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Visitors With Dogs: How To Prepare Your Canine For Company

Summer holidays is a great time for getting out of the house, spending time on the road and just getting a chance to unwind. However, in most families at least, you are also required to host other family members, guest and friends that may be traveling to your area. Preparing your dog for other animals, including other dogs, to come onto their turf will require a bit of advanced training and work to ensure the visit goes smoothly. [...]

Dogs and Kids - Summer Responsibilities

Summer is typically a time when the family is around the house a lot more than they are the rest of the year. Both adults as well as children in the family are off work and school for summer holidays, providing lots of time for interactions with the dog. This increased down time for kids can be a great way to add exercise, socialization and lots of quality time for your pet. There are also a lot of benefits that children can obtain from spending time with their dog, but how much responsibility they can reasonably take on has a lot to do with the age and comfort level of the child. [...]

Rescuing and Training Feral Dogs

Wild, semi-wild or feral dogs are an increasing problem in many urban and suburban areas. While some of these dogs have actually been born in a feral state, a great many are someone's pet that has been lost, abandoned or has run away and simply cannot find his or her way back home. Often these dogs are abused by other people, chased by packs of other dogs and often they are injured, malnourished and highly protective and aggressive. This is not because of the dog's temperament, but rather the cruel and savage environment they find themselves thrust into on the streets. [...]

Best Breeds For Seniors

Selecting the best dog breed for an elderly family member or even for yourself as a senior citizen is basically very similar to selecting a dog breed for any other type of individual or family. It is very important to take then time to consider what you want in a dog as well as what special aspects of your life may make one type of dog more suitable or a specific type or character trait in a dog more challenging or difficult. [...]

Benefits Of Dogs For Older Adults

For a lot of older adults or senior citizens, living alone is a simple fact of life. Even if they are still living with family members often they may feel isolated or not up to all the activities that are going on in the family. For seniors that are caring for a spouse or loved one with poor health, it can be a very stressful and difficult time. It almost seems backwards that the "golden" years are often the most challenging, since they are supposed to be a time to relax, sit back, and just enjoy ourselves. [...]

Puppies Versus Adult Dogs For Seniors

Once a decision has been made to include a dog in a senior family member or friend's life, the next big decision is what type of dog and what age of dog. The type of dog that is best for a senior citizen is really very much a factor of the activity level, mobility, living space and expectations of the older person, just as it would be for anyone thinking about getting a dog. In general most breeds, provided they are not extremely high energy or extremely aggressive types of dogs would do very well, however typically a greater number of older adults tend to favor smaller to medium sized breeds that are suitable to smaller living spaces. [...]

Getting The Whole Family Involved

Caring for a dog or a puppy is a great way to get the whole family involved and interacting with senior family members. By having everyone participating in the care, exercise and socialization of the dog the pressure is removed from the senior adult, allowing them to experience the joy of having a pet without the pressure of all the day-to-day aspects of care. It also helps family stay in touch with the senior on a regular basis without appearing to be checking up on the individual. [...]

Border Collies as City Dogs

It is hard to think of a breed more closely associated with wide open spaces and farms than the Border Collie. They are often pictured in beautiful lush pastures and meadows or with a background of rugged mountains, herding in flocks of sheep or herds of cattle as the sun sets in the west. However, with all that imagery in mind, there are actually a large number of Border Collies that are completely urban dogs, never having lived in the country and never having been used in their traditional role as herding dogs. [...]

Temperament and Behavior of Australian Cattle Dogs

Australian Cattle Dogs are the rugged frontier dogs that you may imagine when you think of the great wide open spaces of Australia. Unlike many of the herding breeds that have gradually been bred into companion dogs, the ACD is more of a traditional working dog at heart. There are some show lines and some lines that are not as naturally inclined to the rather independent temperament of the working Australian Cattle Dog and those are the lines that are most recommended if you want a non-working pet type ACD. [...]

Socializing and Training Australian Cattle Dogs

There are several breeds of dogs that are naturally very calm and well socialized and really don't need extensive amounts of work to be very non-aggressive and friendly towards other dogs and other animals. The Australian Cattle Dog is not one of those breeds, however once properly socialized these dogs are trustworthy with other dogs and tend to be very good companion dogs with people and some other pets such as cats. [...]

Australian Cattle Dogs - The Right Breed For Me?

With their unique coat colorations, their amazing intelligence and natural abilities the Australian Cattle Dog is often a dog that is considered by many to become a family pet and companion. While the Australian Cattle Dog is a terrific breed of dog, their temperament, energy requirements and even their high level of intelligence often makes them challenging for many people. [...]

Traits and Temperament of the German Shepherd Dog

A well bred German Shepherd Dog is an outstanding companion pet that needs to have a purpose in his or her life. Since they are naturally highly protective, they do need to be regularly and routinely socialized, starting from a very early age. Despite their somewhat ferocious reputation, most German Shepherd Dogs, at least once socialized, are very calm, dependable dogs that are more likely to think through a problem than react with aggression. [...]

Training The Boxer

While Boxers are known for their happy go lucky, playful and very energetic behavior they are also known to be rather independent, headstrong and very intense both in training and in exercise requirements. They are a dominant type of dog by nature, and will require an owner that can be positive, firm and consistent or else this very intelligent dog will soon be running the household and will see his or herself as the leader. This can happen very easily as the Boxer actually learns which people he or she has to listen too and which people can be ignored within the family. In addition their energy levels can sometimes make training a challenge, especially if the Boxer is confined during the day to a kennel or inside of the house. [...]

Temperament and Traits of the Rottweiler

Despite the horrible reputation that this breed has had to endure, the true temperament of the Rottweiler is one of a calm, loving and very loyal dog that can and will provide protection if needed. They are not an aggressive breed by nature, however, like most intelligent larger breeds they are dominant in temperament. Considering the demands placed on the dogs in the herding or working group, it is easy to see why this type of dominant, self-confident and problem solving type of temperament was an essential element in developing the breed. The Rottweiler, not unlike any other dog in this group, needs to feel that they have a job to do and a responsibility in the family. This can include being the guardian of the property or accompanying you on a daily walk. [...]

Rottweiler - The Right Breed For Me?

The Rottweiler is a very adaptable, highly intelligent breed of dog that also has a well balanced temperament for many different households and families. As with any dog there are considerations that need to be kept in mind when selecting a Rottweiler. One of the most unfortunate aspects of the breed's sudden surge in popularity was that many owners simply didn't know how to work with the breed or purchased a dog for all the wrong reasons. This led to a lot of public misinformation about how aggressive, vicious and uncontrollable the breed was. As with any dominant type of dog consistent training and work is required to have a well behaved and very social Rottweiler, but this is no different than any other dog in the working group. [...]

Found [196] Articles :: Page 11 of 14
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