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The Life and Times of the Standard Schnauzer

"Wanted: companion to run and romp. Must be energetic, likes to go out, yet stay in and cuddle. If you like organization, I'll try to keep it that way. But after a stressful day, I can't promise anything!" Who would know that by crossing a black German Poodle and a gray Wolf Spitz would offer the world the Standard Schnauzer! This is a dog that lives its life to the fullest. The Standard Schnauzer is a personal guard and companion dog that is unwavering in its devotion and bravery. Couple that with a built in radar and intuition of pending danger and you have a dog that anyone would be lucky to own! [...]

Are You Right For A Siberian Husky?

Siberian huskies make excellent pets and companions, and they are extremely well-noted arctic working dogs. But on the flip side, Siberian Huskies are high-maintenance pets not well suited to everyone. If you think a Siberian Husky is in your future, read on and find out if you are up to the task of owning a Siberian Husky, and if your lifestyle, home, and style of dog-ownership is right for the breed. [...]

Socialization Key to Proper Training and Obedience

A Belgian Sheepdog is a very highly intelligent breed that requires interaction with people as well as both mental and physical stimulation. Their superior intelligence and need to please make them very easy to train, but because they sometimes try to act like they know more than their owners, it's important to know the proper training methods or to enroll them in professional training classes. [...]

Socializing Your Shih Tzu With Large Dogs and Children

Though very small compared to most dogs at the park, your shih tzu would love for you to take her or him out to socialize with other dogs. Indeed, this most critical when they are still small puppies so they grow up without unreasonable fears of other dogs, new people and situations. However, it is important that you manage such new encounters as much as possible when your shih tzu pup is still impressionable, otherwise such adventures could potentially have the opposite effect. Perhaps the best reason to make sure your shih tzu is well-socialized as a puppy is to prevent developing a fear biting response. Such animals are not trustworthy because they are so terrified, and being dogs, lead with their teeth in situations that are too tense for them to understand. Obviously, you want your shih tzu to be a companion that you can take with you anywhere. [...]

French Bulldogs And Kids, Other Dogs And Pets

French bulldogs were bred with the intention of being companion animals; they were never intended as being working dogs or athletes, and as a breed they have held true to this form. This makes the French Bulldog a very good choice for families who have more time to spend loving and being near their pet and less time exercising away excess energy. [...]

German Wirehaired Pointer - Tolerance with Other Dogs

A rough and rugged hunting dog might seem as if it wouldn't mesh well with other pets, but the German Wirehaired Pointer can be the exception to the rule. By nature, this dog is very affectionate and lovable, but most often, those emotions are directed towards its human companions. Because of the jealous and willful nature of the German Wirehaired Pointer, it will sometimes attempt to dominate other pets in the family. Mostly however, you will find this breed extremely amicable with other pets, or at the worst, tolerant. [...]

Making your Red and White Setter Feel At Home

Before you bring home your Red and White Setter, it's important to make sure you've got everything set up so he can immediately feel at home. The sooner you get your Red and White Setter used to your home, the easier it will be to begin training and socialization. Just like the rest of your family, your Red and White Setter will need a place to call his own. In addition, your dog will need to become familiar with his new environment and new housemates. Before you bring your new pet home, you should have a crate or bed set up in an area that is designated specifically for your Red and White Setter. If you decide to train your Red and White Setter using the crate method, you will need an extra large crate with a blanket or some padding for your pooch. If you decide not to use the crate method, you should provide your Red and White Setter with a large doggy bed. [...]

Differences between the Norfolk and other breeds

Supposing you've decided to adopt a new dog, and furthermore, you've perhaps settled on adopting a terrier, the next question will probably be; which terrier is right for me? The various breeds of terrier all have common characteristics as well as a wide variety of traits and features that make them unique from one another. For this reason, the decision of exactly which breed of terrier to adopt is not one to be made hastily. Being the smallest working breed of terrier, the Norfolk might just be the best choice for small apartment owners, however, a small apartment shouldn't default the decision to Norfolk, either. As said before, the decision has to be made carefully. Although, if after reading this, the potential future terrier owner is still set on a Norfolk, they should be advised that the Norwich terrier shares an almost identical definition save for the minor difference of their ears standing erect. [...]

Things you need to know about the Norfolk Terrier

So you've made your mind up and you're definitely adopting a Norfolk terrier, no bones about it. If you've done all your research on the dog's personal history, the dog's pedigree, the breed's characteristics, if you trust the person selling you the dog and have determined that your home is perfect for a Norfolk terrier, then the following should hopefully serve as a quick last minute checklist, a reminder of things to watch out for and keep in mind. The Norfolk terrier is prone to a few health problems. Particularly heart diseases and hip dysplasia and especially prone to incorrect bite patterns. Any potential Norfolk terrier owner should be advised that their dog will need to be given regular checkups and attention to the end of early detection of common diseases and disorders. While the breed does tend to be relatively resistant to health concerns when compared to many other breeds, the Norfolk owner should nonetheless take the proper precautions. [...]

The Lowchen and Their Personality Traits

The Lowchen dog is a unique breed of dog that at one time was a rare breed. From the time they first became a breed of their own thousands of years ago, they were a popular dog well liked by everyone they came in contact with. [...]

Apartment Life and the Miniature Bull Terrier

The strongly built, small miniature bull terriers each have their own distinct temperament just like humans. Some are extremely energetic, intense and always ready for anything while other miniature bull terriers are easy going, mellow, and happiest when lying on your lap or the sofa. They are very smart, curious, loving dogs that make a great pet for people of all ages. If you live in a house but are moving to an apartment with your miniature bull terrier or live in an apartment and would like to get a miniature bull terrier, these dogs are very adaptable and a great choice for someone with limited space. [...]

Keeping Your Miniature Bull Terrier Busy

Miniature bull terriers are very active, funny, fearless, loyal dogs that love being with their family but they require both physical and mental exercise to keep them busy and out of trouble. They need extensive socialization and obedience training so they do not become unruly or aggressive. Most adult miniature bull terriers require suitable daily exercise such as long brisk walks and are great pets for older children that throw balls and play games with them. If you have a miniature bull terrier puppy, often a short playtime is sufficient exercise for him, often followed by a nap. Puppies bones need time to mature so never take your puppy on a long or strenuous walk. Always talk to your veterinarian first to find out what is suitable for a young puppy. [...]

Miniature Poodles and Other Pets

Miniature poodles are wonderful little dogs that are intelligent, energetic, and very loving. Bringing home a new miniature poodle puppy is an extremely exciting time for the whole family but if you have other resident pets, it could be a little stressful for everyone. While many animals are very social, other household pets that have never had to share their living space or territory with another animal may find it very difficult. If your new miniature poodle puppy was your only pet, you could bring him home and let him explore and roam around the house freely. When you already have a dog, cat, rabbit or other pets, this is not a realistic option as your new poodle and the other animal or animals need a proper introduction. [...]

Kids and Miniature Bull Terriers

Miniature bull terriers are a small to medium sized dog that weigh up to approximately thirty-three pounds and stand anywhere from ten to fourteen inches tall. These sturdy, muscular, thickset dogs have a distinctive oval shaped head and a dense, very short coat that comes in tri-color, white, black, bridle, fawn, and red. Most miniature bull terriers are playful, active, clownish, stubborn, extremely loving, and attached and devoted to their human family. They are very smart, independent thinkers, creative, very high energy and are courageous, confident, and good-natured. Miniature bull terriers crave human companionship and are not a good choice for a busy family that is away from home eight hours a day. [...]

Resources on Miniature Bull Terriers

For people considering a miniature bull terrier as a pet or for someone wanting to show, train, or enter their dogs in events or competitions, it is important to have as much information and accurate facts as possible. There are a great number of resources available on the Internet with websites that have information on anything you need to know about miniature bull terriers. Books are another great source of important information along with Kennel Clubs, the miniature bull terrier association, and breeders. [...]

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Found [196] Articles :: Page 6 of 14
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