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Training and Working with Sight Hounds

The wonderful thing about dogs that have been designed and bred for a specific purpose is that the very traits that make them good at their jobs are instinctual and do not need to be taught. That is not to say that any dog of any breed cannot be trained in a way to enhance and improve their natural instincts and skills, but it does mean that owners don't have to start at the very basics of training. This is also why some dogs learn specific types of tricks and commands quickly and master them immediately while other dogs never seem to get the hang of what is required in that specific command. [...]

Living With A Sight Hound Breed

Perhaps surprising to many people is the sedate indoor demeanor and behavior of the sight hound dogs considering they are the fastest canines on the planet. These dogs, capable of reaching speeds of just over 40 miles per hour, are still some of the calmest and most relaxed breeds of dogs in the house, provided they have enough routine exercise. This almost dichotomy in behavior is because the sight hounds preserve their energy and small amounts of body fuel for times of sustained running. [...]

Dog Psychics - What do they do?

There is considerable controversy over the use of dog psychics in the area of training, behavior modification, diagnosis of health conditions and general dog behavior and adjustment. Dog psychics are people that report being able to communicate directly with pets, usually dogs or cats, exclusively through thought channels. Dog psychics should not be confused with animal behaviorists that work specifically with changing animal behavior by recognizing and altering patterns of behavior through structured training and environmental modifications. [...]

Obedience Training for Beginners

New Year's resolutions are often made without really thinking about long term commitment to those goals. Getting your dog into a routine for obedience work, no matter what age he or she may be is a simple and easy New Year's plan that won't take up a lot of your time but will actually pay off in a better behaved, more well adjusted dog within just a few training sessions. [...]

Training a Sled Dog

Most people that have a sled dog breed have at one time or another considered trying him or her out pulling in some form or another. There are really a very wide range of types of winter sledding or dry land pulling, carting or racing that dogs can compete in year round. Knowing which type of sport you want to do will make a bit of a different in how you train the dog. [...]

Year Round Conditioning for Sled Dogs

Whether you are a highly competitive musher or if you just love getting outdoors with your dog on a quite country road or trail with your scooter, skis, toboggan or sled it is important to keep your dog in shape all year round. Pulling, especially combined with long periods of physical exertion is very physically demanding on a dog and so working slowly up into condition and staying there is really the healthiest and safest option. [...]

Mental Games and Puzzles For Dogs

Dogs are naturally pack animals and as such they are constantly interacting with other members of their species. This includes playing games with each other as well as understanding and working within the hierarchy of the pack. Even in the most domesticated breeds that have always lived as single pets in a human household, the ability to work within the pack, which is now the human family, makes the dog a true companion pet for the humans in the home. [...]

Found [397] Articles :: Page 27 of 27
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