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Common Housetraining Issues With The English Cocker Spaniel

English Cocker Spaniel puppies have minds of their own. They are warm, loving, and cuddly, but also can be destructive and unmanageable without proper training. Housetraining the puppy is not always as easy as one would think. The number one issue with housetraining is the over excited puppy. The puppies and older English Cocker Spaniels get so excited when they see you or company that arrives that they will often urinate a little. This is common and some steps can be taken to prevent the accidental urination. [...]

Reasons For Gun Shy English Cocker Spaniel

As a puppy, the English Cocker Spaniel will go through hours of training to learn the basic commands and they will train for hunting. Puppies that are subjected to gunshots or other loud noises at a young age may become skittish around loud noises. When this happens, training the puppy for hunting is difficult. It may even become impossible to correct the gun shyness as the puppy grows older. Proper care of the puppy before and during training is essential. Following guidelines for training the puppy for hunting is vital to them not becoming scared and anxious around guns. [...]

Training your Australian Shepherd

Most often when people first get their Australian shepherd they are not sure as to what to do with them or how to train them. However, there are many different ways of training your dog; you have to find what is best for you and your Australian shepherd. [...]

Establishing Who's The Boss With A Basset Hound

Basset hounds can make wonderful companions. However, they are stubborn, strong-willed, and can be difficult at times. Some specific areas of life in which you need to establish some dominance, or at least a plan of attack, are when it comes to food, house training, and their masterful escapes. This article will try to explain and give helpful hints to give you a leg up on your short legged competition. [...]

Borzoi Training Tricks

Respect is the key to any healthy and successful relationship between a dog and his owner. Unfortunately, this is also the most often overlooked part of the relationship. Often, the owner wants so much for the dog to love him, he lets the dog take over the leadership role in the relationship and soon the owner is unknowingly bowing to the dog's every whim. This is a serious problem and it needs to be addressed sooner in the relationship rather than later. [...]

The Canaan Dog and Its Aggression

The Canaan Dog is still a relatively rare breed of dog in the world, especially in some circles. Those that are familiar with the Canaan know what a great family dog, companion, pet, and multi-functional dog they can be. Many have heard stories about the Canaan Dog being aggressive, if not as a puppy then when they are adult dogs. [...]

The Canaan dog It Is a High Tolerance Dog?

The Canaan dog is a very intelligent, sensitive, and independent dog. This dog got its origin in Israel and has through the years gained popularity in many other countries including the United States. The Canaan dog is a very versatile dog that excels in many sports and events such as herding, conformation, agility, obedience, and tracking. The Canaan is a very strong and independent dog that has a high tolerance rate for certain things and a low tolerance for others. [...]

Clumber Spaniel Obedience Training: Tips And Strategies That Work

The Clumber Spaniel is a very interesting dog in that it provides a range of qualities that many families are seeking including friendliness and obedience. Yet, these qualities often have to be taught to the animal from the start. Understand this breed and you will have an easy time of training him to obey you. Most importantly, realize that the best method to get them to obey is through respect and reward training, rather than punishment or abandonment. Clumber Spaniel pups are more than willing to learn from you, if you have a steady hand and the time to devote to the process. [...]

The Best Type of Training for the Canaan Dog

When you get a new dog in your life, whether it's for you or the entire family, you will want it to become yours and accustomed to your way of living. The first step towards accomplishing that goal is to begin training the dog, whether it's a puppy or an adult dog. [...]

Cesky Terrier Shows and Competitions

For people that love Cesky terriers, enjoy being around other Cesky terriers and owners of this wonderful breed, Cesky terrier dog shows and competitions are fun events to watch and an enjoyable, rewarding experience if you choose to compete. Cesky terrier dog events, trials, shows, and competitions are a great way to spend time and be active with your pet. They are rewarding, fun and offered both in the United States and internationally. [...]

Fun Activities With A Cesky Terrier

Since the Cesky Terrier has such an outstanding personality and temperament and gets along well with kids and other dogs they are an ideal breed for a family that loves to take their pet with them. Unlike many of the terrier breeds the Cesky does not have as high of a prey instinct and is not as prone to chasing or running when off-leash once they are fully obedience trained. This means that the Cesky is a very versatile dog that can enjoy a huge range of activities. [...]

Earthdog Trials and Hunting Events

The Earthdog Trials are noncompetitive venues for Cesky terriers, small terriers, and Dachshunds. The Earthdog tests offer breeders and dog owners a standardized gauge that assesses their Cesky terriers and other dogs trained and natural working and hunting abilities, by exposing the dogs to a specific hunting situation. If you are interested in getting your Cesky terrier started in Earthdog tests, get a book of regulations from the American Kennel Club. [...]

Training Your Chihuahua

Bringing a brand new Chihuahua home is a time of great excitement. After the joy wears off, however, the work needs to start. Just like any other dog, Chihuahuas require training to really fit well into a home environment. [h]Housebreaking[/h] One of the first problems to overcome as with any new pup is to housebreak your new pet. You will not want your Chihuahua to have accidents all over the house. [...]

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Training Tips For The Working Dog

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is considered a working dog, and is more so a driving dog instead of a herding dog. Their lineage dates back hundreds of years, as being a dog that not only drives cattle but also geese, ducks and sheep. Today, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a companion more than a driving dog. In some countries, they do still use the Corgi for driving cattle, but in the United States, the dog is found as a lovable companion for families. Because of their keen sense, Corgis are used for people who are hearing-impaired. They let the owners know about certain sounds that are important to know about. [...]

Obedience Training Your Anatolian Shepherd

Obedience training is vital for any breed, but for the Anatolian Shepherd it is almost a necessity. Since this breed is a natural protector and guardian, they need more training to overcome some of their basic instincts. The number one instinct they have is to chase away other animals from their territory. Although they accept other family animals, they will show protection by barking and chasing the predator. [...]

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Found [397] Articles :: Page 6 of 27
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