]

The Pharaoh Hound in the Show Ring

The Pharaoh hound, which we think of as a hunting dog, also makes an excellent show dog. From the time the Pharaohs were first recognized in 1994, the American Kennel Club has had 233 litters and 1,211 dogs registered with their club. Of these numbers, 465 have earned their AKC Championship in addition to 53 of them being in Obedience. Many of the hunting dogs have also earned titles in AKC lure coursing. Lure coursing is when the Pharaoh has the task of chasing a lure that is mechanically operated. This competition is usually reserved to dogs of the sighthound family, although other breeds have participated. The dogs chase the lure across a field, which has a specific pattern that resembles a real live course with bends and curves. The course is required to have a minimum amount of curves similar to what rabbits would travel on if they were in the woods. [...]

The Breed That Natural Selection Created

When we speak about a breed of dogs nowadays, we usually refer to a group of dogs that are classified together according to a definite set of characteristics that they share. Furthermore, we also intend a group of dogs that was developed by humans; humans had a specific goal in mind for a certain breed and actively sought out and selected for very specific traits to concentrate within a breed so that those dogs could fulfill their purpose. The Central Asian Ovtcharka, though, does not fit this description; many experts agree that this is not a man-made breed, at least not up until this point. This breed is perhaps one of the oldest dog breeds and it is very close to what the ancient Mastiff-type dogs, some of the first dogs to be domesticated, looked like. These dogs have been around for thousands of years. [...]

Showing your Central Asian Ovtcharka

While the Central Asian Shepherd is gaining in popularity outside of its native countries, it still is not officially recognized in all registered kennel clubs. It is recognized by the Federation Cynologique Internationale (the World Canine Federation, based in Belgium) and in America, it is recognized by the United Kennel Club. Being recognized allows it to participate in a variety of kennel-sponsored events, including conformation, in which dogs compete in the show ring not against one another but against the standard of their own breed. The breed standard for the Central Asian Shepherd dog at the moment takes into consideration the variation present in this breed, though some dog fanciers would like there to be breed standards for each geographical subtype of Central Asian Shepherd. [...]

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Found [197] Articles :: Page 6 of 14
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