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Therapy Dogs

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Beagles and Pet Therapy

One of the most important jobs any dog can undertake is being a Pet Therapy dog. These dogs can become important parts of a person's recovery process, whether they suffer from physical or emotional impairments, and have, in some cases, meant the difference between life and death for many patients who had lost hope. A variety of different animals have been used in pet therapy, all with astounding success; man's best friend, though, always holds a special place in everyone's heart and has at excelled at assisting those who are most in need. [...]

Miniature Australian Shepherds as Therapy Dogs

From before recorded history, dogs have been a constant companion to people. Dogs have worked besides people, but also have been welcomed into their homes as a member of the family. It's not surprising, then, that dogs have also been called upon to assist people with physical disabilities and getting through tough times in their lives. [...]

Otterhounds as Service Dogs and Therapy Dogs

Service dogs are trained to render a service to people in need. It could be to assist people with physical or mental impairments by physical means or Otterhounds could be used for guiding a blind person across the street. The mere presence of the animal could act as therapy for a sick person or patient in a hospital or nursing care facility. [...]

The Cardigan Welsh Corgi Personality

Though a small dog, the Cardigan Welsh Corgi is by no means an inactive lap dog who wishes solely to be pampered; indeed, Cardigan owners have dubbed their breed as a big dog in a small package. Though they may not be suited for the inexperienced dog owner, a properly bred and trained Cardigan Welsh Corgi can make an excellent pet, providing a family with endless love, loyalty and entertainment. Since it is a herding breed, it has a great deal of intelligence and a strong will to please its owner; these traits make the Cardigan an ideal candidate for training and even obedience, though you must have a firm and consistent hand to get anywhere with this breed, as they are very strong-willed. [...]

Rottweilers as Therapy Dogs

When you think of therapy dogs, the usual breed of dog that you think about is a Labrador. You very rarely think of a Rottweiler! However, despite contrary opinion, Rottweilers can make excellent therapy dogs and they can be just as loving as a Labrador if they are given half the chance. The main reason which puts people off using their Rottweiler as a therapy dog is the bad reputation and reactions that they get from the public. However, if you have a Rottweiler which you think people could benefit from then it is definitely something that you should think about. [...]

Great Swiss Mountain Dogs Work As Therapy Dogs

Though the rarity of the breed of Great Swiss Mountain Dogs makes it difficult to gain great quantities of data on the breed, the consistency and quality of the breed's work as therapy dogs leads one to believe that this breed of dog is very adept as therapy dogs. One facet of the personality of the breed of Great Swiss Mountain Dog that makes them valuable as therapy dogs is their very highly trainable natures. Being high energy animals whose tendency is to be dominant, active, and inquisitive, one might think they were not readily trainable, but the opposite appears to be true. [...]

The Irish Terrier as a Companion to the Elderly

If you're looking for a companion dog for an older person, an Irish Terrier is a wonderful choice in breed. The Irish Terrier is not a well known dog in the United States, but is popular in Europe and is gaining popularity here, too. They are one of the best suited breeds for the elderly, so long as they are properly trained and properly handled by their owners. [...]

The Toy Fox Terrier As An Assistance Dog

More and more commonly dogs are being used to help people with different types of physical impairments and disabilities. These dogs, known as assistance dogs, can help people in their daily lives through doing common tasks that may be challenging to the owner. The Toy Fox Terrier with its small size, natural intelligence and need to be close to people is an ideal companion assistance dog and is becoming popular as a therapy dog as well. Of course assistance or therapy dogs need to be properly trained and not all dogs have the ability and temperament to take on such as demanding role, however many Toy Fox Terrier are now used as assistance dogs throughout the United States, Canada and even in other counties. [...]

Therapy Dogs For That Loving Treatment

There are a great many private dog owners that enjoy spending time with their dogs helping people to recover, reconnect with the world or just spend time with a living animal that loves them regardless of anything else. People that want to volunteer as therapy dog owners and trainers are always in demand and you certainly don't have to have a psychology degree to get started in therapy dog work. [...]

Working With The Intelligent Dog

It is true that most dog owners believe that their dog is naturally very smart and gifted and that certainly may be very accurate, at least from the individual owners perception. If, however, you happen to own a breed that is considered a highly intelligent dog, you may find out that your dog may be challenging in many different ways. Often owners of the most intelligent dogs find that these pooches find very unique ways to keep themselves entertained, plus they often require both mental as well as physical exercise and stimulation to stay out of trouble. [...]

Competitions for Boxers

The natural abilities of the Boxer both in regards to their mental alertness and intelligence as well as their physical abilities make them an excellent competitive breed for may different types of events. There is really no limit on what types of events that a Boxer is suitable for since in their history they have been used in several different and very diverse capacities. Typically, although Boxers were used as flock guardians, they are not herding dogs and have limited natural abilities in this area. They also have a higher prey drive due their original use as a hunting breed, making them a poor choice for these types of competitions and events. [...]

Doberman Pinschers with Jobs

There are few dogs that are used in as many different types of jobs as the Doberman Pinscher. These dogs have historically been used as police and military dogs, however the number of tasks they are proficient at, largely based on their outstanding and protective temperament combined with their intelligence, continues to increase. [...]

Temperament And Traits Of The Labrador Retriever

No matter where you go and who you may speak with it seems there is never a shortage of stories about Labrador Retrievers. This highly popular dog is the main character of many dog books, stories and movies, and this is absolutely no accident. A well trained and well socialized Lab is like many of the sporting dogs, an ideal companion that is still independent, intelligent and very physically active. These traits, combined with the naturally loving and affectionate traits of the Lab is one of the reasons they are also used as assistance, therapy and guide dogs for a great many individuals throughout the United States as well as around the world. [...]

Irish Setter Temperament And Traits

It is had to imagine a better temperament in a dog than the typical personality of the Irish Setter. They are an outstanding companion dog for several reasons, not the least of what has been a concentrated effort by breeders to keep the stable, friendly and outgoing temperament of the breed as a priority with breeding programs. The breed standard for the Irish Setter specifically notes that the dog should not exhibit any signs of aggression or timidity while in the ring. [...]

Found [29] Articles :: Page 2 of 2
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