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English Cocker Spaniel

Although not as common as the American Cocker Spaniel in the United States, the English Cocker Spaniel is still one of the more popular of the spaniel types found within the sporting group. The English Cocker Spaniel is actually the foundation of the American Cocker Spaniel and like all spaniels was originally bred for hunting and tracking abilities rather than for actual conformation to a specific breed standard. As such there is a fair amount of variation within the breed including the specific type of coat that the dog may have and the amount of grooming and upkeep required. [...]

Owning A Spaniel - What You Need to Consider

For most people, several types of spaniels are a great option to consider. They are, as a group, a very outgoing and easygoing type of dog that is really geared towards pleasing the owners. Most types of spaniels will the great for first time dog owners, with the exceptions being the American Water Spaniel and the English Spaniel, which may still be great options for first time owners, but the owners have to be prepared to work with dogs that can sometimes show various degrees of dominance. This doesn't mean that the dogs are aggressive; rather it means that the dog may not be compliant at times as it tests to see if the humans or the dog is the boss of the family. Consistent, firm and positive training methods are the keys to ensuring that working with a dominant type of dog is not a problem and that your relationship with the dog stays just the way you both need it to be. [...]

Living With Hounds

Dogs in the hound group are just as diverse as dogs in any other group, however there really are two different types of dogs within the group. Not only do the two types of hound tend to look very different, they actually behave relatively more different than alike as well. The two basic types of hounds are the sight hounds and the scent hounds. [...]

Hounds As City Dogs

Since the hound group has breeds of many different sizes, some hounds have been companion and city dogs for many years, while others are less commonly found in the city. Some of the more common and popular hounds that have adjusted very easily to life in the big cities are the smaller sized hounds, both in the sight and the scent categories. [...]

Hounds In The Family

Deciding to buy or adopt a hound is a great option for many families. Hounds in general are loving, affectionate and very loyal dogs that are good as watch dogs, but definitely not good as guard dogs. Some hound breeds, more specifically the Rhodesian Ridgeback, is a great watch dog and will naturally be more protective than is typically seen with the other hound breeds. In general the sight hounds will bark, but are a bit more timid or leery of strangers and tend to be non-threatening in their presentation. Some of the very large breeds of sight hounds such as the Scottish Deerhound or Irish Wolfhound may be intimidating simply because of their height, but still these gentle giants rarely show any type of aggression towards humans [...]

Temperament Of The Basenji

Despite its smaller size, clean behavior and very beautiful looks, the Basenji is not the breed for everyone. Many people assume that with such a low maintenance, non barking dog a more ideal companion pet couldn't be found. For many dog owners this is true; however a great number of Basenji dogs are turned into shelters and rescues each year because their owners didn't really stop to consider the unique temperament issues with the Basenji. [...]

Short Legs - Big Personality

The Dachshund is one of the most unique breeds of the hound family, very much a dog that is both highly independent as well as a dog that is an outstanding family companion. This type of almost dual personality is often attributed to their very distinctive dual type of hunting style as the breed has been developed to hunt both above and below ground. While this is distinctive to the Dachshund in the hound group, there are other dogs, particularly in the terrier group, that have also been bred to hunt to flush out burrowing animals and compete in the earthdog types of competitions. Dachshunds, both standard and miniature size, are hunting dogs, even though they are rarely used in the United States in that capacity. [...]

The Unique Ibizan Hound

As perhaps one of the most misidentified dogs in the hound group, the Ibizan Hound really does bear special mention. These dogs, almost appearing to be a cross between a Greyhound and a Basenji are a wonderful companion dog as well as an amazing hunter. The breed is one of the oldest dogs, considered a primitive type of dog because of their features. Dogs that very closely resemble the Ibizan Hound and Pharaoh Hound are found on the walls of ancient Egyptian temples dating back to close to 3400 B.C. [...]

That's a Hound? The Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen

Although highly popular in its home country of France, the Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen, also known as the PBGV, is relative uncommon in the United States. In addition, even if you saw a Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen you may not realize you were looking at a purebred, you may assume you are looking at a Basset Hound crossed with a Cocker Spaniel or some type of wire coated terrier breed. [...]

What you need to consider before buying a Norwegian Elkhound

The Norwegian Elkhound is one breed of the hound group that is very different in appearance than the other dogs within the group. In addition the Norwegian Elkhound also has a non-typical type of personality for a hound, however there are definitely traits and instincts that make this smaller sized, northern type of dog a perfect match for the group as a whole. Overall the Norwegian Elkhound is a true spitz type dog complete with a fox-like face, pricked erect ears and the high tail carried in a full curl over the back. [...]

Is a Rhodesian Ridgeback right for me?

The Rhodesian Ridgeback is one breed in the hunting group that is often seen as an aggressive or vicious type of dog. In some areas the Rhodesian Ridgeback may even be listed as a restricted or prohibited type of dog, however this is not at all typical of the breed. Unfortunately some very disreputable and horrific owners have capitalized on the breed's natural protective instincts and have used cruel and horrible methods to accentual this trait. The result is the at the Rhodesian Ridgeback, along with other breeds such as the Pit Bull, Rottweiler and the Doberman Pinscher, have been labeled as vicious and dangerous dogs. [...]

Getting to know the Whippet Breed

The Whippet, often misidentified as a miniature Greyhound, is actually a breed of its own. The specific history of the dog is a bit of a mystery, however it is known that the dogs were first developed and bred in the northern part of England in the mid part of the 19th century. As far as the exact breeds used in the development of the Whippet, there is some debate and considerable disagreement in many areas. It is believed that the smallest of Greyhounds were crossed with the larger terriers of the time, resulting in a very fast, highly athletic yet smooth coated dog that more closely resembled the Greyhound than any of the terriers. In addition infusions of Italian Greyhound blood later in the breed development further refined the Whippet and added even more speed. [...]

Is a Greyhound The Right Breed For Me?

The Greyhound is such an elegant, refined, gentle and almost artistic looking dog that many people long to own one as a pet. While these are certainly characteristics of the well trained, socialized and exercised Greyhound, there is also another side to the breed as well. Many potential owners don't consider the possible challenges to owning these dogs until they actually have one in the home. Knowing all aspects of the temperament and traits of the Greyhound can help determine if you are committed to the lifelong care of this wonderful breed of dog. [...]

Training and Working with Sight Hounds

The wonderful thing about dogs that have been designed and bred for a specific purpose is that the very traits that make them good at their jobs are instinctual and do not need to be taught. That is not to say that any dog of any breed cannot be trained in a way to enhance and improve their natural instincts and skills, but it does mean that owners don't have to start at the very basics of training. This is also why some dogs learn specific types of tricks and commands quickly and master them immediately while other dogs never seem to get the hang of what is required in that specific command. [...]

Minimizing Christmas Chaos

While Christmas festivities and opportunities for visiting with old friends and family members are great for people, they are often incredibly stressful for dogs. In reality many people also feel a lot of stress at this time, which is further communicated to their pets through changes in tone of voice, body language and even typical behaviors. [...]

Found [196] Articles :: Page 13 of 14
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