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Working Dog

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Dalmatians "The Fire Dogs"

One of the most fascinating things about Dalmatians is their history serving alongside firefighters. This breed is believed to have been first recorded about 600 years ago. They have served many purposes through the years including chasing rodents and shepherding livestock, but it is their association with firefighting that has left the most lasting impression. [...]

The Canaan Dog as a Working Dog

The Canaan Dog has a long history of having many purposes. They are used as pets, companion dogs, for the show ring, and as working dogs. The Bedouins had the Canaan dog to guard their camps during the night as well as watching the flocks. This dog was made by nature to survive, which helps to make him such a versatile dog, able to meet anyone's needs. The Canaan was used as a working dog during World War II for patrol work in addition to helping the army in any way they were needed. Their use as sentry dogs for the army was invaluable as well as tracking dogs whose purpose was to detect any landmines. This dog has repeatedly put his life on the line to help his owner or master. [...]

Earthdog Trials and Hunting Events

The Earthdog Trials are noncompetitive venues for Cesky terriers, small terriers, and Dachshunds. The Earthdog tests offer breeders and dog owners a standardized gauge that assesses their Cesky terriers and other dogs trained and natural working and hunting abilities, by exposing the dogs to a specific hunting situation. If you are interested in getting your Cesky terrier started in Earthdog tests, get a book of regulations from the American Kennel Club. [...]

Jack Russell Terriers And Their Role In Police Work

The Jack Russell Terrier may be small in stature, nevertheless it is a working dog. It is wrong to assume that its size necessitates less exercise than that which is necessary for the larger breeds. In fact, this tenacious breed is even deemed suitable for police work. Originally bred for hunting foxes, these small dogs are strong and well built. They must be allowed to vent their energy, either through work or exercise. They are also fierce and courageous animals that will stop at nothing to protect their loved ones. They have shown their loyalty and bravery in the line of duty time and again. [...]

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Training Tips For The Working Dog

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is considered a working dog, and is more so a driving dog instead of a herding dog. Their lineage dates back hundreds of years, as being a dog that not only drives cattle but also geese, ducks and sheep. Today, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a companion more than a driving dog. In some countries, they do still use the Corgi for driving cattle, but in the United States, the dog is found as a lovable companion for families. Because of their keen sense, Corgis are used for people who are hearing-impaired. They let the owners know about certain sounds that are important to know about. [...]

The Guardian: An Anatolian Shepherd Overview

The Anatolian Shepherd was bred to be the guardian over the livestock and watch the grounds around for potential dangers. The breeding of these dogs for work has made them a typical work dog that does not have a desire to play. Even as a puppy, the Anatolian Shepherd will remain alert and watchful of everything going on around them. They will not be overly friendly, which makes them a nice pet for someone looking for companionship with little need for playtimes. The large dog breed will warm up to a new owner and become a very lovable dog. [...]

Large, Strong, and Fast: The Anatomy of an Anatolian and Appearance

The Anatolian Shepherd is a strong, fast dog that has endurance, power, and agility. The appearance of the dog reflects its ability to overpower and conquer any animal or person trying to enter its territory without permission. The Anatolian is a large breed that is all muscle and strength. The large build of the dog shows its tolerability to endure months of being in the mountains taking care of the flock protecting them from animals such as wolves. [...]

Training The Anatolian Shepherds To Guard The Flock

As soon as the puppy reaches the age of three months, it should be placed with the flock. What this is doing is letting the natural guarding instinct of the dog know this is his flock to take care of and protect. Now when you do this, you do have to keep an eye on the puppy, since he is likely to try to play with his flock. He will out grow this in a few months, but if the puppy over does it, the flock can actually become overworked and die. [...]

Anatolian Shepherd: Weird Facts/ Did You Know

The Anatolian Shepherd is also known as a Goban Kopegi and Anatolian Karabash Dog and their native country is Turkey. The Anatolian Shepherd dog breed is very sensitive to anesthesia. When vets perform any type of surgery, they have to monitor the dog very closely. [...]

The Beauceron as a Leader

The Beauceron is a dog with a natural affinity for leadership. Indeed, when he walks into a room, he commands attention with his take charge attitude. [...]

Living Conditions of the Beauceron

The Beauceron is a large dog and as such needs lots of exercise. He cannot be cooped up in small spaces without the opportunity to exercise. He truly needs a job to do and lots of space in which to express himself and use his energy. [...]

The Beauceron as a Watchdog

The Beaceron has a natural affinity to guarding people and things. It is an excellent guard dog whose appearance and demeanor command respect. [...]

The Beauceron on the Job

The Beauceron is bred to be primarily a working dog. He loves to work and needs to have a job to do! He has many talents that bode well for many different jobs for him to do. [...]

Beauceron: Weird Facts/Did You Know?

The Beauceron is an interesting dog with many fun facts within its rich history. It is a noble and wonderful dog and there may be a few things that will surprise you about its past! [...]

Belgian Malinois: Not a German Shepherd

When the average person looks at a Belgian Malinois, he might easily mistake the dog for a German Shepherd. The two breeds look remarkably alike and although they are completely different breeds that originated from different areas of the world, they are both shepherds and have similar coat colors and markings. Thus the breeds are often mistaken for each other by those who do not know the differences that tell the breeds apart. [...]

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Found [142] Articles :: Page 3 of 10
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