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Traveling With Your Dog - Dog Friendly Accommodations

Many of the lower cost and several of the higher end hotel and motel chains now provide a limited number of rooms for people traveling with pets, particularly dogs. Since these hotels and motels do accommodate owners and their pets, one might reasonable expect that all breeds, types and sizes of dogs would be welcomed. Unfortunately this is not always the case and it is always important to call ahead and find out the exact policies of the hotel or motel before you arrive. Some bed and breakfasts are also very dog friendly, but a great number of these private accommodations are not open to pets, again calling ahead is the key to having a stress free check-in with your dog. [...]

Training Your Dog To Be A Good Traveler

Dogs and traveling really do seem to go together and most dogs quickly learn the meaning of the words car, ride or truck, plus they also learn to associate the jingling of keys with a road trip. Most dogs are more of a problem to keep out of your car than it is to teach them to jump in. To train your dog to be a good traveler there are a few basic steps that you can use right from their very first ride in your vehicle. Like with most dog training, starting slow and small and building to longer rides and travels is the best possible option. [...]

Vaccinations And Health Issues When Traveling

There are many different potential health issues that can occur whenever you are traveling with your dog. Unlike emergency situations, most of the risk of your dog being exposed to these types of issues can be minimized if not completely eliminated by working with your vet and doing a bit of research. If you are traveling out of your state or local area, always check with your vet to find out if your dog may be at risk for any types of viral, bacterial or parasite conditions that you don't routinely treat for. Each area, state, country or region will have specific health issues that vets vaccinate and test for every year or two as required. When you take your dog to a different area and just assume that he or she will be immune to diseases you are putting your pet at greater risk than you might expect. Some of the conditions that you pet may pick up on vacation may take weeks or months to manifest symptoms, which will make it even harder for your vet to identify and treat the condition. [...]

Holiday Travel And Dogs

Winter holiday travel for most people tends to be far different from the more leisurely travel of summer. Generally Christmas holiday travel by car or plane tends to be much more limited in time and means getting as quickly from one place to the other since the vacation is often much more limited in time. In addition holiday travel tends to include a lot more items in the vehicle or the luggage than what you would normally expect with summer holiday travel. [...]

Traveling With Toy Dogs

Toy dogs can be some of the easiest or some of the most difficult pets to travel with. As common sense would indicate, the smaller the size of the dog the easier they are to take in cars, trains, airplanes and even on boats and cruises. Small toy dogs are often allowed in places where only assistance dogs can go, especially if they are in a carrier or carrying bag that is secured. This ability to travel means that owners don't have to crate their dogs and put them in luggage compartments, rather the dog's can travel right with the owners on the plane, train, bus or other form of transportation. [...]

Dog Friendly Vacations In The United States

Since the United States encompasses such a huge land area as well as a diverse range of climates and environments, it is possible to plan an incredible number of vacations right within the country. After all you can spend the summer on the beaches of California, travel to see beautiful fall colors in the New England states, move through to Colorado for some outstanding skiing in the winter then vacation in Florida in the early spring. There are also the border states of Arizona, Texas and New Mexico if you want warmth virtually year round. [...]

Dog Friendly Vacations In Canada

With its wide open spaces and vast areas of national and provincial parks, Canada is truly a wonderful spot for vacationing with your pet. In most of the major parks and attraction areas there are cabins, camping grounds, hotels, motels and luxury accommodations that offer dog friendly options. Since travel between Canada and the United States is easy by car, train, airplane or even boat, many visitors from the US bring dogs into Canada every year. In general dogs will need to have a current vaccination record as well as vet certificate of health to cross the border. There are no quarantine issues between the countries providing the documents for the dog are in order and up to date. [...]

Dog Friendly Vacations In Europe

There are an amazing number of people that travel internationally with their dogs and even their cats every year. Since more and more resorts, hotels and even airlines are very pet-friendly; traveling with your dog is no longer as difficult as it was even a few years ago. Planning in advance is the key and you do need to be aware of rules, regulations and other issues that can potentially cause issues during international travel. Europe, as well as the United Kingdom, has historically been much more pet-friendly than North American travel spots. This means that you have a much greater variety of dog beaches, parks, hotels and even luxury types of accommodation to suit your travel needs and desires. [...]

A Day At The Lake

It is hard to imagine a more idyllic summer day than spending it exploring, resting and just enjoying the great outdoors. For many people this includes traveling to a lake area, either as part of a holiday or just for a day or afternoon trip away from the city. Bringing your dog along on these mini vacations can be a great get-away for him or her as well, but you will have to do a bit of research and some planning before heading out. [...]

Farms and Rural Areas

Planning a summer get-away to a farm, rural area or the countryside is a great way to just relax, unwind and enjoy your vacation in a less stressful environment. It is also a great way to spend some time with your dog taking long walks or just giving your pet some much needed outside space and time. While countryside living has its definite advantages, there are some issues and possible concerns that owners need to be aware of before their vacation. First and foremost is that while your dog is out of the city they are much more likely to engage in more "doggy" type behaviors. [...]

Is A Dog Right For An Elderly Family Member?

The physical and health benefits with owning a dog are well documented, regardless of your age or youth. Dogs will help senior citizens stay active, interact with others as well as kept them to stay mentally more alert and less likely to become depressed or anxious. This is also true for dogs with adults or children of any age, which is one reason why dogs and cats are so popular throughout the world. [...]

Living With A Weimaraner

There are a great many reasons why Weimaraners have been a very popular breed from their first introduction into the United States. Part of the allure of the dog is their unique coat and eye color, which has earned them the nickname of the "gray ghost". Another major attraction for many owners to the breed is their high energy level, wonderful athletic abilities and their strong bonding tendencies to their families. These same traits, however, can also pose challenges for some individuals and families that are considering the breed. As with all dogs, there is no one breed that is a perfect match for everyone. Taking the time to research both the good and potentially problematic traits, behaviors or even health considerations of a particular breed is the best way of finding the dog or dog breeds that are most suited to your life. [...]

Basenjis As City Dogs

Unlike a great many of the sight hounds or hound breeds in general, the Basenji is a dog that can make a good adjustment to city life provided the owners are willing to work with the dog. In general the smaller size, the relatively quiet behavior and the willingness to spend time indoors with the family makes the Basenji a good choice for a city dog. [...]

Found [28] Articles :: Page 2 of 2
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