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Preparing Chinese Foos for Competition

Participating in dog shows with your Chinese Foo is a great way to spend quality time with your dog while getting know other dog fanciers in a wonderful atmosphere. Unfortunately, Chinese Foos are not yet eligible for competitions sponsored by the American Kennel Club, the oldest kennel club in America, but fanciers of the breed hope that this will change one day. For now, they are welcome to participate in shows hosted by other organizations, including the American Rare Breed Association and the National Canine Association. Participating in exhibitions also help to get the breed wider known and this will hopefully help the breed become accepted in larger associations. [...]

Showing a Smooth Fox Terrier

The smooth fox terrier was once used as a hunting dog, but in the late 19th century it was recognized by The Kennel Club as the first breed in the fox terrier family. Many of the terrier breeds are believed to have originated from the smooth fox terrier. Today the smooth fox terrier is known as a show dog as well as a good family pet. If you have a smooth fox terrier in your family and are preparing it for dog shows, you will come to realize that there are many qualities as well as standards that the smooth fox terrier must meet to qualify in some shows. The reason dog shows have standards is because they were originally intended to showcase the future breeding stock as well as to showcase the results of existing breeding programs. Many dog shows require participants to conform to a specifically written standard that describes the appearance of the breed. Depending on the seriousness of the competition the appearance of the smooth fox terrier can become very important. [...]

Showing Skye Terriers

There are very few experiences that can be shared between a dog and an owner that will have quite the profound impact upon the relationship as showing your Skye Terrier will have. Showing any dog can be a stressful event. Showing a dog that is headstrong and has natural tendencies to be aggressive to strange people and animals adds another level to the insanity. This isn't meant to discourage you from showing your Skye Terrier only to paint a fairly accurate picture of some of the challenges that await you. [...]

Curly Coated Retrievers in the Show Ring

Curly Coated Retrievers have long been a popular breed in the show ring thanks to their unique, tightly curled coat and wonderful temperament. First exhibited in 1860 in England, the breed nearly disappeared during the two world wars of the 20th century but steadily gained in number in the later half of the century. Today, the Curly Coated Retriever is not widely known in the United States, but still enjoys popularity in Great Britain, New Zealand and Australia, where it does consistently well in the show ring. If you're interested in showing your Curly in the show ring, here are a few tips on preparing your dog for the spotlight. [...]

The Lakeland Terrier as a Show Dog

You've heard of the Lakeland terrier, the hunter, and you've probably heard of the Lakeland terrier, the family pet. Now you'll hear and read about the Lakeland terrier show dog. This is a role the Lakeland terrier has done for many years and has done well. There are many groups and organizations just for the Lakeland terrier dog shows and competitions. [...]

The Manchester Terrier, A Great Show Dog

Many times when people get Manchester terriers, they are not sure what kind of dogs they are; unless they previously owned one. However, Manchester terriers are mostly an all-round great dog. [...]

Showing Your Silky Terrier

The Silky Terrier, or Australian Silky Terrier, is classified in the Terrier group in Europe, but has been placed in the American Kennel Club's Toy group. Indeed, the AKC considers him a toy terrier that is somewhat longer than tall, relatively low set with an elegant bone structure. Despite his delicate appearance, the ideal Silky Terrier must be substantial enough to give the impression that he can hunt and kill rodents. The breed's name derives from its coat, which appears silky and for show purposes is parted and well-groomed. The Silky Terrier must give the impression of being curious and full of joy. [...]

The American Staffordshire Terrier and French Ring Sport

Dog owners are always on the lookout for new sporting events in which to register their canine friends; many are looking for outlets to help the dogs work off the energy that comes with being bred for a specific purpose. There are a variety of canine competitive events in which dogs can participate; it's just a question of finding which one or ones best suit your breed. Amstaff owners are no different and love to show off the skills of their amazing, yet poorly understood, breed. One of the events in which Amstaffs often participate and at which they often excel is French Ring Sport. This sport originally hails from France and was originally developed about one hundred years ago for the purpose of testing breeding stock for their ability to be good protection dogs. [...]

Showing a Boxer

Boxers are one of the more popular dog breeds in existence today, and a large part of this popularity centers around the fact that in addition to being loyal and loving pets they are also excellent show dogs. Many people don't realize it, but the breed was actually introduced to the world during a dog show in the 1890's and has been a staple of the show dog world ever since. [...]

Showing Your Welsh Terrier

The Welsh Terrier is a dog of medium size that has a very characteristic wire-textured coat; it looks similar to an Airedale Terrier. He is compact and sturdy with a tan head, under body and legs; there is either a black or grizzle jacket. More often than not, the tail is docked and gives the dog an overall square appearance; he is roughly as long as he is tall. Since he is a long-legged terrier, he has a very typical terrier "trot", which gives the semblance of being effortless. As far as personality, he is outgoing and friendly to dogs and people; he demonstrates great courage and spirit. He shows a desire to please and is both intelligent and capable of great self-control. He has a very characteristic "Welsh Terrier expression", which has been described as alert, confident and steady. [...]

Showing Your Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Despite its small size, in the show ring the Cardigan Welsh Corgi must be able to demonstrate great power. Indeed, the dog's heritage demands that he possess great speed and endurance, while all the while retaining a handsome appearance. He must be sturdy, but not in a bulky way and must give the air of an intelligent dog ready for anything. Physically, he is much longer than he is tall and is moderately heavy boned. His tail is set low and has a fox-like brush. [...]

Showing a Chinese Crested Dog

Any dog trainer looking to get involved in dog shows should go armed with the following information; a lot of judgment comes down to the individual judge's personal preferences, this being the case, a loss or a second place award is not necessarily to be taken personally, nor does it always mean that the trainer and dog didn't work hard enough or anything of this sort. As it is said, there is no accounting for taste. A handler can do everything right and still see their dog lose to another simply because of a judge's opinion. In any competitive environment, contestants need to remember that it is about doing one's best and it's never wise to get caught up on wins and losses. So remember that the following is not necessarily a trophy-guaranteeing checklist, but rather, a brief rundown of what judges tend to prefer. [...]

English Springer Spaniels Have Poise

In the dog world, there are a few breeds that stand out in particular for their natural poise and beauty. English Spring Spaniels happen to rank pretty high on the list of poised breeds in the minds of many canine lovers. [...]

English Springer Spaniels Have Poise

In the dog world, there are a few breeds that stand out in particular for their natural poise and beauty. English Spring Spaniels happen to rank pretty high on the list of poised breeds in the minds of many canine lovers. [...]

English Springer Spaniel, A Working Dog Or A Show Dog

When purchasing or adopting an English Springer Spaniel, it is important to decide whether you are looking for a working dog or a show dog. For the last 70 years, the breed has been divided into two distinct categories, labeled field and bench. Some bloodlines are working dogs. Other bloodlines are breed for show. The two types can differ in coloring and body type. [...]

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Found [197] Articles :: Page 7 of 14
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