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Training and Competing With Rottweilers

The intelligence and natural athletic ability of the Rottweiler breed makes them ideal for many different types of competitions and events, provided that the dog is properly trained and socialized. With their large size they are not a good breed to have around other dogs if they are not properly socialized or in any way hostile or aggressive. This is because both their large size as well as the unfortunate reputation that the Rottweiler breed has unjustly earned can work against them. Poor ownership and people that have no idea on how to train a Rottweiler can find themselves with a 140 pound out of control dog, which is never a good idea no matter where you live. [...]

Training and Socialization of Akitas

The Akita is unique among some of the working group in that they are more comfortable being an only dog or as a pair, rather than being a true pack dog. This may be caused by their fighting heritage or because of their role in the rural areas. It would have been uncommon for people to keep more than one or two of these very large sized dogs, even when they were used for hunting or for herding and protecting flocks, which were a major part of the early Akita's role. [...]

Akita - The Right Breed For Me?

The bear-like massive head, the gentle, intelligent eyes and the striking color combinations of the Akita make them a dog that is hard to miss. A well trained Akita is also so amazing to watch as they seem to have a natural ability to interact with their owners, but are also independent enough to sit back and relax, watching over everyone in their domain. While these traits are certainly a key component of the Akita breed, they are developed by a lot of work and interaction between the owner and the dog. [...]

Doberman Pinscher -The Right Breed For Me?

As with any type of dog, owning a Doberman Pinscher has its responsibilities, its rewards and its unique challenges. The rather dominant temperament and protective instincts of the Doberman Pinscher can make them more challenging to own and train when compared to other breeds that were never developed as protection or guard dogs. However, the very loyalty, playful nature with their owners and high levels of intelligence also make them a desirable breed for many families and individuals. [...]

Temperament and Traits Of The Doberman Pinscher

With the very undeserved reputation as a vicious and highly aggressive dog, the Doberman Pinscher has a lot of obstacles to overcome about misinformation about the temperament and traits of this breed. A well socialized, well bred and well trained Doberman Pinscher is a loyal and very affectionate companion dog, a playful dog and also a very loving dog. They are, however, highly protective, able to show aggression in the face of possible danger and fearless and courageous when it comes to defending their family and their property. They are typically wonderful with children and seem to know how to be gentle and careful around kids, particularly when raised in a household with children. [...]

German Wirehaired Pointers

A true gun dog and a great hunting companion are the two most common descriptors used to summarize the temperament and traits of the German Wirehaired Pointer. Of course not all German Wirehaired Pointers are high prey drive hunting dogs, some are wonderful companion pets and just good old family dogs as well. Typically, however, most lines of German Wirehaired Pointers will have some natural hunting instincts, some which can make the breed a challenge to own. [...]

The Irish Setter As A Family Dog

The vast majority of modern Irish Setters are not ever going to be used as hunting dogs, even those of championship lines. In the late 20th century the breed moved from a hunting breed to a show breed, somewhat changing the appearance of the dog, but also developing a much more family friendly dog that was an ideal companion pet. [...]

Behavior Issues With Weimaraners

Any breed of dog will potentially have behavioral issues, especially during their teenage stage that typically occurs between one and two years of age. At this time young dogs, particularly those with more dominant temperaments such as the Weimaraner, will test the human's ability to be the leader of the pack. This testing is usually fairly predictable and includes simply ignoring the owner, refusing to follow commands or showing challenging types of behaviors. This may include play growling at the family during games, attempting to be the leader, and becomes a bit of a bossy dog with the other pets, dogs, kids or people that are not seen as the alpha leader. [...]

Training A Weimaraner Puppy

Starting off on the right track with your Weimaraner puppy or dog is going to be a key factor in developing the type of working and companionship relationship that this breed is famous for. As a somewhat dominant type of dog, the Weimaraner has to see the humans as the leaders, or the dog will simply assume the role. A happy Weimaraner knows that they are well loved members of the family, but that there is a leader, which has to be one of the people that are going to be involved in the dog's life. [...]

Golden Retrievers As Guide And Assistance Dogs

The Golden Retriever's natural calm temperament, very low level dog aggression, high intelligence and true love for his or her owner and family makes the breed an ideal guide or assistance dog. Since they are also substantial in size without being overly large and have been bred for strength and endurance, their physical attributes as well as their temperament is a perfect match. In addition the friendliness towards strangers and the very accepting temperament of the Golden Retriever is really idea for this very demanding type of working situation. [...]

Socializing And Training Golden Retrievers

The Golden Retriever is often considered to be an ideal choice for a first time dog owner that wants a larger sized, very friendly and very intelligent dog. This is not to say that a Golden Retriever will be a good match for every family since they are a high maintenance breed when it comes to grooming and somewhat to exercise. However, they don't have the dominant temperament associated with many of the larger dogs that can make training and socialization a challenge for first time dog owners. [...]

Is A Golden Retriever A Good Match For My Family?

The good natured, lovable and loyal Golden Retriever is a wonderful breed of dog. However, like all dogs, they will require ongoing training, attention and exercise, and are definitely a high maintenance breed when it comes to grooming. In addition the Golden Retriever does have a higher rate of some types of cancers and eye conditions than other breeds, so owners have to be diligent in getting the dog to routine vet appointments as well as caring for the dog. [...]

American Cocker Spaniels

The American Cocker Spaniel, typically known in North America as the Cocker Spaniel, is one of the most popular pet types within the sporting dog group. This smaller sized spaniel with its dark, soulful eyes and beautiful coat has been a long time favorite in shows as well as in the field. Unlike many of the hunting types of dogs both the field lines, those trained and bred to hunt, as well as the show lines make outstanding companion pets. Both are typically very non-dog aggressive, however this does vary depending on the early socialization and ongoing training and socialization provided to the dog by the owner. [...]

Clumber Spaniel

The Clumber Spaniel, although now not a well known or easily recognized breed, was actually one of the first of the nine breeds of dogs ever recognized by the American Kennel Club. These spaniels, bred and developed in England, specifically in Nottinghamshire at the estate of the Duke of Newcastle, are the most stocky and heaviest of the spaniel breeds recognized by the AKC. They are somewhat similar in appearance to the Sussex Spaniel, which is also AKC recognized. [...]

Irish Water Spaniel

Although close to the bottom of the rankings in the number of registrations in the American Kennel Club at number 142 out of 156 breeds, the Irish Water Spaniel is really a remarkable dog. Why the breed is not more popular is a bit of a mystery since they are a large spaniel that is wonderfully athletic without being hyperactive, very easy to train and socialize and ideal with children and families. [...]

Found [196] Articles :: Page 12 of 14
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