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American Bulldogs

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American Bulldog Articles

American Bulldog: Weird facts Did you know?

The American bulldog's origin is speculated in three different theories? One is that it is said to be a descendant of the English bulldog and was rumored to have been brought over by settlers to help with the guarding of crops and livestock. This theory also states that the American bulldog is actually the truer type of "English bulldog" than the present English bulldog. Another theory states that the American bulldog is a result of a cross breeding with other dog breeds. The final theory in this triumvirate combines the first and the second theory. [...]

American Bulldog Grooming Tips

The American Bulldog is a breed of dog that has a rather short and harsh coat which makes it rather easy to groom. This kind of a dog breed is not much of a shedder, shedding hair only at an average rate. Grooming your American bulldog can be a pretty easy task and following a few tips in grooming them can make it a whole lot easier. [...]

Are You an American Bulldog Type of Person?

How we choose our pets reflects the kind of person we are. These pets are often extensions of our personality and figuring out what kind of a dog you want as a pet may be tantamount to the kind of person you are. How does one figure out if one is cut out to take care of an American bulldog? Does a bulldog fit the kind of person you are? [...]

Caring For Your American Bulldog

Taking care of an American bulldog is no easy feat, but then again, taking care of any living thing is no easy feat. An American bulldog is a very hardy breed of dog that can be a very gracious and loyal pet if taken care of properly and carefully. Included in your duties as an American bulldog owner is the necessary vaccinations your dog should have, feeding it, grooming it and training it. These responsibilities are yours from the moment you get yourself the dog and how you go about taking care of your bulldog translates to how happy and healthy your pet will be. [...]

Different Kinds of American Bulldogs

Some people may believe that once you see an American bulldog, you've seen them all. This is where they are wrong. American bulldogs may belong to one particular breed but this breed has quite a few different kinds to its name. There are approximately 5 distinct kinds of American bulldog that bulldog lovers can choose from and these are the Johnson, the Standard, the Painter, the Old Southern and the Hybrids. [...]

How to Breed American Bulldogs

Breeding American bulldogs is not something that people should go into lightly. If you are planning on breeding for the purpose of profit, you may need to figure out the costs first before you proceed with your plans of becoming a bulldog breeder. [...]

How to Train Your American Bulldog

An American bulldog can be a very obedient and loyal pet if you know how to train it properly. These dogs are pretty well known for their loyalty and have been raised previously as dogs that are supposed to protect property. [...]

The American Bulldog Pup and Their Personalities

Quite a few people may know this but dogs are born with distinct personalities all of their own. These personalities range from the completely docile, to the balanced mix of active and passive natures, to the rather hyper-active and to the rather aggressive. Just like humans, your bulldog pup can have a few rather desirable or undesirable traits that they may have inherited from past ancestors or simply have uniquely all on their own. [...]

Why Choose an American Bulldog for a Pet?

When people consider getting a dog as a pet, they often decide on the kind of breed they want based on a few factors that have to do with what they want a pet to be like. [...]

Your American Bulldog and Your Home

The American Bulldog is leaner, taller and less wrinkled than the English bulldog. This breed of dog is so powerful that it is often entered in very physically demanding sports like weight-pulling or carting. The wonderful thing about the American Bulldog, though, is that all the brawn hides a soft spot. This dog is happy and outgoing. It likes to be in the company of friends: human companions, other dogs, and even other animals. [...]

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