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Guard Dog and Watchdog Training

Most people interchange the words watchdog and guard dog, although they really are two very different skills or behaviors. In addition to watchdog and guard dog categories, there is also a third type of training, known as protection dog training. Each of the three has some similarities in behavior however they are also slightly different as well. In order to discuss the different types of training, it is first important to understand the three different roles. [...]

Training Tips For High Energy Breeds

Almost all puppies are going to be virtually high energy, seeming to have boundless enthusiasm and a willingness to get up and walk, run or play at any time. However for most puppies, especially under about 4 months of age, these bursts of high energy time will be interspersed with times of complete and full sleep, meaning that owners have a break as well. Often this sleep comes like a sudden crash, with the puppy fast asleep wherever they stopped moving. [...]

The Importance of Socialization

There are literally whole books and training programs dedicated to the development of the understanding of the importance of socialization in training a dog. Dogs need to learn how to interact with each other, other non-canine animals, humans and even new environments. A dog that is not properly socialized is a potentially dangerous animal, regardless of his or her size or typical temperament. [...]

Kids and High Energy Dog Breeds

If there ever was a win-win combination, kids and high energy breeds of dogs would have to be at the top of the list. The natural energy and activity level of most children is ideal for dogs that like to be on the go. Kids also tend to enjoy playing with the dog, involving them in everything they do, which again is positive for both the child and the pet. High energy breeds of dogs often seem to have a natural affinity for children, however this doesn't mean that special and specific training doesn't need to occur. [...]

Best Traits To Look For In Uptown Dogs

If you talk to 20 different dog owners, breeders or just dog lovers you are sure to find at least 20 different opinions on which dog breeds are best suited to living the big city life. Regardless of what breed you eventually choose there are some traits that owners need to consider very carefully before this selection is finalized. Perhaps the most important consideration that any responsible owner has to consider is how well the dog will be able to adapt. Even if raised in the city from puppies some breeds are simply not going to adjust to confined spaces, lots of close living with others, and a lack of ability to simply get out and run and hunt. [...]

Apartment Living For Dogs

There are many breeds of dogs that have become very popular as apartment companion pets. These dogs, as can be imagined, tend to be the toy to smaller sized dogs, although some medium sized breeds are also on the most common city breeds lists. It is important to realize that with appropriate exercise time most breeds, but definitely not all, could adjust to be excellent apartment dogs. The key is finding the time and place to provide the exercise space and activities for higher energy breeds or those that simply stay calm and inactive while indoors. [...]

Obedience Training for Toy Dogs A Must

There are a great number of owners and dog lovers alike that see toy breeds in a different light than other dog breeds. They see these dogs as literal toys or babies and tend to spoil, pamper and really have very low expectations of the dogs. In reality toy dogs are just as smart, intelligent and instinctive as any other size of dog, including the giant breeds at the opposite end of the size spectrum. No one would reasonably think there was no need to train a Great Dane or a Rottweiler, yet they don't have a similar opinion about a Chihuahua or a Maltese. [...]

Small Dog Syndrome

Small dog syndrome, sometimes abbreviated as SDS, is not a health condition nor is it something that small breeds of dogs are born with. It is, however a very serious issue that often leads toy and small sized dogs become unsuitable for many families, resulting in the dog being placed in a rescue or a shelter. Small dog syndrome is the reason that many small dogs are unsuitable for homes with children and other pets, especially if they are adopted as adult dogs. Small dog syndrome is also 100% under the owners control and is a direct result of improper training, socialization and a lack of understanding of canine needs by the owner. [...]

Training Essentials For Giant Breeds

Giant breeds of dogs, while often the calmest and most friendly of pets, are often seen by the general population as scary and aggressive dogs. In many cases this is because of poorly trained and socialized giant breed dogs that have been in the headlines, but also because their very size, rather stern and thoughtful facial expressions and even their loud, deep barking just frightens people. [...]

Rescuing and Training Feral Dogs

Wild, semi-wild or feral dogs are an increasing problem in many urban and suburban areas. While some of these dogs have actually been born in a feral state, a great many are someone's pet that has been lost, abandoned or has run away and simply cannot find his or her way back home. Often these dogs are abused by other people, chased by packs of other dogs and often they are injured, malnourished and highly protective and aggressive. This is not because of the dog's temperament, but rather the cruel and savage environment they find themselves thrust into on the streets. [...]

Best Breeds For Seniors

Selecting the best dog breed for an elderly family member or even for yourself as a senior citizen is basically very similar to selecting a dog breed for any other type of individual or family. It is very important to take then time to consider what you want in a dog as well as what special aspects of your life may make one type of dog more suitable or a specific type or character trait in a dog more challenging or difficult. [...]

Is A Dog Right For An Elderly Family Member?

The physical and health benefits with owning a dog are well documented, regardless of your age or youth. Dogs will help senior citizens stay active, interact with others as well as kept them to stay mentally more alert and less likely to become depressed or anxious. This is also true for dogs with adults or children of any age, which is one reason why dogs and cats are so popular throughout the world. [...]

Puppies Versus Adult Dogs For Seniors

Once a decision has been made to include a dog in a senior family member or friend's life, the next big decision is what type of dog and what age of dog. The type of dog that is best for a senior citizen is really very much a factor of the activity level, mobility, living space and expectations of the older person, just as it would be for anyone thinking about getting a dog. In general most breeds, provided they are not extremely high energy or extremely aggressive types of dogs would do very well, however typically a greater number of older adults tend to favor smaller to medium sized breeds that are suitable to smaller living spaces. [...]

Exercise and Training Considerations For Seniors and Dogs

Regardless of what type or breed of dog you may choose, all dogs need regular, routine exercise. It is also important to note that while some breeds are naturally more active or energetic, no breed of dog has been bred to be a complete couch potato. This means that even the toy dogs that love to just sit on their owners laps still need to get out and go for a walk, a run in the park or play games that encourage physical exercise. [...]

Senior Pet Sitters - A Win-Win Idea

The concept of pet sitters isn't really new; rather it is just something that people did for each other without thinking about giving it a formal name. In the good old days when you went on vacation or had to leave your dog alone for the day you could always ask a nearby family member, a friend, or your trusty neighbor to come over and take care of things when you were away. In today's world it is rare that people have this level of comfort with their neighbors and in general most people don't want to impose on anyone else. Plus, of course, more and more people live in apartments or condos and are constantly facing new neighbors and new people within their complex all the time as old tenants move out and new move in. [...]

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Found [397] Articles :: Page 23 of 27
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