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Weird Facts

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The Chow Chow: Weird Facts Did You Know?

Here are some weird facts that might interest you about the Chow Chow breed: [...]

Doberman Pinschers: Did You Know ?

Doberman Pinschers make wonderful pets thanks to their energy, their devotion to their family and their playfulness. While they have often been portrayed as aggressive or dangerous, this is no longer really the case, as long as the dog has been properly trained and socialized with people and other animals. But take heed: if you're looking for a "sometimes pet," than maybe the Doberman isn't right for you. Dobermans require a large commitment when it comes to time spent with the dog, as well as proper training. [...]

Collie Weird Facts/Did You Know?

The television show "Lassie" about a collie that had been featured in books and a movie, ran from 1954-1974 and caused a major surge in the popularity of the Collie breed in the US. Lassie is the only animal to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. [...]

Cocker Spaniels: Did You Know ?

Cocker spaniels are energetic and devoted dogs that are excellent family pets. Thanks to their long history as hunting dogs, they have retained their hunting instincts and are still considered to be excellent hunting companions today. They also excel in agility and obedience competitions, which are a great way to spend time and exercise with your Cocker. While there is some concern that Cockers may not be appropriate for families with very young children, others say that with supervision and good training, many of the problems of Cockers with small children can be avoided. [...]

Weimaraner: Weird Facts/Did you Know?

The Weimaraner is a German dog that belongs to the sporting group. It possesses great energy and hunting instincts, making it a perfect companion for hunting and other outdoor activities. Other than being a hunting dog, a Weimaraner is also known for its grace and beauty. Below are some interesting facts and trivia about the Weimaraner. Did you know that a Weimaraner is actually a home buddy despite being known as a great hunting dog? [...]

The Vizsla Weird Facts/Did You Know?

Addison's disease is one of the weirder and more unique problems that come along with Vizslas. The symptoms of Addison's disease are normally felt by humans, but surprisingly it can attack dogs, too. The Vizsla rarely gets it, but it is not immune to it, either. The disease basically consists of the adrenal glands failing to produce particular hormones. These hormones regulate electrolytes and sodium in the body, in the kidneys specifically. And the amounts of water are absorbed and eliminated according to these glands. [...]

Kooikerhondje - Weird Facts/Did You Know

Dogs are surprising creatures. Every so often you hear a story about how one saves a family from a fire or has some other quality that makes them different from the rest. Some are giant and some are small while some have short hairs while others make it look like your favorite mop is suddenly trying to run away. Have you ever wondered what other things make dogs different? Kooikerhondjes, for example, wear earrings and play sports. It's no joke. Read on. [...]

Akbash Dogs: Weird Facts Did You Know?

For every dog breed out there, there are tons of interesting facts and anecdotes about the crazy things the breed is known for. Some dog breeds are often used in movies and TV. Some dog breeds have amusing stories about how they became a breed in the first place. And other breeds are just odd enough to have as many fun facts as there are personality quirks. Of course, this is just as true of the Akbash dog as it is of any other breed. From old Turkish theories on dog raising, to the reason for the dog's coat color, the Akbash breed has a plethora of interesting and weird facts. [...]

Alaskan Malamute: Weird Facts Did you Know?

The Alaskan Malamute is perhaps the oldest breed of sled dogs in the world. Along with its extensive history, the wild and indomitable nature of the Alaskan Malamute has made it a breed of legendary proportions. There are many interesting facts about the Alaskan Malamute, and below you will find a list of things you probably did not know about this dog. [...]

The Japanese Chin: Weird Facts/Did you Know?

The Japanese Chin is a very popular breed of toy dog that is loved by every individual owner lucky enough to own one. Most Chin owners claim that after owning a Japanese Chin they would never own any other dog, with some owners having two Chins. There are still many people that are unfamiliar with the Japanese Chin, but they are becoming more and more popular. They have had a very interesting history, with facts many aren't aware of regarding this little dog. [...]

Australian Shepherd : Weird Facts Did you Know?

Many people find that once they own a particular dog, that is the time when they start learning of all the different facts or weird things about their dogs. In fact, many of the facts are very interesting! When it comes down to people being able to distinguish an Australian Shepherd from any other breed of dogs, there are two things that makes them stand out to other dogs. [...]

English Cocker Spaniel: Weird Facts/Did you know?

In 1935, the English Cocker Spaniel club was formed to spread the word about the breed. In 1946, the AKC recognized the English Cocker Spaniel as a breed of dog separate from the American Cocker Spaniel. Before the 1930's, the English and American Cocker Spaniels were considered the same dog breed. The fact that they have a standard for eye color does disqualify many English Cocker Spaniels from competition. The eyes need to be brown or dark brown in dogs with darker coats and a dark hazel in dogs with lighter coats. The noses need to be black in all dogs except for the red and liver coats, which can have a dark brown nose. [...]

Basset Hounds Weird Facts Did You Know?

All breeds of dogs have little interesting facets that set them apart from other breeds. These details may be interesting, unpleasant, or just funny. Three such interesting details about a basset hound has to do with its voice, its nose, and its slobber. This article is just a fun look at some of the more interesting and perhaps even slightly odd aspects of basset hounds. [...]

Borzoi: Weird Facts Did You Know?

The most famous Borzoi today is probably the one who is the ancestor of almost all of the Borzoi bred in the United Kingdom. The majority of the British Borzoi bloodlines alive today are from the same female Borzoi named Tasha. Tasha was born during World War II in the UK and she belonged to the founder of Denes Natural Pet Foods, Buster Lloyd Jones. Another famous Borzoi is the one who graces the covers of all books from Alfred A. Knopf publishing. The logo for Knopf publishing is a Borzoi in silhouette. [...]

Weird Facts About Dalmatians

Dalmatians are not only adorable and friendly, but very interesting as well. Here are some fun facts about Dalmatians that you may not have heard before. [-]Dalmatians are often good swimmers and they love to play in water.[/-] [-]This breed gets its name from the Croatian province of Dalmatia where many believe the Dalmatian got its start, although there has been no concrete evidence that this is true.[/-] [-]Most Dalmatian puppies are born with all white coats which do not begin to show spots until they pups are about two weeks old.[/-] [...]

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Found [338] Articles :: Page 3 of 23
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