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Moulting In The Kuvasz

The Kuvasz is often compared to a large white bear. It has a very thick fur coat, which is usually white, and has a wavy to straight texture. The coat can grow as long as six inches in length. The Kuvasz sheds, also known as moulting, twice a year. It moults once in the spring and another time during the autumn months. During those times, the normal shedding accelerates and the Kuvasz can lose an enormous amount of hair in a relative short space of time. If the dog is an indoor dog, the hair will land on your carpets, in your draperies, and on your furniture. [...]

How To Handle Aggression In A Kuvasz

A Kuvasz is a large dog that excels at being a guard dog. It has a naturally aggressive nature towards strangers, but can be devotedly loyal to its handler. The aggression can come out as an overall suspiciousness or it can provoke barking and biting behavior. In order to handle the dog's natural aggressiveness, you have to understand the mind of a dog that was bred to guard nobility and then later to herd sheep. [...]

Temperament of the Miniature Australian Shepherd

Fun-loving and easy-going, the Miniature Australian Shepherd is almost like having a perpetual puppy. One of its greatest characteristics, it's seemingly non-stop energy, can be either a bonus or detriment to your family, depending on the activity level of your family. [...]

Importance of Socializing Otterhounds

Socializing your Otterhound is not all that difficult, for a big dog he is not ferocious and dangerous looking at all. In fact he looks like a big goof. The clown of the canine kingdom, the Otterhound loves animals and he loves people. [...]

How To Socialize Your PON And When You Have Other Pets

A Polish Owczarek Nizinny, PON, is a wonderfully affectionate dog once it is socialized properly. It has come from a long line of sheep herding dogs that take great pride in being part of a family unit. There are certain things that bring out the loyal and affectionate nature of the dog, while downplaying some of the natural suspiciousness of the breed. The trick to socializing your dog is to start early and to include all members or your family, even other pets in the household. [...]

The Bearded Collie Around Children and Other Pets

The bearded collie is a wonderful family pet that is good around children. He is a people dog for sure, and loves being around his human family. He is a good indoor dog whether he's a worker or family pet. He loves to play, so the children can definitely help keep him occupied for some time playing with him indoors or outside in his exercise area. In fact, children love playing with dogs more than adults do in many cases. After all, what do children do best? It's in their nature to play, and playing with the family dog is part of that. [...]

Introducing The Briard: Socialization And Meeting The Family

The key to a happy Briard is training him properly. The Briard is an intelligent dog, fearless warrior and defender of what is his (or what he considers to be his!) These dogs are working dogs and have long been an important part of the upper classes. Yet, if you want to have a well adjusted dog, it is essential for you to consider the socialization of the dog. If you are just bringing your Briard puppy home, now is the time to begin the process of socializing him so that he fits in well with the family and his new home. [...]

The Welsh Terrier and Other Pets and Animals

Dogs are like people; each has his own distinct personality. That is why you may get a dog slightly different than the breed standard with regards to temperament, though the breed standard is a very good indication of the AVERAGE characteristics of a dog of that breed. Breeding and training also play a very important role in the dog's behaviors; dogs from reputable breeders will resemble the breed standard much more than those you find at pet shops or from "backyard breeders." If a dog isn't trained, his behavior may diverge completely from the breed standard and all the reasons why you chose a particular breed will get thrown out the window. [...]

Evaluating Your Choice Of A Sussex Spaniel For A Pet

Maybe you've noticed that lovable spaniel that is pictured in English game hunts and want one for yourself. These dogs are hunting dogs, for the most part, and they are very active unlike some other spaniels. They do require some research and understanding of the breed so that when you make the choice to own one, you know exactly how to bring out the best in them. This dog can be brought up as a family pet, but it still requires some way to relieve its pent up energy. If you want to own one, make sure you can provide a nice backyard for it. It isn't a dog for apartment living, if there is no way to exercise the dog regularly. This dog becomes bored and agitated when it isn't exercised and can become annoying and destructive when left alone. It suffers from separation anxiety when left alone, which is exhibited in destructive chewing and constant barking. It will even howl. If not exercised enough, it will also show the same behaviors. [...]

What To Do About Separation Anxiety

Dog breeds vary in their tendency towards separation anxiety. The Sussex Spaniel is a breed that is predisposed to suffer separation anxiety more than other breeds. This may be due to its role as being part of the hunt and a pack of dogs. When it is separated from this pack, it tends to bond with its owner. If the owner doesn't understand the dog's needs, it can lead to the dog displaying negative behavior like destructive chewing and barking. It will even howl when it is distressed. Some dogs with soil the house, if left alone too long. This might be because they missed their outing or because they are angry or upset. Don't discipline the dog for these mistakes as it is acting out of distress that you were gone. Instead, try to develop a routine that is comforting to the dog while allowing you some time away from the home for short periods. The best type of environment for a Sussex Spaniel is one where there is someone home all day long. [...]

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Children

Although the Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a cousin to the Pit Bull, this variety of canine has been deemed The Children' Dog or The Nanny Dog; a name that certainly conflicts with their reputation as a ferocious animal. While the Staffordshire Bull Terrier looks somewhat like its Pit Bull Terrier cousin, there has been no recorded attacks by the Staffie for over 60 years. Though the breed was used in earlier times for bullbaiting, most handlers preferred the dog for its ferociousness towards other animals and its immediate obedience to humans. However, this history is nearly 400 years old. While its days of baiting dangerous animals are long gone, the Staffie's affection for human companionship remains the same. [...]

The Dandie Is An Ideal Dog for Your Home

With the small size of the Dandie (11-18 inches), and the fact that it sheds very little in spite of its rough and somewhat long coat, it makes a great dog for any type of home environment. They are quite ideal for apartments since they don't need much space indoors and must be walked on a leash anyway because of their tendency to run away and chase things due to their nature as hunters. [...]

The Patience of a Dandie

One of the characteristics about a Dandie Dinmont Terrier is its patience with children. Its gentle nature makes it a perfect house pet for homes where there are children. That doesn't mean that each individual dog possesses the same gentle qualities, but the trait is common to most of the Dandies. Unfortunately, some Dandies do not survive well in the company of small children, but if you purchase your dog as a puppy, you shouldn't have any trouble teaching him to be patient with the children. At the same time, you want to teach your children how to act around the dog in order to make sure that everyone gets along. It may sound ludicrous to say that the children need to learn to get along with the dog, but in the real world, it is part of teaching children how to behave. [...]

The Rottweiler, A Good Family Dog?

When you think of the Rottweiler, more often than not you tend to picture a fierce, confident guarding dog. A chunky, strong and often aggressive breed, the breed has certainly been given a lot of bad press over the last few years. However is this negative image really deserved or is there more to the Rottweiler than meets the eye? [h]Protecting the Family[/h] Contrary to popular belief, the Rottweiler is not actually as bad as what people make out. Yes it has the ability to be overly aggressive and to be a superb guarding dog, but on the other hand the Rottweiler can also make an excellent pet. [...]

English Springer Spaniels As Companions

If you're looking for a friend for life, invite an English Springer Spaniel into your home. English Springer Spaniels make excellent companions. They will stand by a man or a woman's side with pride. They enjoy spending time with people, playing and cuddling. They are intelligent and learn quickly. They welcome attention and praise, especially belly rubs. [...]

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Found [196] Articles :: Page 8 of 14
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