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Traveling with a Yorkie

Traveling with your Yorkie can be a fun and enjoyable experience for you and your family. Many people nowadays prefer to take their dog along on family vacations or when they travel instead of putting them in a kennel or having someone pet sit them. Health and safety should be the first priority when planning a trip with your Yorkie. [...]

Traveling With a Bichon Frise

A Bichon Frise is such a treasured, important member of the family that many people want their dog along whenever possible including going on a trip or taking a vacation. They do not want to leave their best four-footed friend in the care of friends or at a kennel. Traveling with your dog in the car can be a great experience if you plan ahead and use common sense. When considering taking your pet with you, your Bichon Frise should be in good health, well behaved, trained to stop barking, and travel well. Traveling any distance with a pet that barks incessantly or is continuously carsick could certainly put on damper on the drive. [...]

Traveling with an Estrela

Traveling with an Estrela Mountain Dog can either be a pleasure or a real nightmare. It is up to you "the owner" to decide the best mode of travel for your beloved pet. By far, travel by car is the safest and most enjoyable for both you and your Estrela. Novelist John Steinbeck once said that he would rather travel on the road with a dog than anything else. In a vehicle, you not only have an opportunity to bond with your pet, but you also have control over his safety. [...]

Traveling with Your Kooikerhondje Is Your Dog Ready for Travel Yet?

Dogs deserve vacations too, and Kooikerhondjes are no exception. But what do you have to consider when deciding if your Kooikerhondje is ready to travel? Some main concerns are whether he's old enough, his vaccination status, and if he has his identification. All these factors will help you to first decide is he's ready to travel and then to make any trip turn out well if he is. [...]

Traveling With Your English Cocker Spaniel

If you have plans to travel with your English Cocker Spaniel, you need to decide how you want to confine the dog or if you will let the dog ride without confinement. You might travel in a car, a truck, an airplane or some other form of transportation. Every form of travel requires some knowledge about how the dog should travel and what the safety concern might be for different restraints or no restraints. [h]Truck Travel[/h] Many people travel with the dog in the bed of the truck with or without any type of restraint. This is the most unsafe method of travel for any dog. [...]

Traveling With A Pug

Vacation time raises questions for pug owners. Specifically, how do I travel with my pug in the car and still have a pleasant driving experience? Some of the keys to making your trip with your pug a big hit are seatbelts, toys, water, frequent potty breaks, and possibly a crate if your pug is crate trained. [h]Should My Dog Wear A Seatbelt?[/h] There are canine seat belts to help make your trip easier. They can help to keep your pug from roaming around the car and help to protect him in the case of an accident. They usually include a sort of harness and attach to a regular seatbelt. With you both securely fastened in your seats, it's almost time to go. [...]

Moving With Your Pug: Tips To Help Them Adjust

Moving is a stressful venture for everyone, and this includes your pug dog. A new environment with new sights, smells, and terrain can be overwhelming. You need to be ready for the activities of moving day, the actual traveling, and helping your pug discover his new home. This article will focus on a few tips to help your pug dog adjust during this tumultuous time. [...]

Traveling With A Toy Poodle

So it's time to go on vacation and there's no way you're leaving your precious toy poodle behind. So what kinds of supplies will you need when traveling with your little friend? You will need food, fresh water, something to protect him during the trip, possibly medications, and toys. Let's look at how these are all necessary items on your moving checklist. [h]Food[/h] Are you going to get hungry? Then so is your toy poodle. You always need to make sure you have some food on hand so that this little guy doesn't miss any meals. You certainly do not want any unwanted behaviors while you are enjoying your trip to the paradise of your choosing. Past history will tell you how your companion will handle food and travel. People can get carsick so you want to pay attention. [...]

Ways To Spoil Your Toy Poodle

Pet owners love to spoil their pets in all sorts of ways. Toy poodle owners, for example, enjoy giving their toy poodles excessive amounts of attention, access to they yard or a park, and even fancy outfits. Let's look at how all this spoiling works. [h]The Center Of Attention[/h] Toy poodles love lots of attention and owners love to give it to them. Starting with their precious appearance, it's hard to not give these furry little bundles of cuteness constant attention. They love to entertain their owners and are quite skilled at it. Often playing the clown, toy poodles have a knack for being performers. They can make you smile, laugh, and just feel the large amount of love coming out of such a little package. [...]

Cairn Terrier: The Fashion Dog

Cairn Terriers are making a new profession for their breed. From small game hunters in the highlands of Scotland, they are now fashion dogs strutting doggy ready-to-wear garments and accessories in the lowlands of the metropolis. Fashion dogs usually have their own stylists and groomers, and owners of these dogs are more than willing to spend enough dough to make their pets hip and trendy. There are many reasons as to why people are now favoring Cairn Terriers as fashion-statement making dogs. [...]

Traveling with Rat Terrier

You may have seen it on TV or in some movie straight off the Hollywood playing field. Celebrities are walking down the red carpet with tiny dogs in their arms, while flashing a smile at the camera. Assuredly, traveling with a pet is not at all that glamorous. Traveling with a pet should come with a lot of planning ahead. A traveling cage is necessary especially for very small dogs that may become uncontrollable during travel. Larger dogs should be under the direction of a leash at all times. Disposable papers and bags are needed in case your pet has one or more accidents along the way. Travel papers and quarantine papers are now often required in airports. If the trip is particularly long and grueling, you need to at least give your pet something to drink or something to eat, and watch out carefully for signs that your pet is about to use the doggy bathroom. [...]

Traveling and Spinone Italiano

More and more pets seem to be mobile these days; mobile meaning that they travel as frequently as their human companions. So if you have a pet Spinone Italiano, you need not worry about a lot of pet traveling problems. You may encounter a certain glitch or two during the journey, but nothing so massive that you will try to put off your next few rides with your pet. Traveling with a pet always takes a bit of preparation. Think of it as traveling with a very young child. You need to take some necessary precautions, make special arrangements and pack a goody bag when you travel with a young child. The same goes for your Spinone Italiano pet. [...]

Travelling With Your Dachshund

Dachshunds are among the easiest dogs to travel with, as they are very portable. They're small enough to be allowed in most hotels, yet rugged enough to go camping. Even the largest standard dachshunds are able to fit in just about any car for a road trip, and they enjoy the heck out of it. [...]

Taking Your Dog Camping

A great activity for almost any breed of dog is getting out into the great outdoors on a camping trip. Although it may be a great idea, there are some practical issues that owners must consider before taking their dog or puppy on a camping trip and these will vary slightly depending on the age and obedience level of the dog. The first and foremost issue is to determine how off-leash trustworthy is your dog. If he or she does not come back, has a history of chasing, or is a breed that is known to chase or get on a scent trail and simply ignore commands, owners must consider only taking the dog camping if they are on a leash or lead. Although this may seem a bit overprotective, consider the alternative. If your dog or puppy takes off and runs after a squirrel, rabbit or other animal through a forested area or wild area, he or she may be miles away before they realize that you are no longer anywhere near them. [...]

Traveling With A Toy Fox Terrier

One of the many benefits of having a small or toy breed of dog is that they are easy to travel with either by vehicle, train or plane. The key to traveling with a Toy Fox Terrier is to get them used to being in a vehicle at an early age and to make sure their first few trips are pleasant and rewarding for the dog or puppy. Unfortunately many puppies or dog's first trips in the car are to the vets, which is not a positive experience. Rather than let this happen start by taking your puppy in the car or vehicle to a park, to the beach or to the country where they can have some time to get out and run and enjoy themselves. You can also provide treats when the dog or puppy gets out of the car, just to let them know that they did a good job. [...]

Found [28] Articles :: Page 1 of 2
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