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Working Dog

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The Policeman's Belgian Malinois

There are a lot of different jobs that a dog like the Belgian Malinois can do. He was originally bred as one of the varieties of the Belgian Shepherd dogs, so his background is in herding sheep. He also can be a terrific guard dog, or protection dog for a family. But the most common job for a Belgian Malinois is as a police dog. [...]

Working With the Belgian Malinois

The Belgian Malinois is a smart, energetic dog. As such, he requires a lot of patience from his master, as well as a lot of training time and bonding time. The Belgian Malinois is not a dog to sit quietly on the couch with you. Instead, he wants to be doing something exciting, and he loves to have a job. Having a job makes the Belgian Malinois not only happy and healthy, but it also keeps him from developing poor behaviors from the overabundance of energy and boredom. [...]

Belgian Malinois: Weird Facts Did You Know?

The Belgian Malinois is a square dog. He does not just appear square, or stand square, like some other breeds. This dog breed actually is exactly square. The dog's body is between 24 to 26 inches tall for males and between 22 to 24 inches tall for females. The dog's body's length is exactly the same as the height of the body. This makes the dog a literal square. [...]

Bloodhounds at Work

Bloodhounds have one amazing sense of smell and that is why they are said to be an excellent search and rescue dog breed. Their keen sense of smell surpasses all other breeds; they have been responsible for tracking, and finding people lost in remote areas, missing children, fugitives, bodies and other animals. They excel in this field of work. The dogs have a handler that is trained with the dog to perform all duties of a search and rescue dog. [...]

Brussels Griffon: The Coachman's Friend

Many of today's popular purebred dogs got their start in the royal houses of monarchs around the world. This is especially true of many toy breeds which, being too small to provide any kind of practical use for farmers or other working commoners, found their niche in the laps of the nobility and royalty. However, this is not true of the Brussels Griffon. In fact, he is one of the few dogs of his tiny size that owes his popularity, inclusion, and reorganization in dog registries like the FCI and the AKC to both the royalty and the commoner. [...]

Norwegian Elkhounds as Watchdogs

The Norwegian Elkhound was bred to be an extremely versatile dog, used as a hunter, herder, sled dog and guardian. They were bred to be hardy dogs, able to withstand hours of strenuous work in extremely cold and harsh conditions. Not only were they bred to be hardy, but they needed to be bold, courageous and also extremely intelligent, as their prey was often many times larger than themselves and very dangerous; indeed, Elkhounds were used to hunt and guard against moose, bear, and even wolves. Because hunting these animals was so dangerous and required strategy, Elkhounds were also bred to be extremely loyal to their humans, considering their humans as integral members of the pack. It's partly thanks to this inbred loyalty that Norwegian Elkhounds make such good watchdogs. [...]

The St. Bernard as a Working Dog

The history of the St. Bernard dog breed is one that is mysterious and almost mythical. But there are some things that are known to be factual or at least probable. For one thing, the St. Bernard's ancestors were likely working dogs, hence the breed's categorization in today's breed recognization associations like the American Kennel Club and the FCI. The fact that the dogs were working dogs explains why they were eventually bred to be rescue dogs and also explains their size and temperament. [...]

Portuguese Water Dogs as Working Dogs

There are a lot of jobs for dogs. While these jobs have dwindled over the last hundred years with the invention of automated technologies, the need for dog workers and the desire of people to utilize dogs for work purposes has held on. Thus is the story of the Portuguese Water Dog. This breed was originally a fisherman's dog, and after the invention of mechanical technologies that could do the same jobs but without needing food, sleep, or human attention, the Portuguese Water Dog found himself ousted from the fishing world. But there are still jobs for the Portuguese Water Dog, and many of them make a big difference in the lives of humans every day. [...]

Working Ability of Flat Coated Retriever

A Flat Coated Retriever is usually classified as a working dog or as a hunting dog. Retrievers have a long line of historical feat when it comes to hunting, flushing and (of course) retrieving small game. Although often used for hunting, the Flat Coated Retriever is never trained to be a game "pointer." [...]

The Irish Wolfhound as a Working Dog

The Irish wolfhound is a very versatile dog that performs many tasks besides just being a family pet. They make a very good working dog. From the time the breed was developed, they were bred and trained to work. They originally were trained to be a war dog with the task of pulling men off horsebacks or out of chariots. They then had their training extended to being a guard dog. Years ago, the Irish wolfhound was not the gently loving ball of fur that they are today. This was to the owner's advantage as the dog was used to guard the flocks of animals as well as guard the home and they were dedicated and ferocious in their duties. [...]

Pit Bulls in Service The American Pit Bull Terrier As Working Dog

Despite the negative media attention the American Pit Bull Terrier often receives, pit bulls are an intelligent breed of dog that have proven themselves in a variety of service capacities for humans. [...]

Weird & Interesting Facts About The American Pit Bull Terrier

There are lots of interesting things to know about the American Pit Bull Terrier, and pit bull lovers are proud to tout the positives of this controversial breed. In years past, the American Pit Bull Terrier was famous as the consummate children's guardian and companion. [...]

Belgian Sheepdog as a Therapy Dog

Although when most people think of a working dog, they tend to think of a German shepherd, or maybe a Rottweiler, but the truth is, Belgian Sheepdogs are excellent work dogs both as guide dogs for the blind, helpers for the disabled, and therapy dogs for those who need to have a canine friend to help them get through the day. Even in that respect, we often think of the smaller dogs that someone can pick up, or falls into the "lap dog" category. Though they are far from being a lap dog at their maximum weight of 60-65 pounds, they are often more gentle in temperament than the Rottweiler or German Shepherd. [...]

Belgian Sheepdog Must Keep Working

Before you take the time to consider being an owner of a Belgian Sheepdog, you have to understand the amount of effort you must exert into owning this breed. Unlike some other breeds, this one needs to always have something to do, must feel useful or they will become bored. If your Belgian Sheepdog becomes bored, he will look for ways to entertain himself, which may cause him to become destructive or exert signs of poor behavior. On the other end of the spectrum, however, a Belgian Sheepdog that is well-trained and possesses social skills will be a pride to his or her owner and tends to be like a shadow, following its master everywhere he goes. [...]

Optimal Arctic Work Dog The Siberian Husky

Siberian Huskies are recognized the world over as hard working, long lasting work horses of the arctic. The distinction comes as no accident-these are dogs that have been bred for generations to perfectly suit their need. Siberian Huskies descend from the dogs of the Arctic Chukchi tribe in Siberia. They were selected for their optimal cold-weather design and bred for traits that would situate them as working animals in a climate that was not fit for many other animals. [...]

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Found [142] Articles :: Page 4 of 10
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