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Working Dog

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Boerboels need Room to Roam

Evaluating your living conditions is an important part of deciding which breeds are best for you. It's simply a fact of life that some breeds need more space than others in order to live a happy, fulfilling life and African Boerboels are no exception. Unlike other members of the mastiff family, these dogs are extremely energetic and need plenty of room to run around and exercise. It is for this reason that they are not considered to be appropriate for condominium or apartment living. Here we'll take a brief look at the Boerboel's background and why these big dogs need plenty of room to roam. [...]

Breed Characteristics and Dog Intelligence

Historically all dogs were originally scavengers and hunters, gradually integrating themselves into human settlements. From these early beginnings it is likely that different members of these mostly wild wolf-type dogs would have been more willing to interact with humans and the more aggressive and hostile of the population would have been driven away from the camps to fend for themselves. [...]

The Challenges To Owning A Working Dog

Although the American Kennel Club (AKC) and The Kennel Club of the UK actually do have a group known as the Working Group, most people use the term "working dog" in a much more general fashion. It is often meant to imply any dog that does best with some regular expectation of "work" for and by his or her owner. This may include the dogs that work with livestock as herders and flock guardians, as well as the hunting or sporting breeds, plus the dog that are associated with the true Working Group, including the protection dogs and the dogs trained for military, police and search and rescue work. [...]

Competitions For Working Dogs

Within each specific type of working dog group, be it the hunting dogs, herding dogs or true working group, there are different and specialized competitions. Generally within the true working group the most common competitions are agility and obedience events, however there is also the very specialized schutzhund training that is considered to be the Olympics for dogs of this particular group. [...]

Characteristics Of A Border Collie

The Border Collie is perhaps one of the most well known dog breeds and certainly one of the top popular breeds within the herding dog group. According to the registration number for the American Kennel Club the Border Collie in the US is the 51st most popular breed, however in the United Kingdom it is number 10 on the list and in the Australian National Kennel Club the breed is number 6 over all. [...]

Border Collie - The Right Dog For Me?

There are a great number of reasons why a Border Collie may be just the right dog for you and your family. As with any breed of dog there are also some important considerations that may make a Border Collie a poor match for your home and lifestyle. No matter how much you may want to own a Border Collie, if it isn't the right match for your life then it really isn't fair to the dog, or to you either. Making informed decisions about a Border Collie before you bring a puppy home makes it easier on everyone. Often people that want a Border Collie but don't have the right lifestyle can find another breed that has the traits they want without the traits that will make owning this beautiful breed a real challenge. [...]

Health Concerns with the Border Collie

Most herding breeds, the Border Collie included, are naturally healthy dogs that have been bred to be highly athletic and strong. They also have amazingly strong respiratory and circulatory systems, probably due to the intensive screening done by early farmers and shepherds in only continuing to breed the healthiest and best working dogs. [...]

Temperament and Behavior of Australian Cattle Dogs

Australian Cattle Dogs are the rugged frontier dogs that you may imagine when you think of the great wide open spaces of Australia. Unlike many of the herding breeds that have gradually been bred into companion dogs, the ACD is more of a traditional working dog at heart. There are some show lines and some lines that are not as naturally inclined to the rather independent temperament of the working Australian Cattle Dog and those are the lines that are most recommended if you want a non-working pet type ACD. [...]

Breed Standards for the Australian Cattle Dog

It is important to keep in mind that the Australian Cattle Dog breed, like most of the herding and working breeds and some of the sporting breeds, actually has two different categories of dogs. There are those that are used for show, which means they are judged on their conformation and their physical appearance and temperament as judged against the breed standards. [...]

Breed Standard For The German Shepherd Dog

As with many of the herding and working dogs that are bred in different areas, there are slight differences between the breed standards in German Shepherd Dogs. This is particularly true between true "German" bred GSDs and American or internationally bred GSDs. In most cases the biggest issue is the temperament testing and grading system used in Germany, which is much more limited as to what particular dogs can be used in breeding lines. The emphasis in some countries is also more on a working and performance dog than a show ring standard, which also causes some differences in breed standards. [...]

Traits and Temperament of the German Shepherd Dog

A well bred German Shepherd Dog is an outstanding companion pet that needs to have a purpose in his or her life. Since they are naturally highly protective, they do need to be regularly and routinely socialized, starting from a very early age. Despite their somewhat ferocious reputation, most German Shepherd Dogs, at least once socialized, are very calm, dependable dogs that are more likely to think through a problem than react with aggression. [...]

Raising German Shepherd Puppies

German Shepherd puppies are really very small considering that when fully mature these dogs will weigh up to 85 pounds or more and will measure up to 26 inches at the shoulder. When first born a German Shepherd will typically weigh approximately one pound, and will also look very different than he or she will in just a few short months. [...]

Modern Jobs for German Shepherd Dogs

Thanks to the forward thinking of Captain von Stephanitz, the founder of the modern German Shepherd Dog breed, these dogs are synonymous with police work around the world. This is certainly not an accident as the intelligence, strength, stamina and overall stable temperament of the breed is perfect for the very intensive types of activities that police dogs have to face every day. [...]

Health Concerns with the Rottweiler Breed

As with any purebred line of dogs or any hybrid dog breed combination, there are inherited genetic problems that can occur. It is important for dog owners to understand that there are no health issues that occur only in the Rottweiler, rather most of these conditions occur in almost all other types of large breed purebred and mixed breed dogs. [...]

Rottweiler - The Right Breed For Me?

The Rottweiler is a very adaptable, highly intelligent breed of dog that also has a well balanced temperament for many different households and families. As with any dog there are considerations that need to be kept in mind when selecting a Rottweiler. One of the most unfortunate aspects of the breed's sudden surge in popularity was that many owners simply didn't know how to work with the breed or purchased a dog for all the wrong reasons. This led to a lot of public misinformation about how aggressive, vicious and uncontrollable the breed was. As with any dominant type of dog consistent training and work is required to have a well behaved and very social Rottweiler, but this is no different than any other dog in the working group. [...]

Found [142] Articles :: Page 9 of 10
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